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Chapter 187: An Overwhelming Defeat For Shi Xuexin

Zhao Xiyue had used her role as host to make this happen and Shi Jin would undoubtedly get embarrassed tonight.

Zhao Xiyue wanted to show the world the gulf that lay between the true and fake daughter of the Shi family.

She also wanted Shi Jin to back off.

She was not good enough for Chu Ling.

Shi Jin stood up and walked towards the stage as everyone watched and cheered.

Shi Jin was too simply dressed compared to Shi Xuexin.

She was just dressed in the school uniform pants with a white cotton T-shirt.

It could not compare to Shi Xuexins extravagant princess dress.

Shi Xuexin was still standing on the stage.

The moment they stood together, Shi Xuexin looked like a beautiful peony while Shi Jin resembled an elegant orchid.

After looking at Shi Jin a little more, she gave off a charming aura.

Zhao Xiyue smiled as she said, “Shi Jin, I heard you are pretty good at playing the violin as well, right”

She gloated smugly after putting Shi Jin in the spot.

Shi Xuexin caught on to what Zhao Xiyue was doing, so she did not stop Zhao Xiyue.

Instead, she simply stood on the stage as she watched.

All of them knew that Shi Jin was unable to play the violin.

If Shi Jin denied it now, it would be very embarrassing for her.

Sure enough, Shi Jin took the microphone and said, “Nope.

You are mistaken.”

Zhao Xiyue smiled even more happily when Shi Jin admitted she could not play the violin.

“Oh my.

I must be mistaken.

I am so sorry about that.

Since you are siblings with Shi Xuexin, I thought you took violin lessons with her.”

Zhao Xiyue had a feeling Shi Jin might offer to sing in order to save her reputation.

Even then, Zhao Xiyue would have successfully embarrassed Shi Jin.

Whatever it was, a lot of people were talking about Shi Jin now.

Although Zhao Xiyue could not hear what they were saying, they were probably talking about Shi Jin and Shi Xuexins swap at birth and their abilities.

It was a common human reaction.

Everyone felt musicians were very impressive.

After all, it took a lot of practice to be an expert.

However, people always felt they were equally good singers and simply lacked an opportunity when it came to singing.

Moreover, everyone felt violin performances were very elegant.

In comparison, everyone could sing, so it wasnt as special.

Hence, it was normal to feel Shi Jin could not compare to Shi Xuexin.

“I have never learned violin before.” Shi Jin glanced at Zhao Xiyue.

“Also, the third graders dont have to perform, so I did not prepare anything.

You must have made a mistake, right”

Since it was the school anniversary celebrations, Zhao Xiyue felt certain that Shi Jin would offer to sing and wriggle out of the situation.

Now that Shi Jin was coming on so strong and Zhao Xiyue was genuinely guilty of sabotaging her, Zhao Xiyue could only apologize for her mistake.

“My bad.

I must have made a mistake.

I thought you were still doing second year and assumed you were performing.

I am so sorry.”

Her apology was so insincere that it was barely enough to cover Shi Jins nail.

She even embarrassed Shi Jin by talking about Shi Jins promotion to third year.

“Uh huh.

I accept your apology.

Since it is an important day, you really need to be careful.

Not everyone is nice enough to allow this to happen.

Not everyone in school will let you off for this,” replied Shi Jin confidently.

Since Zhao Xiyue was guilty of sabotaging Shi Jin, she could only quietly listen to Shi Jin admonish her.

Just as she thought Shi Jin was going to leave the stage, Shi Jin said, “Since it is the school anniversary, I dont mind performing the violin.

Why dont I just perform the same song Can I borrow a violin from the school orchestra”

After listening to the conversation between Zhao Xiyue and Shi Jin, everyone realized that Zhao Xiyue had forced Shi Jin to go on stage completely unprepared.

Also, everyone knew Zhao Xiyue was best friends with Shi Xuexin… It was clear what she was up to.

Shi Jins fans felt anxious when they saw this.

“Didnt Shi Jin just say she couldnt play the violin Why is she offering to perform now”

“Uh huh.

What should we do However, if she does not perform, people might think she is a chicken.”

“Shi Xuexin came with her own violin.

Do you know it costs a bomb and was made by a master violin maker She has been using it all her life.

How could a violin from the school orchestra compare to it Do you know how lousy the school violins are I am so worried.”

Someone who liked Shi Xuexin said softly, “Is Shi Jin really going to perform that Is she sure

“Isnt it a bad idea for her to play violin in front of a true violin master”

Everyone had their own opinion.

Someone from the school orchestra quickly handed Shi Jin a violin.

Shi Xuexin smiled when she saw this.

The school violin only cost a fraction of hers and it couldnt compare to hers in terms of accuracy and tone.

She asked Shi Jin sweetly, “Why dont you use my violin instead”

Shi Jin rejected her offer.

Shi Xuexin was more than happy to leave Shi Jin to her own devices and stood by the side with her master violin.

Zhao Xiyue did not expect this to happen either.

Even though Shi Jin was good at singing, she chose to play the violin.

What was she thinking

“Shi Jin is going to perform the same piece as Shi Xuexin,Hungarian Dance!” said Zhao Xiyue excitedly to the audience in a resounding voice.

Shi Jins fans were nervous down to their toes.

She was a singer, so everyone knew she could play the guitar.

However, all instruments were different, and it was exceptionally hard to master the violin.

A lot of practice was required just to even play violin decently.

Otherwise, it would be complete chaos.

The stage lighting landed on Shi Jin.

She raised her hand and held the violin before placing the bow on it.

As the music flowed, the fans couldnt resist whistling!

Shi Jins violin playing was elegant, lively, and particularly pleasing to the ear.

Their initial worries were quickly tossed to the back of their minds.

She was completely focused as her hands moved in sync with each other.

People who were able to play the violin could tell Shi Jin had a lot of practice.

Also, she was incredibly good! Her technique was at the professional level and every move she made was flawless.

Musical instruments were all about technique and expression.

Since the piece sounded intense, the audience was quickly captivated by the violin.

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