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Chapter 180: Already Finished the Exam

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“I just cant stand your grandfather.

Even though Shi Jin is awful, he remains protective of her.

Is Shi Jin an idiot or something You were the top humanities scholar in the city and scored over 680 points.

If you just helped her a little, it would be such a boon.

I am sure she would have no problem getting placement in a university.

How could she reject our kind intentions!”

“Perhaps she still doesnt like me.”

“What gives her the right I was just worried that if she could not make it into university, your grandfather would keep spending money to get her a spot.”

Shi Xuexin thought about Shi Jins poor attitude towards her and felt it was fine.

The worse Shi Jin became, the less she would have the chance of outshining Shi Xuexin.



After Wen Yongwei got back to school, she started preparing for her exams.

However, Shi Jin got into an argument with her teacher after resuming her studies.

The moment word got out, it was impossible to suppress it.

Everyone kept talking about how Shi Jin intended on skipping a grade and getting into the third grade.

Wen Yongwei was from the First High School and it had been in direct competition with Second High School for years.

Each year, they would come in neck in neck as the top and second high schools in the city.

Even the students were privately competitive towards each other.

To begin with, Second High School had more students making it into elite universities last year, so First High School was determined to outdo it.

So how could they pass up on the opportunity to mock them now that the chance was presented to them

“First High School has all-rounded straight-A students like Wen Yongwei, but Second High School only has strange students.

No wonder even their school is called second and not the first!”

“How could someone who keeps scoring zero even think about skipping a grade and getting promoted to third grade Does she even want to take the college entrance exam She is clearly taking the back door.

Has she even paid her way into getting a placement at a university”

“Second High School is so unfair.

What is the principal doing”

“He must have made the test easy for Shi Jin.

If Shi Jin manages to pass the test and gets promoted to the third grade, I will lodge a complaint about this!”

“First High School probably feels threatened by Wen Yongwei from Second High School, so they are allowing Shi Jin to get promoted!”

The test paper was brought over to Shi Jin amid the furor.

Principal Lu came over with the third year English teacher, Miss Ji.

Miss Ji was very young and had just come home from studying abroad, so she was very modern.

She had big wavy hair and was gorgeous.

She was all praise for Shi Jin, unlike Shi Dawei.

The moment she saw Shi Jin, she was impressed by her.

She swiftly said, “Just take the exam.

You can join my class once you pass.”

She taught a third grade A class and it couldnt compare to Shi Jins current B grade class.

Shi Jin smiled and took the test paper.

All the test papers were sealed and the exam hall was under surveillance.

Every year, some students from Second High School would apply to skip a grade, so the school was very systematic about it.

After Shi Jin took a seat, she reached her hand out for the paper and started to write on it.

Yao Jiahong waited outside.

Although he found it risky for Shi Jin to skip a grade, he did not object.

After working with Shi Jin for some time, he was accustomed to trusting every word she said, even if they sometimes sounded unbelievable.

He did not want to ever see the look of disappointment in Shi Jins eyes or feel guilty about not trusting her.

The first paper was English and it was scheduled for two hours, but Shi Jin completed it in just one hour.

Miss Ji looked at Shi Jin as though this genius was already in her class.

Principal Lu was startled.

“Are you done already”

“Uh huh.” Shi Jin nodded.

“Why dont I go ahead and do the rest of the subjects earlier”

There were a total of four papers.

These consisted of English, Chinese, Math, and Science.

The papers were expected to be taken over two days.

Principal Lu discussed it with the other teachers and decided to let Shi Jin take them today since it was just her taking the test and no other students were involved.

Shi Jin proceeded to finish the rest of the papers.

Yao Jiahong waited until 12:00 pm, but Shi Jin did not show up, so he stood up and looked in the direction of the exam hall anxiously.

Since the paper was two hours long, she ought to be out by now.

Had something happened to Shi Jin

He quickly thought about how to handle the situation with a worried look on his face.

He was determined to keep Shi Jin out of trouble.

The moment Shi Jin walked out, Yao Jiahong stood up immediately and looked at her happily before he started looking worried.

“Shi Jin, are you hungry What would you like for lunch Lets go have something nice!”

“Do you have to look so nervous” Shi Jin looked at him quizzically.

“Am I” Yao Jiahong did not feel he was nervous.

He was simply trying to take good care of Shi Jin.

Also, if she failed to do well, she could still try again, so not all was lost.

Shi Jin stretched lazily before she said, “Lets go.

What do you feel like eating Its on me.”

Yao Jiahong nodded.

“Yes, we should give ourselves a treat.

I have booked a hotel room for you so that you can rest after lunch.

That way, you will be ready for your Math paper in the afternoon.

Oh yes.

Gu Qinghua sent us some exam tips.

Although it might be a little too late, you should have a look at them tonight.

It beats going in for the exam completely unprepared.”

“I have already finished everything.”


“I said I have already finished all four papers.

The teachers are probably marking them as we speak.”

Shi Jin went forward as she spoke.

“I will pick up my things from class in the afternoon.”

Although she had only spent a few days in class, there was a lot of studying material at her desk, so she had to go back for them.

Yao Jiahong was briefly stunned before he quickly followed behind her.


Miss Ji pulled out Shi Jins English paper.

She inexplicably trusted Shi Jins ability and had a feeling that Shi Jin would definitely do well.

After quickly going over Shi Jins exam paper, she saw that all the answers were neatly written in English calligraphy and promptly left a good impression on her.

She sighed as she quickly went through the answers and marked them with a red pen rapidly.

“Principal Lu, you promised that if Shi Jin meets the requirements, Shi Jin can join my class!”

Principal Lu smiled genially.

“Of course, no problem at all!”


Shi Jin came back to her desk to pack up before lunch break was over.

She deliberately picked lunchtime so as not to disturb the students studies.

However, the moment she showed up, the students who were chatting in small groups, or doing homework swiftly raised their heads and looked at her.

The students from the other classes came over to watch.

Some people even climbed into the class through the window.

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