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Chapter 188: Her Biological Parents From the Li Family

Shi Jins performance was nothing short of breathtaking.

The smile on Shi Xuexins face gradually disappeared.

Zhao Xiyue felt she had made the biggest mistake of her life and had inadvertently given Shi Jin the opportunity to impress the audience!

The same question kept running through their minds.

When did Shi Jin learn the violin

Shi Xuexin and Zhao Xiyue both knew that Shi Jin didnt have any talent.

Ever since Shi Jin found out that she was swapped at birth, she was too depressed to focus on her studies before she proceeded to get obsessed with Chu Ling.

Why was she playing the violin so well now

The stage lighting landed on her and brought out her silhouette.

“Hungarian Dance” was inspired by lively Hungarian folk music, so Shi Jins outfit was perfect for the piece.

In comparison, Shi Xuexins complicated princess dress did not match the lively air of the song.

After she was done playing the violin, the crowd went silent for a few seconds before thunderous applause reverberated throughout the hall.

Shi Jins fans finally cheered loudly and chanted her name.

Zhao Xiyue realized that her efforts to help Shi Xuexin had come back to bite her.

She forcibly composed herself before she went onto the stage to wrap up the performance.

After she got off the stage with the microphone, she ran after Shi Xuexin.

“Xuexin, hang on.”

Shi Xuexin was in a bad mood and didnt feel like entertaining her.

As they walked, they could hear people comparing Shi Xuexin and Shi Jin.

Tonight was the night for Shi Xuexin to steal the limelight.

However, this little episode had caused Shi Jin to garner all the attention and made Shi Xuexin look bad.

Moments later, teachers came to talk to Zhao Xiyue about what she had just done.

Shi Jins homeroom teacher was very annoyed that one of her students was made to perform without prior notice.

From the looks of it, Zhao Xiyue had some explaining to do.

A dinner was planned after the performance.

Shi Xuexin wanted to find some excuse not to go.

However, since she was in the limelight, everyone was waiting for her and it was impossible to turn them down.

Everyone smiled as they welcomed her when Shi Xuexin arrived at the dinner.

Someone asked, “Xuexin, where is Shi Jin Didnt she come along with you”

Shi Xuexin instantly looked embarrassed.


By the time Yao Jiahong left Ji Huans office, it was already very late.

Although Zhao Xiyue claimed it was an innocent mistake, Yao Jiahong did not let her off the hook easily.

He got so harsh that Zhao Xiyue burst out crying as she apologized incessantly.

The school did its best to mediate before Yao Jiahong was willing to let this slide.

After Yao Jiahong left the office, he thought about Shi Jins violin playing and the Shi family.

Yao Jiahong already knew about Shi Jins life at the Shi family, but he did not do anything about it as he felt she could never become an artist.

After Zhao Xiyue attempted to publicly embarrass Shi Jin, he could not help breathing hard as sadness swelled in his heart while he thought about this.


Shi Jin quickly left the school after class and headed to Lanting Residence.

The moment she entered the living room, Butler Chen saw her and came over.

“Miss Shi, Young Master Fu is in the closet.

Also, he has been in there for hours.”

Butler Chen looked worried.

He did not know what had come over Fu Xiuyuan, but he did not dare to probe.

“Uh huh.

Okay.” Shi Jin put down her school bag and walked over to the closet quickly.

Butler Chen watched from behind.

He had to admit that Shi Jin played an important role in the Fu family.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin now shared a closet.

Even though it was called a closet, it was over 100 square meters in size and filled with both their clothing.

Fu Xiuyuan was standing in front of the mirror shaking his head with dissatisfaction.

There was a mountain of clothes beside Fu Xiuyuan that he had already tried on.

Even if he was wearing a gunny sack, he would have looked gorgeous.

Now, he was wearing the latest designer suit that fit him perfectly.

The moment Shi Jin entered the room, she saw Fu Xiuyuan dressed in a suit that was perfect for him.

However, he was frowning into the mirror.

“Hubby.” Shi Jin strode over quickly and greeted him.

“Arent you done picking your outfit”

“Uh huh.” Fu Xiuyuans voice sounded deep.

Every single garment he owned was custom-made.

Since he worked out often, it was unlikely for his clothes not to fit.

Shi Jin knew where his worry was coming from.

They were going to pick up her parents tonight.

The parents in question were naturally her biological parents from the Li family.

She had been dying to see them.

Since she was already very nervous about seeing them, Fu Xiuyuan naturally felt the same way.

Shi Jin felt the suit he was wearing was already perfect.

She glanced around and picked a tie before putting it on Fu Xiuyuan as she said, “What about now”

Fu Xiuyuan glanced into the mirror.

He could see Shi Jins eyes gleaming as she admired him in the mirror.

He instantly felt good about his outfit and nodded happily.

“I think its good now.”

Shi Jin shoved him out of the closet.

“Wait for me outside.

I need to get changed.

We are running late.”

Fu Xiuyuan was pushed out.

After Shi Jin closed the door, she picked out an outfit and got changed.

Fu Xiuyuan stood outside the door listening to the rustling as she got changed.

The sound left a tingling sensation running through him.

He could open the door now effortlessly, but something was holding him back.

After struggling to control himself, Fu Xiuyuan suppressed this urge as he patiently waited outside for Shi Jin to get changed.

Moments later, Shi Jin came out dressed in a sweet, long dress and a ponytail looking just like an innocent student.

After she came out, she showed Fu Xiuyuan her outfit.

“Do you think my parents will like this”

“Im sure they will,” said Fu Xiuyuan firmly.

Shi Jin was such a wonderful girl.

How could they not like her

The two of them went downstairs for dinner before going to the airport.

Butler Chen could not help feeling impressed when Shi Jin managed to make Fu Xiuyuan get changed and leave the closet.


Fu Xiuyuan patiently waited with Shi Jin at the airport parking lot.

Shi Jin clenched her fists tightly as she thought about her past life.

The Li family used to be one of the most important families in the capital and the Shi family was completely out of their league.

However, a major incident in the family over two decades ago almost caused the family to be completely ruined.

Although Li Juekai managed to save the family, the clan fell into decline.

It was the main reason Shi Xuexin ended up residing in a small town with Old Master Li.

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