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Chapter 183: Pretend to Be a Genius

“Shi Jin, let me show you to the classroom!” Ji Huan led Shi Jin off to class.

Shi Dawei finally realized what he had done and was beside himself with regret.

No, he had lost far more than a straight-A student to be precise.

His scandal had gone public because he kept picking on Shi Jin and humiliating her thinking that she was a lousy student.

In no time, his wife would come to know of this and make trouble for him.

Also, the school would hold him accountable for his transgressions.

Also, Yao Jiahong was going to sue him for slander on behalf of Shi Jin!


News about Shi Jin passing the exam and getting promoted to third grade spread like wildfire.

Yu Xiuhua shook her head repeatedly when she saw the news.

“Principal Lu is making a huge mistake here!” How could he have done that

Shi Xuexin said, “Im sure Shi Jin wants to get into college as soon as possible so as not to affect her career in the entertainment industry.”

“People in the entertainment industry are simply shameless.

Everyone keeps resorting to taking shortcuts! No one is willing to get into college through diligence anymore!”

“Mom, isnt Ling just fine Not everyone in the entertainment industry takes shortcuts, so dont be too quick to judge everyone.”

Yu Xiuhua laughed out loud.


Just look at you jumping to his defense.”

News about this promptly spread throughout social media as well.

The anti-fans leaped to action tapping their keyboards to curse Second High School, Shi Jin, and Principal Lu.

[Sure enough, Shi Jin even paid off the school so that she can finish high school and get into university as soon as possible!]

[This school is complete trash! It cant compare to First High School!]

[Artists simply have too many privileges.

I suggest that the authorities investigate this!]

[She used to be such a lousy student.

There is no way on earth she could have skipped a grade if the school did not make it easy for her!]

[I heard Shi Jin even entered one of the top classes.

It is just a matter of time before Second High School closes!]

[First High School is definitely stricter about education.

Have you ever heard about Wen Yongwei making trouble like this]

Yao Jiahong did not let the public get away with speaking ill of Shi Jin.

He promptly uploaded Shi Jins test papers and surveillance footage online.

She could be seen writing swiftly in the surveillance footage as she attacked each question.

The anti-fans were shocked to see that Shi Jin had scored a total of over 700 points and promptly insisted it was impossible for her to do so well!

They studied the test paper and were determined to find evidence that Shi Jin had the answers ahead of time.

The anti-fans kept finding fault and trying to prove Shi Jin had cheated and the school was in on it as well.

However, they failed to find any evidence of Shi Jin cheating even after they turned blind from checking the papers.

After comparing the test papers and surveillance footage, they concluded that the questions Shi Jin attempted were both the same.

As things unraveled online, Shi Jins fans watched the surveillance footage like entertainment.

[Shi Jin looks so serious when she is finishing the questions!]

[Just look at her jawline.

She looks even more attractive from this angle!]

[Her hands are genuinely beautiful when she is writing.

Even though she is writing on paper, it is as good as writing in my heart!]

[After looking at Little Stone do her paper, I feel like doing some revision as well.]

[Then go ahead!]

[From now on, I will study hard just like her.]

[I wonder if the anti-fans have found any evidence against Shi Jin yet]

[Why arent the anti-fans saying anything]

The anti-fans could not contain themselves.


Even though Shi Jin is taking an exam, she is acting as though its an entertainment program.

Only Shi Jin could be capable of attempting to gain hype by doing this!]

[Lets see how long she can go on pretending]

[Second High School has no ethics I tell you.

How could they help her with this free publicity]

[It is just a matter of time before First High School makes Second High School completely irrelevant.]

Yao Jiahong posted footage of Shi Jin doing the questions in front of the teachers in the office amid the uproar.

It was also surveillance footage.

Even though it wasnt high resolution, it clearly showed what was going on inside the room.

Shi Jin finished all the questions right in front of the teachers to alleviate their doubts.

All the best teachers in the third grade proceeded to fight for her after seeing her answers.

The anti-fans finally eased up a little.

Anyone with enough brains would know how busy top teachers from an elite school were.

Since all they cared about were their students, why would they bother wasting time on Shi Jin Whenever they showed up together, they must have a good reason to do it.

Shi Jins fans started to gush as they watched the footage.

[Even though the footage is low quality, Shi Jin looks outstanding.

I wonder how she looks in person!]

[Now, I have the motivation to study! I am going to study now!]

[I didnt realize that my idol was a genius! I have to be a straight-A student just like her!]

[Shi Jin used to say, no matter who we are, no one can decide on our futures or stop us from chasing our dreams.

Working hard is our only way out!]

The students felt motivated by Shi Jin and went back to studying.

Parents who used to get worried when their kids chased idols unexpectedly noticed huge changes in their children!

In the past, all their children cared about was checking out their idols online, buying magazines, and everything else their idols promoted.

Now, those kids suddenly studied with great enthusiasm.

No matter the reason for the change, all the parents were delighted when their kids finally became sensible.


Kang Cheng shook his head at the farce playing out online and said to Wen Yongwei, “Study hard.

No matter what people say about Shi Jins grades, it was just some normal test.

So what if she scored 750 points Only your college entrance exam scores matter.”

“I have been taking tuition.” Wen Yongwei nodded.

Her grades were always above 500 points.

If she studied hard, she could probably get over 600 points for the actual college entrance exam.

Kang Cheng made sense.

Only the college entrance exam results mattered.

People always pretended to be straight-A students online.

Wen Yongweis fans felt the same way and didnt care about Shi Jins grades.

A true genius did not have to resort to any sort of publicity!


Shi Jin was transferred to the first third year class and Ji Huan was her homeroom teacher.

Since there were only two more months until the college entrance exam, the students in the class were more focused than second grade students.

After making a brief commotion on Shi Jins arrival, the class quickly reverted to normal.

Ji Huan called Shi Jin to her office and said, “Shi Jin, I know you are not in the academic industry now, but you should still get a degree to be safe.

Once you get into a good college, it will do you good, so you cant give up on your studies even though you are an artist.”

“I plan on doing just that.” Shi Jin nodded.

Otherwise, she would not have immediately requested to take the exam to skip a grade when she realized that she was still stuck in the second grade.

Ji Huan smiled brightly.

“I know you have a busy schedule, so if you have trouble attending school, it is fine with me.

Just let me know in advance.”

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