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Chapter 181: I Am Officially a Fan!

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If peoples gazes were material, Shi Jin would be entirely surrounded by her fans and incapable of moving.

The boys blushed as they looked at her and gossiped.

They wanted to come over, but did not dare to do it.

Before class even started, Shi Dawei was already back.

All the other students scattered the moment they saw Shi Dawei.

The students in the fifth class were still looking at Shi Jin and slammed their tables and sighed sadly when Shi Dawei showed up early and interrupted them.


Whats wrong if I am a few minutes early Whats wrong with learning ten more marks worth of work Take your seats!”

Shi Dawei patted the table.

The moment he caught sight of Shi Jin in the last row, he finally realized what the commotion was for..

He promptly looked annoyed.

“Shi Jin, do you know what you are doing”

“Uh huh.

I am here to pack up and leave.” Shi Jin waved her schoolbag at him.

She naturally did not want to spend a second more with Shi Dawei.

“Pack up and leave That is beside the point.

Shouldnt you be taking your test now” The more Shi Dawei looked at Shi Jin, the more annoyed he felt.

He had seen plenty of rebellious students in his career, but it was the first time he had ever encountered anyone as insensible as Shi Jin.

A boy sitting in the last row spoke on Shi Jins behalf, “Mr Shi, I was in the office taking teaching aids today and heard the teachers saying Shi Jin has already finished the test!”

A lot of people had already caught wind of this.

Since Shi Dawei had left the school during lunch and had come straight to class without going to the office, he was unaware of this.

People defended Shi Jin one after another.

“Uh huh.

Shi Jin has already finished taking the exam.”

Shi Daweis face instantly looked annoyed.

“Did you finish all four subjects in a single morning I am so sick of the way the entertainment industry works! How could you use the same dirty tactics at school First, you bought over the students.

Now, you have sullied the principal! The tactics that you use to gain fans is sheer poison! You used your beauty to tarnish the entertainment industry.

Now, you are doing the same in school and giving us a bad name!”

“Mr Shi!” said Shi Jin with her eyes looking cold.

“Dont bother calling me! I am talking about you! Everyone knows women like you use their bodies to get ahead! Listen up, everyone.

You boys shouldnt get deceived by her good looks.

Do not believe her lies.

You girls had better learn from this.

If you resort to such tactics, you will ruin your lives!”

Even though the other students wanted to defend Shi Jin, they did not utter a word when they saw how furious Shi Dawei was.

Shi Jin stood where she was holding her bag as she looked at him coldly with composure.

“Mr Shi, are you the only smart person in Second High School who does not fall for the tricks used in the entertainment industry Are you the only one who doesnt get fooled by so-called pretty women In that case…”

Since classes had yet to start and Shi Dawei was particularly loud, the students who had scattered earlier leaned against the window to check out what was going on in the fifth class.

Everyone watched intriguingly.

Since they were just students, an argument between a student and teacher was equivalent to a world war.

Shi Jin said unhurriedly, “This afternoon, you neither went home nor stayed at school.

Instead, you were at the hotel fooling around with someone who was not your wife.

Are the likes of you fit to be a teacher”

Everyone went into a commotion from hearing this.

Shi Dawei promptly looked awkward.

He was genuinely at a hotel fooling around with some other woman this afternoon.

He had done this so secretly that even his wife did not know about it.

How did Shi Jin come to know

He hurriedly denied, “Shi Jin, thats a lie! How could you disrespect the teacher”

“You You arent fit for my respect.” Shi Jins voice sounded cool and imposing.

Shi Dawei was always hypocritical, so the students never liked him and they instantly shouted, “You arent fit! You arent fit!”

“Shi Jin, apologize this instant! Take back what you said!”

Shi Jin walked out without even looking at him.

Shi Dawei continued saying sternly, “Shi Jin, I am going to sue you for slander!”

“If I have evidence, can this still be considered slander” Shi Jin reached her hand out and waved her phone.

She had videos of Shi Dawei on her phone.

After Yao Jiahong realized Shi Dawei and Shi Jin did not get along, he quickly investigated Shi Dawei and sent Shi Jin evidence of his transgressions so that she could use it against him.

She simply did not expect to use it so quickly

Shi Dawei knew exactly what he had done.

This affair had been going on for some time, so it was easy to find evidence.

The moment he saw Shi Jin waving her phone, he swallowed his saliva nervously, “What could you possibly have in there about me Just wait to talk to my lawyer!”

The bigger this got, the worse it became for him, so he did not want to keep arguing with Shi Jin.

“If you want to talk, then you can talk to my talent agent,” said Shi Jin before walking out of class.

“Shes so cool!” The girls in class placed their hands over their hearts and looked very impressed by Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin was so cool! People like him who cheat on their wives are pure scum! How could a scum have the right to bitch about Shi Jin It was too much!”

“This is official.

I am Shi Jins fan!”

Shi Dawei had a hard time making the class regain order and finish the class.

After he was finally done with class, he went over to Principal Lus office.

However, Shi Jin had already beat him to it.

A few teachers were inside the principals office arguing about something.

Shi Dawei felt Shi Jin was here to report on him, so he immediately said, “Principal Lu, let me explain!”

A third grade teacher called Mr Li interrupted him, “Mr Shi, some courtesy, please! We came first, so we have the right to be considered first! Moreover, you are a second grade teacher, so this has nothing to do with you!”

“What do you mean” Shi Dawei was oblivious to the situation.

Mr Li could not be bothered explaining to Shi Dawei.

Instead, he said to Principal Lu, “Principal Lu, Shi Jin should join our class! The kids in our class are very good students!”

“How could she Mr Li, you must be joking.

You teach a humanities class, but Shi Jin is clearly a science student.

Why are you even here fighting with us” retorted Mr Zhang before he said slowly, “Our class is a science class, so we are perfect for Shi Jin! Shi Jin should join my class!”

Mr Li got anxious.

“Didnt you see the test Shi Jin is equally good with humanities!”

“So what Shi Jin was from a science class to begin with! Teachers from the humanities class should just save their time!”

“She should join my class.

My class comes in champion for the English competition every year.

Shi Jin will get along with everyone just swell.”

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