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Chapter 185: Was She Still Harboring Fantasies About Chu Ling

Shi Xuexin was deliberately reminding everyone that Shi Jin was already 20 years old and the same age as her.

However, Shi Xuexin was already in college and doing well while Shi Jin was still struggling in high school.

As for how she made it to third grade… Everyone had their own opinions.

Shi Xuexin succeeded in doing what she wanted in just a few words.

“Its fine.

Miss Ji will take care of my studies.” Shi Jins voice sounded calm and completely unaffected.

“If you have time, you should work on your violin.

I recall you wanted to come in champion for that violin competition of yours, right”

Shi Xuexin looked at Shi Jin from behind as she secretly clenched her fists.

Shi Jins words had struck her at her Achilles heel.

Mr Li asked with concern, “Xuexin, how is your violin practice coming along”

“Its fine.

Everything is perfectly fine,” said Shi Xuexin as she acted composed.

She had been practicing violin diligently all this time, but she was eliminated before she even made it to the finals for a mid-scale violin competition.

Since it was a minor competition, it was not a big deal for her to lose.

Shi Xuexin simply had too many things to practice and too many facades to keep up.

Sometimes, it was hard for her to take care of every single area.

However, she was a proud woman.

How could she let herself get eliminated before she even made it into the finals

She did not even tell Shi Qing and Yu Xiuhua about this, let alone some other outsider.

Now that Shi Jin pointed this out, she was very worried that someone might learn the truth.

They continued chatting about the last thing she wanted to talk about.

“Oh yes.

Xuexin, how is the violin competition going I am sure you have no problem coming in champion, right” asked a male senior.

“Haha! You must be joking.

Considering Xuexins violin skills, I am sure she will come in first,” answered a female senior.

Some other elites asked, “Xuexin, what competition is this Since we will be hanging around for a few days, we can go over for a look.

We can show up for some support and cheer you on.”

Shi Xuexin clenched her fists tightly.

Everyone chatted happily.

They knew Shi Xuexin was an all-rounded young woman, so they genuinely wanted to watch her perform.

Shi Xuexin had no choice, but to say regretfully, “I am so sorry.

Since the violin competition clashes with my English speech competition, I couldnt go for it.

I decided to focus on my English speech.”

Sure enough, everyone sighed in regret.

“Its too bad.

I really wanted to watch you perform on the violin.”

Someone said, “Theres no loss here.

Since Xuexin is an all-rounded young lady, she basically comes in first for every competition she participates in.

Even if she misses the violin competition, there are other competitions she can take part in.”

The moment Shi Jin brought up the violent competition, Shi Xuexin felt terribly uneasy.

Fortunately, she had a great track record of excellent performance, so the subject quickly changed as they chatted and people stopped asking about the violin competition.

However, she did not dare to let down her guard against Shi Jin anymore.

How did Shi Jin know she had lost the violin competition Had she investigated everything there was to know about her Was she concerned because she still harbored fantasies about Chu Ling

“Xuexin, are you okay” asked Mr Li with concern when he noticed how distracted she was.

Shi Xuexin hurriedly shook her head.

“Im fine.”

Since Shi Xuexin claimed everything was fine, Mr Li smiled and said, “In that case, why dont you go have some rest You are performing for the finale and everyone is looking forward to it.”

Shi Xuexin cheered herself up.

She was performing violin as the finale tonight.

Since everyone in Second High School idolized her, she had to do her best.

Ever since Shi Jin returned to school, gossip about her relationship with Shi Xuexin started to spread.

Some people had yet to realize this, but they quickly caught on that Shi Jin was the infamous fake young mistress of the Shi family with Shi Xuexins arrival tonight.

Even though she had shown her talent on “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter ”, and was able to skip a grade, everyone felt that Shi Xuexin was far better owing to her reputation.

People kept saying the same things as Shi Xuexin returned to her seat.

“Was Shi Jin swapped at birth from the Shi family Sure enough, a fake is a fake, so she cant compare to Shi Xuexin at all.”

“Do you know who Shi Xuexin is She is like a goddess, okay There is no way Shi Jin can compare to her.

All the contestants atUltimate Singer-Songwriter combined cant compare to her.”

“I used to think Shi Jin was pretty impressive, but there are always people who are better than her out there!”

“There is one area where Shi Jin surpasses Shi Xuexin.”

“What what”

“In the looks department of course!”

“Thats true! But even Shi Jin says looks dont matter, with that in mind, Shi Xuexin is still a whole lot better than her!”

“Stop talking already.

We should head to the hall as soon as possible so that we can see her.

If we manage to see her in person, it might bring us good luck for our exam!”

Since all the students had to attend the event, Shi Jin attended it as well and took a seat in the section assigned to her class.

A lot of students made banners for Shi Xuexin and shouted her name.

It felt as though they were here to support their idol.

The first class was seated rather close to the first row of the guests section.

Shi Xuexin was sitting among the guests with her friends.

People kept going up to talk to her every now and then.

Two girls sat beside Shi Xuexin on her left and right.

They used to be fellow students of Second High School and now they were at college together.

One of them was called Chen Jierou and the other was Zhao Xiyue.

Students of Second High School went up to greet Shi Xuexin every now and then and asked for her autograph.

She was a complete superstar at school.

Some of the boys even excitedly turned 180 degrees after talking to Shi Xuexin.

Shi Jin lowered her head calmly.

Chen Jierou and Zhao Xiyue turned to glance at Shi Jin.

Since they were best friends with Shi Xuexin, they knew Shi Jin well and hated the likes of her.

Ever since Shi Jin brought up the violin competition, Shi Xuexin was in low spirits.

However, since Chen Jierou and Zhao Xiyue were not around when it happened, they didnt know what Shi Jin had done.

They lowered their heads and asked Shi Xuexin about it.

“Its no big deal.

I think Shi Jin might still have fantasies about being with Chu Ling,” said Shi Xuexin softly.

Otherwise, why would she know about her violin competition How could she know what she was doing

“Shes so shameless,” scolded Chen Jierou uncontrollably.

“Who does she think she is How can she even dream of being with Chu Ling”

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