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Chapter 204: I Have A Gift For You

“In terms of your biology course, do you have anything else to check I can give you some time.” The biology teacher was also very satisfied with this gifted student.

The outside worlds comments were all over the place, but the results placed on the teachers tables were real.

Chinese Literature, 0 marks.

English, 90 marks.

Mathematics, 150 marks.

Comprehensive Science, 300 marks.

There was no need to talk about Chinese.

Shi Jin had not attended at all, but all the English questions that she had done were correct.

And the rest were 100% correct.

How could the teachers not be excited

Only the language teacher sighed and said in an exasperated tone, “Shi Jin, can you take the Chinese examination next time”

“Yes.” Shi Jin promised immediately.

After all, she wouldnt encounter such a big event like her fathers surgery next time.

“You have potential.

Ill wait for you!”

Ji Huan called her over to one side and encouraged her before saying mysteriously, “I have a gift for you!”

No credit should be given.

Shi Jin was about to decline when Ji Huan took out a set of secret papers.

She passed the secret script to Shi Jin.

“How is it I spent a long time getting it.

I didnt dare to give it to other students with average grades, afraid that it might affect their revision drive, but I think its very suitable for you.”

Holding the test paper, Ji Huan smiled like a flower.

Shi Jin was speechless.

She was truly grateful.

She took it and thanked her sincerely.

“By the way, some people from Yizhong High School will be visiting our school soon.

At that time, there will be specially selected students who will accompany Principal Lu to greet them.

You are one of the candidates recommended by our class.

Prepare yourself.”


It was already a routine practice for the two schools to visit each other every year.

This year, it was happening again, so it was not unusual.

In fact, Shi Jin had already heard from Yao Jiahong that she would be accompanying the people from First High School this time.

The main reason was that Wen Yongwei was among the visitors.

Ever since Wen Yongwei had taken first place in “Ultimate Singer Songwriter”, she had been in the limelight.

Coupled with her excellent academic performance, the entire First High School had almost used her as a model.

Since First Middle School had brought Wen Yongwei along, Second High naturally had to let Shi Jin accompany them.

Shi Jin returned to the classroom and opened Ji Huans secret paper.

As she flipped through the pages, she casually wrote the answers down on them.

For her, this kind of question was not difficult.

Many people in the class were looking in her direction.

Although the outside world was abuzz with the news of Shi Jins results, the people in the class were not blind.

They all knew that she had not taken the Chinese test and that she had only come in for the English exam after half the time had passed.

Just like that, she had gotten 540 points.

In Grade 12 Class 1, which was filled with top students, it was shocking.

If it were anyone else who had not taken the test, their mentality would have long collapsed.

They would not have had the will to continue with the test papers.

Everyone looked at her with envy and admiration.

However, even if these straight-A students said it online, who would believe them

In one afternoon, Shi Jin finished all the papers given by Ji Huan.

At night, she went to the hospital to be with her father as usual.

Although Li Juekai and Gu Qingqing didnt want to affect her studies and wanted to stop her from coming to the hospital, Shi Jin still insisted on staying.

She did not want to miss out on the many things that she had missed in her previous life.

When she went to the hospital, even Fu Xiuyuan expressed his understanding and told her over the phone to rest well.


The next day was the day of First High Schools visit.

Shi Jin came out of the hospital and put on her school uniform.

She was slender and tall, and her skin was fair and translucent.

The blue and white striped school uniform on her body had a texture that was not crude at all.

She sat lazily in her seat, lost in thought as she considered her fathers leg injury.

She thought about the various acupuncture techniques in her head.

If her fathers leg did not recover soon, the acupuncture technique would have to be changed slightly.

Just as she was thinking, she heard Ji Huan call her.

“Shi Jin, come here for a moment.”

Other than Shi Jin, there were a few top students who were called in by Ji Huan.

Everyone went to her together.

It looked like she was going to meet First High School.

Someone muttered softly, “Even Shi Jin can come”

When Shi Jin heard this, she looked back and saw a familiar face.

She thought for a while before she remembered.

Wasnt that Chu Jia

It was Chu Lings cousin and Shi Xuexins lackey.

Considering that, it was expected that she would not like Shi Jin.

Since Shi Jin had not studied in the same class as Chu Jia in her past life, she had not crossed paths with her at school.

However, to be able to attend the same class in this lifetime, it was indeed a magical thing.

No one answered Chu Jias question.

Shi Jin looked at Chu Jia indifferently, causing Chu Jia to feel a chill down her spine.

She was stunned for a moment before she reacted.

Why was she afraid of Shi Jin Hadnt Shi Jin tried to please her in the past

With this thought, Chu Jia relaxed.

Shi Jin retracted her gaze and followed everyone out.

The people from First High School had already arrived.

They sat down in the conference hall.

It was obvious that most of them were top students from No.1 Middle School, except for Wen Yongwei, whose grades were slightly inferior.

However, Wen Yongwei was seated at the center.

This was very easy to understand.

First High School and Second High School had maintained a cooperative relationship throughout the years, but they had always been fierce rivals too.

In terms of results, they each had their own advantages and disadvantages.

It was very difficult for anyone to beat the other side.

Their artistic attainments were different.

There was a girl called Shi Xuexin from Second High School three years ago.

Not only had she become the top scholar in the city, but she also beat First High School in various literary awards.

When the outside world mentioned First High School, although they were rather impressed with their results, they could not help but say, “Still, its a desert when it comes to art.”

Now that they had Wen Yongwei, a top talent in every aspect, how could First High School not use her Especially since the opportunity this year was so good that they could directly suppress Shi Jin from Second High School.

This matter was enough for First High School to brag about for nearly ten years.

The two principles were complimenting each other and exchanging pleasantries.

Along with them were reporters from the local newspapers.

As the students of Second High School appeared, the students of First High School stood up and greeted them.

Wen Yongwei waved at Shi Jin.

“Little Stone.”

Her familiar tone was filled with sincerity and enthusiasm.

She was full of smiles, as if she was seeing an old friend.

In reality, Shi Jin did not even speak to her throughout the entire competition.

“Little Stone, sit with me.” Wen Yongwei patted the seat beside her and asked Shi Jin to sit.

It did not matter where Shi Jin sat, so she sat down beside her.

The reporter immediately smiled and asked, “Little Rose and Little Stone, have you always been on such good terms with one another”

Wen Yongwei was about to speak when Shi Jin spoke first.

“Its rare for us to sit together like this today.

We hope to improve our relationship.”

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