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Chapter 202: Problem Solved

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Gu Jingyuans lips twitched.

Shi Jin said without a change in expression, “Ive seen the condition of Dads leg and the surgery over the years.

Actually, the most fundamental thing is not surgery, though of course, surgery is also very important.”

In ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was said that a persons meridians were spread throughout the entire body.

When there was a problem, the meridians would change, and it would naturally affect the blood circulation, but in western medicine, meridians were an abstract concept that couldnt be described in detail.

Furthermore, the problem with meridians caused by a leg injury might not actually be on the leg.

She continued, “I can only say that by using acupuncture, we can try to clear Dads meridians and achieve the goal of treating both the symptoms and the root of the problem.

Together with your treatment, we can try to increase the success rate of the surgery to 90%.”

Because of this, she got Fu Xiuyuan to find someone to specially create a set of acupuncture tools for her.

This was all done according to the guidance of ancient medical knowledge.


If one wanted to do a good job, one had to use the right tools first.

This set of special needles could definitely achieve twice the results with half the effort.

In order to be more accurate when performing the acupuncture, Shi Jin had been working for a few days to strengthen her physical training.

Her physical condition and qualities had reached their peak.

Gu Jingyuan had studied Western medicine before, and the more he learned, the more he felt that there were too many limitations to ancient TCM.

There wasnt a guarantee of safety like with Western medicine and its advanced techniques.

Everything in Western medicine was controllable, and the risks were easily predicted.

As for ancient Chinese medicine, everything was difficult to explain with science.

Just like what Shi Jin said about meridians… What were meridians even

Was the human body not made of blood, vessels, bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, and so on What were the meridians

However, after hurting his ears, he didnt feel like arguing with others, not to mention that she was his sister, so he nodded.

“Very well.”

Shi Jin was relieved.

Gu Qingqing was accompanying Li Juekai.

Afraid that he would be worried, she comforted him softly.

“Jingyuan showed his talent with medicine when he was in his teens.

Later, he went to many countries to study and further his education.

When he was at the German National Medical Academy, even the mentors and principal praised him.

He was also the only student that performed many complicated surgeries before officially graduating.

He obtained a doctors license long ago.

With him around, your legs really have a lot of hope this time.”

She was trying to comfort herself.

“Let nature take its course.” Li Juekai had accepted it and could see things clearly.

Actually, before he went to Germany, he felt that it was better to spend time with his family than at hospitals, but Gu Qingqing was still unwilling to give up on the powerful young master of the past.

Now, he was spending the rest of his life alone and she insisted on accompanying him to Germany.

After they returned, they had finally given up completely.

If it were other doctors who wanted to operate on him, the couple would have rejected them long ago, but it was Gu Jingyuan who had spoken up, so the two of them couldnt reject their sons good intentions and agreed.

Then, Shi Jin spoke again.

She agreed to her childs request.

Of course, she could not reject her daughter.

Seeing this situation, Li Juekai and Gu Qingqing felt that it was a little funny, but they were touched.

Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin walked over after changing.

“Dad, Mom, its okay.”

A nurse came over to help push Li Juekai into the operating theater.

Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin did the final disinfecting and preparation work before following her in.

When Gu Jingyuan saw that Shi Jin was doing all these things properly, he guessed that in order to treat her fathers injuries, she had put in a lot of effort behind his back.

Her parents love for her was not in vain.

As for how far she could go, that was not important.


The surgery was carried out nervously.

Shi Jin had placed needles into Li Juekais arms and legs.

These special silver needles were made from high-tech materials, making them more effective than ancient gold needles.

They were more convenient to use and could reach their target easily.

As the chief surgeon, Gu Jingyuan no longer had the energy to pay attention to Shi Jin.

As long as her actions did not affect his surgery, it did not matter.

The other nurses also did their own things.

Once the surgery started, everyone would start working and no longer care about anything else.

During the second half of the surgery, Gu Jingyuan clearly felt that the operation was going more smoothly than he had expected.

He had originally thought that there would be some obstructions, but now, they were easily resolved.

It was as if the risks and problems he had anticipated were all just because he was being paranoid.

He couldnt help but take a deep look at Shi Jin.

She was wearing a mask and her eyes were slightly lowered.

She looked calm and steady, giving him a sense of peace.

Gu Jingyuan could not be bothered to probe further as he focused on his fathers surgery.


After ten hours, Li Juekais surgery was completed.

When all the medical staff came out, they were all exhausted.

Gu Qingqing hurriedly handed Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin a bottle of milk each to calm them down.

“The surgery was very successful, better than I expected,” Gu Jingyuan said.

He did not know if it was really because of Shi Jins acupuncture, because in his opinion, acupuncture was too metaphysical.

However, Shi Jin had truly been more successful in all aspects than he had expected.

Shi Jin added, “It was indeed very successful.

Big Brothers medical skills are really good.

However, when Dad wakes up, I want to perform acupuncture on him twice more.”

This was to ensure that Gu Jingyuans surgery was effective.

“Okay.” Gu Jingyuan agreed immediately.

According to Shi Jin, acupuncture was done on corresponding acupuncture points, but from a scientific point of view, although acupuncture reached the muscles, it did not even damage the epidermal or dermal layers.

How could it be effective Nevertheless, since it wouldnt lead to any bad results, she might as well give it a try.

The three of them stayed in a room to one side.

This hospital had the backing of the German National Medical Academy and had already made the most appropriate arrangements for Gu Jingyuans family.

Li Juekai woke up once in the middle of the night.

When Shi Jin heard Gu Jingyuan going over, she followed him.

Seeing that his children were doing their best, Li Juekai said cheerfully, “Go back and rest.

Theres a nurse here.

If I need anything, Ill call you.”

“I wanted to perform acupuncture on you again.” As Shi Jin spoke, she took out a needle.

Li Juekai had just finished surgery.

Although he was weak, he could not help but feel gratified seeing her like this.

His mental state was much better than when he had just returned from Germany.

Although Gu Jingyuan did not stop her, he still watched over her throughout the acupuncture session.

If anything went wrong, he could still salvage the situation in time.

However, it turned out that his worries were unnecessary.

Shi Jins acupuncture went smoothly and perfectly.

There were no accidents throughout.

Li Juekai spoke and laughed continuously.

He was doing well.

The next morning, after Shi Jin had given Li Juekai another injection, she returned to the lounge and fell asleep.

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