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Chapter 197: Tossed Out the Marriage Agreement Like Leftovers

The rumors that the Shi family kept spreading were targeted at Shi Jin, but also put the Li family in an awkward position.

If the Li family was made a laughingstock, they would never be able to hold their heads up high in town.

Shi Jin did this so everyone would know that the Li family didnt sell their daughter for money.

She had also ensured that everyone knew about what Yu Xiuhua had done.

If they allowed Yu Xiuhua to go on spreading this nonsense, it would be much harder to clear the air in the future if this was left to fester.

After Shi Jin hung up the phone, she said to everyone, “The Shi family doesnt like having me around and I am genuinely not their biological daughter, so I will sever ties with the Shi family from now on.”

Since Old Master Shi has brought me up and treats me like a real granddaughter, I will not leave him in the lurch.

I dont care about the rest of the family, but I will continue being filial to him.”

She promptly made her objectives for the night clear.

The Li family was not made of money.

Yu Xiuhua had mentioned they received all that money from the government as compensation for their land.

However, Shi Jin was able to give the money to Old Master Shi without batting an eye, so it went to show what a kind and filial young lady she was.

People couldnt help looking at her with a degree of admiration.

Even Chu Ling could not resist taking second looks at her, but he veered his eyes when he finally realized how inappropriate it was.

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin clenched their fists so tightly that their skin almost tore.

“Since we are at it, I have one more thing to say,” continued Shi Jin.

Chu Ling had a feeling it had something to do with him.

He instinctively glanced at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin said calmly, “Since I am not a Shi, the marriage agreement you have made is deemed null and void.

From now on, please do not link me to the Chu family.

Now that Shi Xuexin has returned to the Shi family, she is no longer a Li and has nothing to do with the marriage agreement that the Li family has made either.”

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin had been dying for Shi Jin to say these words.

However, by saying it now, Shi Jin had embarrassed Shi Xuexin making her seem as though she was snatching something from her.

Shi Jin had just tossed aside the marriage agreement she had with Chu Ling like it was garbage to Shi Xuexin.

Since Yu Xiuhua had already humiliated herself, it was inappropriate for her to retaliate, so she could only suck it up.

Chu Ling gritted his teeth.

Perfect! That would be best! He had been waiting for her to say this for such a long time!

So why did his heart inexplicably feel empty when he had clearly stopped liking her a long time ago

The guests were awfully impressed by how sensible Shi Jin was when she did not insist on marrying Chu Ling since he was not hers.

Why did Yu Xiuhua insist Shi Jin kept fighting with Shi Xuexin for resources while she was living here How could she claim Shi Jin was competitive towards Shi Xuexin Everyone looked at Yu Xiuhua suspiciously and felt sorry for Shi Jins predicament.

What had this young woman endured during her time at the Shi residence

Shi Qing felt the same way.

He used to think that the Shi family had done Shi Jin justice, but he finally found out what kind of life Shi Jin truly led in the family.

Stifled pain came from his chest as he became overwhelmed by giddiness.

Just as he was about to speak, his body slanted sideways and toppled.

He had fallen with a crash breaking the teacups and wine glasses on the table in the process.



“Mr Shi!”

“Get an ambulance!”

Shi Jin lowered her head and checked on Shi Qing.

Yu Xiuhua couldnt bear the sight of her tonight, so she shoved Shi Jin.

“Get out of the way.

He doesnt even have air to breathe!”

Shi Xuexin was flustered.

“Has anyone called an ambulance”

She finally felt relieved when the butler confirmed he did.

However, she and all the guests remained worried.

Chu Ling was unable to offer any help, so he could only stay by Shi Xuexins side.

“Now that he has passed out, do we have to do CPR”

“He appears to be conscious.

Cant we only do CPR when the patient is unconscious”

Even people with some medical knowledge were at a loss.

In an instant, no one knew what to do.

Only Shi Jin sounded calm.

“Where is the perfume bag I gave him There is medicine in there which can help with his condition.”

Yu Xiuhua was infuriated.

“Stop causing more trouble as it is!”

Everyone felt Shi Jin was insensible to act this way at a time like this.

Shi Qing was already in such a bad state.

Did Shi Jin have to do this now Moreover, no one even knew what Shi Qing was suffering from.

How could they blindly give him medicine What if something went wrong with the treatment

Fortunately, the Shi residence was centrally located in the wealthy part of town, so an ambulance was bound to arrive soon.

Gu Qingqing couldnt bear hearing them speak ill of her daughter, so she reached her hand out and wanted to pull her back.

Shi Jin gently pulled her hand out and gestured that it was fine.

She proceeded to say calmly, “Uncle Qing often suffers from chest tightness, giddiness, and fatigue.

A long time ago, he passed out once.

After someone faints, it is very important to treat him within four minutes.

You have already caused a two minute delay.

By the time the ambulance arrives, it would be at least seven minutes.

You have to decide whether you want to treat him now.”

Even though Shi Qing was busy working all the time and did not have time to take care of her, he did not treat her like Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin.

Shi Jin was happy to help him, but she would never insist on saving him like Mother Teresa.

Neither Yu Xiuhua nor Shi Xuexin cared about him, so there was no reason for her to step up.

Yu Xiuhua was still hesitating when Shi Xuexin said to the butler decisively, “Where is Shi Jins perfumed back Bring it over this instant!”

Shi Qing was in charge of the familys business affairs, so if anything happened to him, all of them would get implicated! Shi Xuexin could only trust Shi Jin this time.

Yu Xiuhua had secretly told the butler to discard the perfumed bag Shi Jin had given Shi Qing earlier.

How could Shi Jin expect Yu Xiuhua to allow Shi Qing to use it and place it under his pillow It was the last thing Yu Xiuhua wanted to see.

Fortunately, the butler was too occupied to take care of the perfumed bag and simply left it aside without discarding it.

Before long, he came over with the perfumed bag.

Everyone saw a small bottle inside when Shi Jin opened the perfume bag.

She swiftly opened the wooden stopper and gave Shi Qing the medication.

She finally stopped when she had given him half the medication.

Even though Shi Jin claimed she wasnt going to dive in and save Shi Qing, she remembered what her master said about the Hippocratic oath when she first became his disciple.

It was deeply engraved in her mind and she would never forget it, not in two lifetimes.

After Shi Jin had given Shi Qing the medication, everyone watched and waited.

Yu Xiuhua clenched her fists tightly.

If anything happened to Shi Qing, she would kill Shi Jin!

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