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Chapter 200: Three Against One

Gu Jingyuan looked powerless.

Was Shi Jin really going to help with the surgery

He looked at his parents coldly and wanted them to talk his little sister out of this.

Li Juekai unexpectedly said, “Why dont you let her help then”

His legs had been injured for years so he had seen his fair share of specialists from all over the world.

Since Shi Jin wanted to help, he was happy to oblige even if his life was at stake, so losing his legs meant nothing.

The more he knew Shi Jin, the more he wanted to fulfill her every whim.

Gu Jingyuan went speechless.

Gu Qingqing also said, “Why dont you take your sister along with you In any case, you only have a 60% success rate.

No matter the outcome, I hardly doubt things can get worse, right

Gu Jingyuan was left dumbstruck yet again.

Shi Jin smiled warmly at Gu Jingyuan.

Gu Jingyuan went quiet.

They had just voted three against one.

What else could he do

They happily decided to accede to Shi Jins request.


After Shi Jin parted ways with her family, she was unable to calm herself down.

Her eldest brothers cool profile kept emerging in her head.

Gu Jingyuan did not use to be like this.

He was always a positive and extroverted boy.

Despite the problems that plagued the family, he continued to have a positive personality.

His personality only changed to become quiet after he encountered Shi Jin and she was the only person who knew the reason for this drastic change.

When Shi Jin was around 16 to 17 years old, he went to visit Shi Xuexin with a small gift before looking for her.

It was completely understandable for him to do this.

After all, Gu Jingyuan had lived with Shi Xuexin for a couple of years and he was a responsible boy.

Also, he did not catch on to Shi Xuexins deviousness, so he naturally treated her like his little sister.

Shi Jin was very upset when she saw this.

To begin with, Shi Jin was upset with the Li family.

Also, Shi Xuexin kept ostracizing her.

Gu Jingyuan completely triggered Shi Jin by giving Shi Xuexin a present and she swore never to talk to Gu Jingyuan again.

Shi Jin turned to walk off and refused to talk to him when Gu Jingyuan came to see her.

Gu Jingyuan failed to notice the car behind him when he ran after her anxiously.

Although he managed to avoid critical impact, he took a hard fall.

His gift for Shi Jin was smashed to smithereens and he suffered a bruise on his head.

From then on, he lost hearing in one ear.

Shi Jin did not take it to heart and only found out he had problems hearing ever since the accident.

Although it was not Shi Jins fault that he had trouble hearing, he was clearly a lot colder to Shi Jin.

Despite being kind to Shi Jin, he was purely doing it out of a sense of familial responsibility and not because he liked her.

Shi Jin finally snapped out of her daze.

After treating her fathers leg, it was about time she treated her eldest brothers hearing.

Even though it was just unilateral hearing loss, it had undoubtedly caused a lot of inconvenience and problems.

Shi Jin had never seen Gu Jingyuan driving before.

It must be because of his unilateral deafness.

The earphone he kept wearing was not an earphone.

In reality, it was a hearing aid.

Shi Jin finally looked a little calmer after coming up with a treatment plan.

She recalled Fu Xiuyuan was still at the office and told the chauffeur to send her there.

He made a U-turn and headed towards Fu Corporation.


Meanwhile, at the Fu Corporation.

Song Fan ran downstairs to welcome Shi Jin when he received a call from Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was skillful at disguising herself to dodge the media and fans.

Song Fan kept looking around when he came to the ground floor, but failed to find her.

By the time he turned his head to check, he saw Shi Jin slowly taking off her mask and glancing at him before putting it back on.

“Miss Shi, you are finally here!” Song Fan looked at Shi Jin as though she was his last hope.

“Mr Fu hasnt come out yet.”

“Didnt you let him hear the recording”

“I did, but he didnt come out.” Song Fan was so anxious that his forehead was covered with sweat.

“I sent it over ages ago, but he did not react.”

Shi Jin felt a little surprised.

In theory, Fu Xiuyuan ought to have felt better after hearing the recording.

She quickly headed in with Song Fan following behind her quickly.

Song Fan felt a little puzzled when Shi Jin walked through the office with great familiarity despite the winding paths inside.

If he was not mistaken, it was probably her first time at Fu Corporation, right How could she know the place so well

Shi Jin took the lift and headed straight for the top floor.

Song Fan said anxiously, “Miss Shi, take a look yourself.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he did not continue following behind Shi Jin.

Instead, he watched as she entered the room.

Fu Xiuyuans office doors were slightly open.

Since it was already late at night, the sky was dark and the top floor was completely empty.

He was sitting inside the completely dark room.

Shi Jin suddenly thought about her past life as she stood at the door.

Fu Xiuyuan lay in her arms covered in blood as she reached her hands out to hold his bloody face.

However, he stubbornly removed her hands and said softly, “Dont touch me… the blood will dirty your hands.”

Fu Xiuyuan was the extraordinary man who single handedly led Fu Corporation to its heights to outsiders.

He had repeatedly created insurmountable records in the industry and made himself an untouchable business world legend.

However, he stubbornly removed her hands and said softly, “Dont touch me… the blood will dirty your hands.”

He did not want to hurt her, make her cry, or see her sad.

He was worried that she might feel uncomfortable about his proximity.

Also, he was worried she might just leave him if he kept too much distance.

He was worried about having her as his woman and also afraid of losing her.

He had a mountain of concerns and kept being hard on himself until he was unable to take it mentally.

Despite the hordes of women willing to bow at his feet if he so willed it, he only cared about her feelings and longed for every drop of attention he could squeeze out of her.

He did not forcibly imprison her.

Instead, he asked her to do it imploringly.

It finally dawned on Shi Jin that she had miscalculated his feelings for her.

Also, she underestimated how insecure he felt.

She opened the door and walked over to the window to open the curtains slightly to let some light in without turning on the light yet.

The dim light from outside made the room seem misty.

Shi Jin looked around for Fu Xiuyuan.

He was sitting on the ground with his tie hanging from his neck loosely and his white shirt was crumpled.

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