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Chapter 186: Both Perform

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Zhao Xiyue pouted and said, “Why cant she just go back to the Li family Why does she hang around to piss you off How could she not know better

“Never mind.

Whatever it is, she has feelings for my parents and grandfather.

Nothing can change that,” said Shi Xuexin magnanimously.

“Xuexin, you are so silly.

You are simply too nice to her.

That is the reason she keeps pushing you around.

Now that she has a talent agency behind her, she will probably want to stay with your family even more,” said Zhao Xiyue.

Shi Xuexin clenched her fists slightly.

She was worried about just the same thing.

However, Shi Jin existed and it was impossible for Shi Xuexin to rid herself of Shi Jin.

Before long, the school anniversary celebrations commenced..

Zhao Xiyue was one of the hosts, so she had to go prepare.

She said to Shi Xuexin, “I have to go now.

See you later on the stage.”

Shi Xuexin nodded.

Chen Jierou smiled and said, “Are you playing the violin tonight”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Shi Xuexin.

She was a little flustered when Shi Jin talked about her losing the violin competition, but it was actually quite normal for her to lose.

No one could always win.

Even if she occasionally lost, she was still one of the best violinists in Second High School and University H.

No one else could compare to her.

Chen Jierou looked excited.


I havent seen you perform live in ages.

The last time I watched you perform, you came in as champion for the youth division.

I will cheer you on later!”

Shi Xuexin felt even more motivated to perform.

The celebrations proceeded to commence.

There were a lot of talented people at Second High School.

Other than the third year students who were busy preparing for exams, every class contributed excellent performances.

Also, a lot of the alumni attending the school anniversary celebrations were elites in society making the event very exciting.

Before long, the celebrations slowly came to an end and it was time for the finale to commence.

Zhao Xiyue stood on the stage and introduced Shi Xuexin excitedly.

“The next performer is the pride of Second High School.

She is a rising star and an incredibly talented young woman.

She came in first in the city for her college entrance exam.

Also, she is well versed in piano, violin, and art.

She has already achieved astounding results in every field and repeatedly came in champion in the youth division.

People kept cheering Shi Xuexins name as Zhao Xiyue spoke and waved their banners for her.

Some people even shouted, “Shi Xuexin, I pray that I will do well on the national college entrance exam!”

Everyone burst out laughing when they heard this.

Shi Jin had a lot of fans at school.

After all, “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” had remained popular for months.

However, Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong did not allow the students to cheer for her so as to set a good example for everyone and not use her fellow students for popularity, so Yao Jiahong had told the fans to be discreet at school.

Yao Jiahong was very good at handling the fan club.

Although it made Shi Jin seem unpopular at school, Shi Jin could also avoid causing unnecessary trouble.


After the fans learned of their idols decision, they were discreet about their actions and focused on school.

Moreover, the school anniversary celebrations did not have anything to do with third year students, so Shi Jins fans did not make any banners for her.

Hence, there was a sea of people rooting for Shi Xuexin.

It seemed as though it was not the school anniversary celebrations and she was here to do a solo performance.

“Now, allow me to invite Shi Xuexin to come up and performHungarian Dance.” Zhao Xiyue gestured for Shi Xuexin to come up the stage.

Everyone clapped thunderously.

Shi Xuexin had already gotten changed and was wearing a princess dress with flowers on it.

It made her look extremely elegant and graceful.

The big, loose curls in her hair made her look like a real princess.

A light was trained onto her as she stood on the stage garnering everyones attention as they waited for her to perform.

The moment she held up her violin, everyone held their breaths as they went quiet.

“Hungarian Dance” could be heard and it was bright and lively.

It was the perfect song for livening up the atmosphere.

Everyone felt immersed by the song when Shi Xuexin started to perform.

Since she was pretty and well-dressed tonight, she looked like a beautiful, talented woman from a rich family.

People couldnt have enough of her.

After the performance, the crowd cheered for her thunderously.

Shi Xuexin smiled with poise as people clapped.

“Xuexins performance was simply amazing! She is such a master violinist! Thank you for giving us such a brilliant performance!” sighed Zhao Xiyue exaggeratedly.

The audience was blown away by her performance and kept cheering for her.

The school anniversary celebrations were about to end, so people were preparing to leave the hall when Zhao Xiyue suddenly said, “We have one more performer coming on stage tonight.”

The moment she said this, the students halted in their steps.

Was there one more performance on the itinerary Shi Xuexin was supposed to be the finale.

Who else was performing

Zhao Xiyue exclaimed loudly, “Shi Jin is going to perform! Shi Jin Is coming on stage to perform violin as well!”

Shi Jin looked at the stage and was briefly caught by surprise before she realized Zhao Xiyue was trying to sabotage her.

Since Zhao Xiyue was best friends with Shi Xuexin, she did not like Shi Jin, so she wanted to take the opportunity to embarrass Shi Jin.

The crowd cheered when Zhao Xiyue said Shi Jins name.

Before long, people started to chant, “Shi Jin! Shi Jin! Shi Jin!”

Some of the people who cheered were people who didnt like Shi Jin.

After they heard gossip about Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin today, they took Shi Xuexins side, so they wanted Shi Jin to perform violin.

In their opinion, it was the perfect opportunity for them to prove that Shi Jin could not compare to Shi Xuexin.

The other people cheering were Shi Jins fans.

They had come unprepared since they were told to keep a low profile at school and they did not know that Shi Jin would perform tonight.

Now that Zhao Xiyue said that Shi Jin was due to perform, her fans naturally cheered enthusiastically.

In an instant, everyone cheered and clapped.

Zhao Xiyue had known Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin for years, so she knew everything there was to know about them.

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