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Chapter 203: The Genius Student With 540 Points

Seeing that she was so tired, Gu Qingqing told no one to disturb Shi Jin so that she could sleep peacefully.

Fu Xiuyuan arrived in the afternoon.

When Gu Qingqing saw him, she knew that he was here to look for Shi Jin so she told him about everything that had happened in the past two days.

“Then let her rest.” Fu Xiuyuan had originally looked like he had something urgent to attend to, but now he was very calm.

“Can I help you” Gu Qingqing asked.

“Im fine.”

Gu Qingqing knew that he was cold and aloof, but she didnt mind.

After informing him, she went to take care of Li Juekai.

When Shi Jin was about to fall asleep, she sensed Fu Xiuyuan nearby.

She sat up and walked out of the lounge.

Indeed, Fu Xiuyuan was there.

“Hubby!” Shi Jins mood instantly soared.

Fu Xiuyuans expression softened.

“Why are you here”

“Its the pre-test for the Year Three students today.”


That examination was second only to the college entrance examination!

Shi Jin had completely forgotten about it.

Her fathers matter was the most important.

In addition, Ji Huan had previously said that she could miss school if she needed to.

Shi Jin had not even taken leave today! She hadnt mentioned her father to Yao Jiahong either.

However, this kind of pre-test was especially important to the students and their teachers.

It was inevitable for Ji Huan to be anxious.

It was no wonder that Fu Xiuyuan had come over personally.

Originally, this was the time when he was busiest at work.

He had always had his hands full.

After her rebirth, Shi Jin had left Fu Xiuyuans emergency contact number on the schools form, followed by Yao Jiahongs.

Ji Huan must have called Fu Xiuyuan directly.

“What time is it now” Shi Jin asked.

“Its almost three,” Fu Xiuyuan said.

“Ive already applied for leave from Teacher Ji.

Itll be fine even if you dont go.”

He had come to look for Shi Jin mainly because he was worried about her.

Exams were secondary.

“Id better take a trip there.” Shi Jin had such a personality.

Ji Huan was tolerant towards her, but she was not willing to indulge herself and let others down.

Fu Xiuyuan did not refuse and accompanied her to the car.

He raised his wrist to look at the time.

“You can sleep for another half an hour in the car.”

“I might not be able to sleep.

Let me talk to you,” Shi Jin said.

In fact, after her rebirth, she had become very alert and sharp.

She was not the type to fall asleep at any time or just anywhere.

Fu Xiuyuan pulled her into his embrace.

“Rest well.”

He had heard about Li Juekais surgery yesterday and naturally knew how much time Shi Jin had spent on it.

Although he could not wait for her to talk to him more, he would rather she sleep a little more than sacrifice her health and comfort.

Shi Jin really thought that she couldnt sleep, but the sense of security she felt in Fu Xiuyuans embrace was completely different from other times.

He was someone she could completely trust, someone who was willing to give her his life.

With him, she could enjoy a sense of complete security like a child.

In less than a minute, Shi Jin fell asleep listening to his heartbeat.


When Shi Jin stepped into Grade 12s Class 1, the English exam of the afternoon was already halfway finished.

Ji Huan did not say anything when she saw her.

She only gestured for her to find a seat and sit down quickly for the exam.

She had already missed all of her Chinese classes that morning.

Her English listening exam that afternoon had also already been completed.

There was only half an hour left in this exam.

Shi Jin could only pick the questions with more marks and make use of the time she had left.

She did not finish her paper.

Ji Huan did not say much after receiving the test papers.

She had already found out that Shi Jin hadnt come because her family was sick.

Her tone was gentle as she said, “Shi Jin, remember to tell me whats going on when you have important exams.

At least let me know what youre doing.”

“Im sorry, Teacher Ji.

I was careless this time and didnt ask for leave in advance.”

“Hurry up and prepare for tomorrows Mathematics and Science exams,” Ji Huan said.

Shi Jin sat down tired, but when she thought of Li Juekais condition, her mood was pretty good.

The next day, she did not miss her exams and successfully passed math and science.

The pre-test was very important to every third-year student, so the teachers also read through the papers very quickly.

They had to hurry up and announce the results as soon as possible so that the students could check and fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

Within two days, the results came out.

In order to motivate everyone, the results of all the third-year students were pasted up on the schools bulletin board and ranked according to their grades and overall scores.

After the results were released, not only the third-year students, but even the students from the other classes gathered in front of the bulletin board to look.

Previously, Shi Jin had advanced from Year Two to Year Three with high marks.

Everyone was looking forward to seeing how many marks she would get in her final exam.

Especially her fans, they really cared about her results.

They first looked at the rankings, but then when they searched, they couldnt find Shi Jins name.

Everyones eyes were dazzled.

They finally saw Shi Jins name in the middle row.

540 points

540 points! What kind of embarrassing score was this

Such a score was definitely not low for a third-year student and it would not be a problem for them to enter university.

However, for the Grade A class of Second High School, it was nothing.

Back then, Shi Jin had relied on her outstanding results to get into Class A, and now she belonged in Class C How were they going to explain this to everyone What would the outside world think of Second High

The fans automatically ignored Shi Jins results.

It must be because she had been so busy recently and was not in the mood to revise.

However, even if the fans thought that way, it didnt mean that the anti-fans would.

The anti-fans quickly mocked her in the trending searches.

“Quick, come and see the results of the top student! So this is the top student of Second High School.”

“Second Highs hundred-year reputation is going to be ruined by Shi Jin, right”

“In my opinion, Shi Jin might as well go to the Hamilton Music Academy lest she embarrass herself.”

“I heard that Wen Yongwei scored well over six hundred points this time.

Shes truly worthy of being called a capable lady.

Shes truly amazing.”

“Second place, Second High, so Second Highs name is appropriate.”

In Ji Huans office, the teachers of Grade 12s Class 1 were not affected by Shi Jins results.

Instead, they were all beaming with joy.

Shi Jin was standing in the office, receiving all the attention from the teachers.

“Shi Jin, if you have any difficulties, feel free to tell me.

As long as Im able, I will help you.” The physics teacher smiled.

“It doesnt matter what the outside world says.

Whats important is for you to stabilize yourself.” The chemistry teacher was a kind person.

“Ive heard that your dad is sick.

Is he alright now Do send my regards to your father.”

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