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Chapter 184: A Real Idol

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Shi Jin saw the empathetic look on her face and nodded.

By the time she returned to class, everyone was becoming increasingly excited as they discussed something softly.

“Do you know Shi Xuexin is coming for the school anniversary this weekend”

“Oh really Is she coming too I want to see her so badly! I wonder if third grade students have the time to attend it.”

“We absolutely will.

After all, its the schools 50th anniversary.

Since it is a major affair, I am sure we will have to go.”

“I really want to see Xuexin too! She was a straight-A student back in the day and came in first in the city with a total of 683 marks!”

“Uh huh.

If we can get to see her, it would be even more effective than praying to the gods for good grades.”


Shi Jin finally recalled it was almost time for this school anniversary.

Shi Xuexin was a legend in Second High School.

She had excellent grades.

Also, all her other interests were well developed.

Back in the day, people worshiped her for years after her college entrance exam grades came out.

Even though the first class was filled with straight-A students in its own right, everyone idolized Shi Xuexin the moment the subject came up.

Also, the Shi family was an up-and-coming elite family and well-known in town, so Shi Xuexins status at Second High School was akin to Wen Yongweis status at “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter ”.

“Shi Jin, do you know who Shi Xuexin is” asked a boy softly.

Some other boy promptly covered his mouth.

“Stop asking Shi Jin.

Havent you heard what people say about Shi Jin Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin were swapped at birth.

What do you expect her to say”

The first boy shrank his neck and stopped asking about it.

In reality, Shi Jin did not really care about the identity swap.

Instead, Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin were very bothered by it.

They ordered Shi Jin to never mention she was brought up by the Shi family in public.

In time, people at school gradually forgot that Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin were both from the Shi family.

Hence, people often ask her about it out of curiosity.

Shi Jin had no love for the Shi clan.

However, she did not leave because Old Master Shi loved her and she did not want to make him upset.


Before long, it was time for Second High Schools 50th anniversary.

A lot of famous alumni were invited to come back for the event.

Other than the third grade classes, all the other classes had prepared performances.

Shi Xuexin remained very popular among the swarm of accomplished alumni.

She was a sophomore at university and her background was the envy of everyone.

As the daughter of the Shi family, she was a genuinely beautiful, talented girl from a rich family.

During the college entrance exam, she came in first with straight-As.

She was champion for the youth division in a national piano competition and a grade 8 violinist.

Also, she was a level nine Chinese brush painting artist.

She was a natural for a variety of instruments and art.

Shi Xuexin was a true idol at Second High School.

Classes ended early at Second High School today.

All the students were waiting in class for the school anniversary celebrations to commence.

Luxury cars kept pulling up at the Second High School entrance one after another with their accomplished alumni.

After Shi Jin had a word with Ji Huan, she wanted to head back to class with her workbook.

“Shi Jin!” Shi Jin halted in her steps briefly.

It was none other than Shi Xuexin calling Shi Jin.

She smiled as she said gently, “Shi Jin, I have yet to congratulate you for skipping a level and getting promoted to third grade.


Shi Jin glanced at Shi Xuexin.

Mr Li from the third grade along with several other elites dressed in suits were standing beside Shi Xuexin.

Mr Li was clearly here to personally welcome his favorite disciple, Shi Xuexin.

The other elites were happy to rub shoulders with Shi Xuexin as well.

Mr Li smiled as he asked Shi Xuexin, “Do you know Shi Jin”

Shi Xuexin replied gently, “Yes, Mr Li.

We are sisters.

Although we arent biologically related, we have known each other for years, so we are very close.”

The moment Shi Xuexin mentioned this, everyone remembered that Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin were once swapped at birth.

After they learned the truth, Shi Jin ought to have left, but she refused to leave the Shi family and insisted on staying.

Despite not being a member of the Shi family, she persisted in staying.

Why else would she want to stay

The anti-fans had already dug up Shi Jins dirty history, so this was not news to them.

However, now that Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin were standing together, this old scandal naturally came to mind and people could not help comparing them.

All the elites present naturally knew what was going on, but they did not make any opinion.

They knew full well that a woman from a privileged family would never enter the entertainment industry.

They were proud women with important careers waiting for them and a different kind of life to lead.

That was the difference between a woman from a powerful family and a normal woman.

Despite the silence, it was clear what they were thinking.

Everyone looked at Shi Jin profoundly.

Shi Jin naturally knew what Shi Xuexin was implying.

She promptly looked at Shi Xuexin.

“I recall my parents only had one daughter.

When did I ever have a sister I have already left the Shi family for years and I have no intention of moving back.

I really dont remember ever spending time with you.

Also, I doubt there is any chance for it to happen in the future either.”

Shi Jin had genuinely tried to stay at the Shi family.

She was foolish and didnt want to leave Old Master Shi.

Since Fu Xiuyuan took her from the family ages ago, she did not spend much time at the Shi family.

Her words promptly made these elites catch onto Shi Xuexins little lies.

Shi Jin did not insist on staying at the Shi family as word had it.

In fact, she had moved out ages ago.

In that case, why did the Shi family claim Shi Jin refused to leave

The atmosphere became awkward as everyone contemplated.

Shi Xuexin did not expect Shi Jin to gain the upper hand so easily.

She quickly explained, “Although we barely spent any time together, I think about you all the time.”

Shi Jin replied mildly, “Is there anything else you have for me Otherwise, I am going.”

Shi Jin was completely calm and didnt care about Shi Xuexin.

She certainly didnt sound like the type of person who desired the Shi familys wealth and status.

Instead, she looked particularly disinterested.

Everyone made their own judgment and no longer despised Shi Jin.

In hindsight, Shi Jin had made a commendable effort to break into the entertainment industry to make a living after leaving the Shi family.

Shi Xuexin could tell what everyone was thinking, so she hurriedly smiled and said, “Shi Jin, I know you are busy and you also have to prepare for the college entrance exam, so I wont hold you up.

When you are free, allow me to introduce some friends to you.

I am sure they are happy to help you with your studies.”

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