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Chapter 196: Change Public Opinion of Her Parents

Li Juekai and Gu Qingqing did not expect their daughter to know about this.

She knew everything.

It was so hard on their daughter.

Shi Qing looked at Yu Xiuhua coldly.

“Xiuhua, did you take the money”

Yu Xiuhua trembled right away.

She had indeed pocketed the money.

No one from the Li family came when Shi Jin was 12 years old.

Instead, they got someone to send over $300 000.

The Li family sent $300 000 every year without fail when Shi Jin continued living at the Shi residence for three more years.

Also, they sent word asking the Shi family to take good care of their daughter.

Shi Jin moved out when she was 15 years old, but Yu Xiuhua said nothing about it, so the Li family kept sending the money every year.

Now that the Shi family was doing well, $300 000 was really nothing to them.

Yet ever since the money troubles the Shi family suffered, Yu Xiuhua continued to feel worried about money.

Money was money.

She did not want to raise some other familys daughter for free, so she was happy to accept the money.

She sent someone to investigate the matter and learned that the government wanted to build a high-speed rail in the town where they resided.

Hence, the government shelled out a lot of money to pay the locals for their land and buildings, so she did not feel guilty about taking this money.

She was certain that people from a small town like them would not dare to ask her about the money.

Since Shi Jin was making bucket loads of money as an artist, she had no reason to talk about it either.

However, Shi Jin unexpectedly brought it up.

Also, she had mentioned it right in front of the Shi and Chu families.

Shi Jin wanted her to return every dime and cough up every penny!

“I asked you.

Did you take the money” asked Shi Qing sternly.

“Yes, I did.

Everyone knows it isnt cheap to raise a child these days.

Even if Shi Jin wasnt always home, I kept buying things for her.

I signed her up for every single class that Xuexin took, but she insisted on moving out without collecting her things or going for classes.

That doesnt mean I didnt spend the money,” explained Yu Xiuhua desperately.

However, her response was simply too far-fetched.

Despite their previous support for her, Third Aunt and Seventh Aunt could not help speaking their mind, “Wow.

You accepted $300 000 a year.

That means $2.4 million for a total of eight years.

Its undoubtedly enough to raise a child.

If you wanted to, you could have even plated Shi Jin in 24K gold.”

Everyone quietly shook their heads.

The Shi family was now a respectable family, but they accepted so much money from the Li family to raise Shi Jin.

Since the Li family were from a small town, it was not easy for them to make a living.

From the looks of it, they must have spent every penny they made on Shi Jin!

It was genuinely unbecoming of Yu Xiuhua to take the money! A lot of the women who married into rich families found her disdainful.

None of them batted an eye when they purchased expensive jewelry.

How could Yu Xiuhua be so desperate for money

Although it was unfair to expect Yu Xiuhua to raise someone elses daughter for free, she shouldnt have taken all that money.

Shi Qing didnt expect his wife to accept the Li familys money, so he was furious.

“How could you take so much money from them Dont you know it is hard for them to make money”

Li Juekai couldnt help clearing his throat a couple of times.

Did it seem like he had trouble making money

Although the Li family wasnt what it used to be, and Old Master Li genuinely resided in a small town, they were simply trying to prevent their children from being implicated in the mess that occurred over 20 years ago.

In terms of money, they were still wealthier than the average family.

Even though they had declined, they were easily ten times more well off than the Shi family.

Shi Jin automatically glanced at her biological father.

In her past life, the Li familys business quickly skyrocketed a few years later.

Gu Jingyuan had a lot of luck with money and was also a good manager.

The private hospital he established was very popular with the rich and powerful, so everyone kept throwing money at him, swiftly turning him into one of the top-ranking wealthy men in the world.

Naturally, Shi Jin didnt care about money now and simply wanted her family to be safe.

Yu Xiuhua muttered defensively, “They got that money as a payout from the government for taking their land.

How could it be considered hard-earned money It is only right for them to spend it on Shi Jin, right”

“Nonsense!” said Shi Qing angrily.

If his wife had genuinely spent all the money on Shi Jin, Shi Qing wouldnt be this furious, but she didnt spend a dime on Shi Jin.

Yu Xiuhua had genuinely embarrassed herself publicly, so she didnt have the cheek to go on defending herself.

From now on, she would end up becoming a laughingstock in high society.

Shi Xuexin felt worried.

Now that the truth was out about her mothers shameful deeds, what would the Chu family think of her

She even told Shi Jin that she didnt have to repay the Shi family and simply had to be good to her parents.

Now that she came to know about the vast sum of money her mother had accepted from the Li family, it was undoubtedly a tight slap on her face.

She was incredibly angry with her mother for doing this.

Shi Qing looked at Shi Jin and her parents and said apologetically, “I am so sorry.

I didnt know about this at all.

If I knew about this, I would have made her give Shi Jin all the money.

Dont worry.

I will right this injustice and will return all the money to Shi Jin this instant.”

Shi Jin nodded “Thanks.

Why dont you get Auntie Xiuhua to return the money that she accepted for the years I had already moved out of the Shi family first”

Despite the serious look on her face, she reminded everyone of how Yu Xiuhua took the money and treated her badly.

Shi Qing naturally did nothing of the sort.

Instead, he promptly instructed for $2.4 million to be transferred to Shi Jins bank account entirely.

Yu Xiuhuas face turned ghastly pale.

Now that everyone knew about her shameful deeds, she could only accept all the looks of contempt.

Shi Qings selflessness finally made up for Yu Xiuhuas stingy ways.

Shi Jin wanted to return the money to her biological parents.

“Just save it for yourself as pocket money.” Li Juekai and Gu Qingqing refused to take the money.

In the past, they wanted to give this money to Shi Jin, but she turned their offer down.

Now they had the perfect excuse to make her take it.

Shi Jin contemplated.

Although the Li family genuinely wasnt the richest and most powerful family in the capital anymore, they certainly had money.

So she accepted the money without any guilt at the thought of that.

She proceeded to take out her phone and transferred the money to Old Master Shi and called him in front of everyone.

“Grandpa, I just sent you some pocket money so that you can treat yourself to some snacks.”

Everyone was stunned when she called Old Master Shi.

Judging from the way she calmly transferred all the money to Old Master Shi, she clearly wasnt here about the money.

Li Juekai turned to glance at Gu Qingqing.

Both of them knew Shi Jin was trying to help change everyones impression of them and clear their bad name!

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