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Chapter 182: All Teachers Liked Geniuses

“Shi Jin, pick my class!”

“Shi Jin, pick my class!”

Even though the teachers were usually composed, it seemed as though they were at an auction hall as they fought to win Shi Jin over.


One period ago…

After Shi Jins results were out, Principal Lu saw her grades and promptly summoned all the third year A class teachers over to discuss Shi Jins class placement.

None of the teachers were particularly enthusiastic.

After all, Shi Jin had poor grades and was from the entertainment industry.

They felt it would not serve them any good to have her in their classes.

However, they changed their minds the moment they caught sight of her grades.

Every teacher hoped to groom a genius and were particularly forgiving towards them.

Yet, the teachers remained suspicious of her results.

“She used to even get zero in her previous exams.

How did things end up like this”

“Did she get a hold of the questions ahead of time”

“That is possible.

I heard her talent agent is a very resourceful man! I am sure he has no problems getting the questions ahead of time.”

Principal Lu drank tea unhurriedly.

“The questions were sealed and surveillance was used throughout the exam.

Take a look at the questions.

Do you think anyone is capable of doing them through rote learning”

Everyone scrutinized the questions before a couple of the teachers shook their heads.

“I dont know if it can be done for the language papers, but no one can memorize the solutions for the Math and Physics questions.

Advanced application was used to solve the questions!”

A Chinese teacher also said, “Anyone who can come up with this theme in the composition must be a genius! Also, just look at how powerful her pen strokes look.

Only a genius who has done a lot of writing is capable of coming up with this.”

“I swear no one is able to memorize an answer like this for the English paper,” said the English teacher.

Shi Jin walked into the office just as everyone was talking about her.

Mr Li promptly said, “Dont we have a compilation of exam questions Why dont you let Shi Jin do some right in front of us”

Everyone agreed.

The compilation of exam questions was the fruit of the teachers labor.

They had painstakingly compiled the questions in assessment books.

However, they did not blindly copy the questions and had altered them a little and gave them to the students as tests.

Other than the teachers, no one else was capable of having the right answers.

Once Shi Jin tried to do the questions, they would know exactly what she was made of.

Principal Lu said, “Shi Jin, can you try doing them”

Shi Jin had no objection.

She picked up a pen and took the questions.

The number of questions from each teacher and subject varied.

Some of the teachers had prepared over half a page worth of questions, while the others only had two or three questions.

However, they had one thing in common; all of them were as hard as the actual college entrance exam.

Shi Jin did all the questions they gave her.

She wrote swiftly and finished the questions as the teachers watched.

Even though she was a Science student, she also finished the humanities questions.

In just a period, she was able to finish all the questions! Also, she was almost 100% accurate!

The teachers were so stunned that no one even stopped for a drink as they kept encircling her to watch as she finished every single question.

This was the reason for the earlier commotion.

Everyone wanted Shi Jin to join their classes!

Despite their initial doubt towards Shi Jin, they concluded she was an extraordinarily intelligent student and no longer just an artist after watching her at work.

All teachers like smart students, so everyone wanted to snag this genius for their classes.

Only the three top classes in the third year were good enough for Shi Jin.

All the teachers from the top classes were in the teachers room arguing nonstop to get Shi Jin.

Even though Shi Dawei did not know what they were doing, none of the teachers were interested in explaining the situation to him.

Now was not the time to explain.

Instead, they were determined to get Shi Jin!

Every teacher argued until their faces turned red.

They rolled their sleeves up and wanted to pick a fight.

Principal Lu waved his hand.

“Enough already.

All of you teach the top third year classes and are excellent teachers.

In theory, any of your classes ought to suit Shi Jin just fine.

It is all up to Shi Jin to decide.”

Shi Dawei felt everyone must be insane! Why were they fighting to get Shi Jin

Everyone instantly looked at Shi Jin earnestly with “pick me” written on their faces.

Shi Jin smiled at Principal Lu thankfully.

Shi Dawei hated Shi Jin because she had yet to take the test to prove herself.

Principal Lu had arranged for Shi Jin to take the promotional exam so that Shi Jin could prove herself and prevent people from talking behind her back.

This way, the teachers would no longer have a problem with taking her in.

Shi Jin said calmly, “In that case, I choose Miss Ji.”

The teachers instantly sighed sadly when they heard this.

They hammered their chests sadly and looked annoyed.

One of the teachers slumped right into his seat and looked at the sky miserably.

The teachers were utterly envious of Ji Huan.

Ji Huan gave Shi Jin a bear hug.

Ji Huan did not expect Shi Jin to take what she said about joining her class seriously.

She looked even more beautiful when she beamed in joy.

Ji Huan was an excellent teacher, but she had a hard time climbing to where she was because people felt she used her good looks to succeed.

The world was genuinely far more demanding on women.

Average-looking women were blamed for making the world an ugly place and called names.

The ones who were pretty ended up being accused of being bimbos.

To a degree, Ji Huan and Shi Jin shared common life experiences and had a lot in common.

Shi Dawei was still ignorant about what everyone was doing, so he said angrily, “Principal Lu, Shi Jin did not even finish the test.

How could you promote her”

Principal Lu pointed at the test papers and Shi Dawei stepped forward to peruse them.

All the other teachers looked at him as though he was a fool.

Shi Daweis face turned ghastly pale as he looked at her exam scripts.

She scored 145 points for Chinese, 145 points for Math, 140 points for English, and 281 points for Science.

In total, she had scored over 700 points!

And the test was a mock exam for the college entrance exam!

Shi Jin had also completed some questions that were consolidated and written by his peers.

She had shockingly managed to answer everything accurately.

“Huh How is this possible”

Although Shi Dawei was certain that Shi Jin would use the same unscrupulous means she used in the entertainment industry to get ahead at school, he was keenly aware of how strict the school was about education.

Now that it was public knowledge that Shi Jin wanted to take the exam and skip a grade, it was impossible for Principal Lu to make things easy for Shi Jin.

His face turned pasty as he looked at Shi Jin in astonishment.

However, Shi Jin did not even bother to look at him.

Instead, she was talking to Ji Huan softly and completely disregarding him.

Shi Jin was from his class, so she was officially the smartest student in his class!

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