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Chapter 205: A Bunch of Tricks

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Wen Yongweis expression stiffened slightly.

Shi Jin was not someone who liked to undermine others.

However, Wen Yongweis performance today reminded her of many things from her previous life.

In her previous life, Wen Yongwei had also been a champion.

She was very popular and well-liked.

After the competition ended, she and Chu Ling had become the dream couple in the entertainment industry.

The fans had called them the Flower Couple.

Little Rose represented the roses while Chu Ling represented the orchids, hence the nickname.

The fans hoped that the two of them could walk a flowery path together.

By rights, the couple was popular.

Their reputation was high and they were invincible in the industry, but even so, the two of them still had to step on Shi Jin, who was already in the dust..

From time to time, they would use the fact that Shi Jin liked Chu Ling to prove how deep and firm their relationship was.

Using Shi Jin to rile up the hardcore fans was a great strategy.

Later on, when the two of them reached the end of their relationship, Wen Yongwei, in order to get a final cut of the hype, wanted to lure the fans to herself as much as possible after getting rid of Chu Ling.

She even slandered Shi Jin for breaking into their house and confessing her love for him.

She couldnt stand Shi Jins relentless pursuit of Chu Ling, so she held back her tears and retreated from the love triangle.

They were the ones who had started everything.

At that time, Shi Jin was already infamous and hated by everyone in the entertainment industry.

Yet, they still wanted to step on her and make her shoulder all the rubbish that got left behind.

In this life, Shi Jin thought that as long as she was not involved with Chu Ling, she would not get too involved with Wen Yongwei.

Hence, she did not pay much attention to Wen Yongwei.

However, now that she thought about it, the trajectory of some things could not be changed by willpower alone.

Even if she had nothing to do with Chu Ling anymore, and even if Chu Ling and Wen Yongwei no longer formed the Flower Couple, Wen Yongwei would still stick close to her.

Since she was going to stick around, Shi Jin recalled the resentment she had felt when she stepped on her in her previous life, and her emotions got stirred up.

Come on then, lets fight!

Wen Yongwei was two years younger than Shi Jin, but she was very well-mannered.

After hearing what Shi Jin said, she smiled and said, “Actually, during the competition, I was paying close attention to Little Stone.

It was just that back then, everyone was very busy and didnt have much time to interact with each other.

But now, Im not that busy anymore.”

Shi Jin looked at her with a faint smile.

Wen Yongwei had a generous smile on her face too.

“Little Stone, were going to shoot an advertisement together soon.

My parents have arranged for a tutor to follow me to the group.

Well attend classes together then.”

When she said that, everyone recalled Shi Jins failure at the mock exams.

A teacher from First High School immediately said, “Thats right.

No matter what industry youre in, studying is important.

You must not give up on your education.”

As the host, Principal Lu naturally could not boast about Shi Jins score.

He could only say, “Thats what Shi Jin said as well, so she has been working hard on her studies.”

“Shi Jins results are really not that bad, especially after participating in such an intense competition.

Its really rare for a person to be able to achieve such outstanding results,” a teacher from First High School praised.

If Shi Jins 540 points was outstanding, then what about Wen Yongweis 600 points

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