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Chapter 201: Changed Master Fu

Fu Xiuyuan bent one of his long legs and lowered the other.

When he touched the light source he managed to open his eyes and get used to it as he looked towards the light.

His eyes, which were so calm that they seemed almost dead, lit up when he saw Shi Jin.

However, there was only a slight flash before they quickly returned to silence.

It was as if he was in a dream, seeing a glimmer of hope for a brief moment before realizing that it was only a vision and returning to despair.

Shi Jin slowly walked over to his side, knelt down, hugged his neck, and whispered, “Hubby.”

Her hug was sincere.

It was warm and held her unique orchid fragrance.

Fu Xiuyuan raised his fingers and Shi Jins fingers closed around his hand.

It also made Fu Xiuyuan realize that he wasnt dreaming.

“I havent had dinner.

Come with me,” Shi Jin said softly.

“Okay.” The dispirited man immediately stood up and picked her up.

The ground was cold and she shouldnt walk over it like this.

He was obviously energized.

He turned on the lights, picked up his suit jacket, and adjusted his tie.

Shi Jjn was already one step ahead of him.

She placed the tie between her fingers and brushed it unevenly.

Then, she lowered her eyes and carefully tied the tie for him.

After tying it properly, a satisfied smile appeared over her lips as she looked up at Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan didnt avoid her gaze for a moment.

He felt as light as a feather, as if he were walking on clouds.

His heart felt like it was being scratched by a willow catkin.

Fu Xiuyuan had completely recovered.

His complexion was healthy and rosy, and his slightly messy hair was hanging down, giving off a sharp aura.

When he walked out holding Shi Jins hand, Song Fan was so shocked that he could have stuffed an entire egg into his gaping mouth.

It had been about ten minutes since Shi Jin had gone in.

How had Master Fus spirit and temperament recovered to this state so quickly

When they passed by, Fu Xiuyuan gave him a meaningful look.

“Get off work early.”

He was approachable, amiable, and made people feel as if they were bathing in a spring breeze! It was as if Master Fu had been transformed!

Song Fan watched as the two of them walked away.

He had a reasonable suspicion that Master Fu was a robot that needed charging and Shi Jin was the power source.

Otherwise, there was no way he could explain such a phenomenon.


Shi Jin chose a random restaurant to eat barbecue at.

Fu Xiuyuan usually ate in a serious manner at the Fu family home.

His tastes were light and simple, but sometimes Jin liked this kind of smoky restaurant.

After she asked for a private room, she did not ask Fu Xiuyuan what he wanted and just casually ordered from the menu.

Judging from Fu Xiuyuans appearance, he probably wouldnt have any objections even if he was fed poison.

Soon, all the dishes were served.

After the waiter had served everything, Shi Jin removed her mask and picked up some chopsticks to start roasting the meat with.

Fu Xiuyuan also picked up a pair of chopsticks to do the same.

As Shi Jin always ate these things, she felt that he had extraordinary abilities.

His roasted vegetables and barbecued meat were top-notch.

Seeing Fu Xiuyuan make a move, she finally understood what it meant for a truly outstanding person to be able to do everything to the extreme.

When Fu Xiuyuan roasted the meat, he was able to control the heat perfectly.

The sides of the meat were charred brown, the heat was even, and the fragrance was rich.

After eating two pieces, Shi Jin asked, “Hubby, did you hear what Special Assistant Song gave you today”

“No.” Fu Xiuyuan had been working the whole day and picked out a bunch of problems with his subordinates.

However, when he thought about it, he felt that it had all been just a dream.

That was to be expected.

This was always the case when he fell into a mire of self-doubt.

Song Fan probably hadnt dared to keep reminding him to listen after sending it to him, so he hadnt heard it until now.

“I attended Uncle Shis birthday party today.

It was very lively,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

Sensing that Fu Xiuyuans grip on the chopsticks was so tight that they were deforming, she slowed down and said, “I even recorded some very interesting things.

Do you want to listen”

Fu Xiuyuan wanted to say no.

He was very resistant to Chu Lings environment.

He couldnt control Shi Jin and couldnt bear to hurt her.

He could only torture himself, but looking at Shi Jins hopeful eyes, he gave in and nodded.

Shi Jin quickly picked out some of the recordings.

Although Chu Ling did not appear in them, the criticism from outsiders still made Fu Xiuyuan clench his chopsticks tightly, his knuckles turning white.

Shi Jin had already tried her best to delete the criticism, but Fu Xiuyuan still had to adapt to it.

Who would never be criticized Finally, it was time for Shi Jin to talk about the marriage.

“…The marriage arranged by the Shi family has nothing to do with me… The marriage between Shi Xuexin and the Li family has nothing to do with her either.

Lets part ways.”

Shi Jins voice was very recognizable.

When she spoke, it sounded very pleasant to the ears.

She said each word very solemnly, making the listener feel comfortable.

Fu Xiuyuan loosened his grip on the chopsticks and quickly and accurately roasted the best pieces of meat before placing them into Shi Jins bowl.

The man in front of her was so radiant that there was not even a hair out of place on his head.

His eyes were as proud as those of a lion that had defeated a pack of wolves.

Shi Jin smiled and picked up a piece of meat for him.

“Eat this.”

Fu Xiuyuan followed her instructions and started eating.

However, he had not eaten much in the morning or at noon.

Shi Jin would not force him to eat more either.

When he was almost done, she dragged him out.

“Hubby, help me with something,” Shi Jin said.

Fu Xiuyuan immediately replied, “Okay.”

Shi Jin smiled and told him her request.

She realized that she should actually find something for him to do from time to time.

That way, he would feel needed by her.

There were many ways to protect this little seedling.


Gu Jingyuan had already made arrangements for Li Juekais surgery.

On the day of the surgery, Shi Jin went over with the things she had prepared.

Gu Jingyuan felt helpless when he saw her, but he didnt reject her.

Of course, he couldnt refuse.

He told Shi Jin about the procedure and all the things to take note of.

Shi Jin memorized it all.

The nurses and Gu Jingyuans assistants came and went.

When they saw Shi Jin, they could not help but take another look.

She was really too young and surely did not have much experience.

It was just that everyone had heard that she was Li Juekais daughter, so they had thought that her existence would be impressive.

They didnt think too much about it.

“Then, Brother, let me tell you what I can do for you.” Shi Jin opened the bag she was carrying and took out a set of acupuncture tools.

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