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Chapter 179: After All, He Was a Teacher

Shi Dawei almost vomited blood when he witnessed the sight.

He just knew Shi Jin spelled trouble! He knew that there would be no peace for his class, especially the boys!

He slammed the table hard.

“What do you need to stand on your own two feet As students, you need good grades.

You need talent when you are out in society! How could you waste your time on shallow things all the time Even if she looks good on the outside, it is all superficial, got it”

Everyone in class burst out laughing.

Shi Jin opened her eyes and glanced at Shi Dawei.

Despite the calmness in her eyes, she looked completely emotionless giving Shi Dawei a slight shock.

However, he never liked students like Shi Jin, so he continued, “As for the newly transferred students, even if you are not interested in studying, you should at least not affect the other students! Class will begin now!”

Everyone reluctantly turned their eyes away from her before they finally settled down and proceeded with class.

People kept furtively stealing a glance at her, but Shi Jin remained focused and paid no attention to them, so they veered their eyes after looking at her briefly.

Shi Jin opened her textbook and glanced through its contents.

In her past life, she was academically inclined and was a model student.

However, the moment she found out she was swapped at birth, she lost focus.

She was just a 12 year old kid and was naturally unable to absorb this.

Hence, she was gradually distracted from her studies and her grades declined badly.

She kept coming in last in class and kept repeating grade two classes in an effort to avoid getting married to Fu Xiuyuan.

In her past life, she secretly learned a lot of skills to help her court Chu Ling.

After she was deceived, she regretted her actions deeply and tried to pick up her studies once more.

However, she could not escape her fate in her past life.

After she opened the textbooks, memories flooded her head and all the questions were summoned to mind.

She flipped open a test paper as Shi Dawei went on with class and quickly finished it.

After she was done answering the test, she checked her answers and confirmed she had gotten everything right.

Shi Jin smiled.

Shi Dawei slammed the table hard when he caught sight of Shi Jin doing something else.

“Shi Jin, this isnt the entertainment industry and this isnt your stage! Put aside your coquettish behavior this instant.

If you are interested in my class, you are welcome to listen.

Otherwise, get out!”

Although he was unable to stop the principal from transferring Shi Jin to his class, he was certainly able to throw his temper on Shi Jin.

Shi Jin stood up and said, “In that case, I will leave!”

“You! How dare you leave!” Shi Dawei was infuriated.

“Didnt you tell me to leave”

“Very well! Then dont bother coming to my class from now on!”

Shi Jin smiled.

“As you wish!”

The second year students had never encountered anything as exciting as this.

They were so blown away by Shi Jins words that their legs turned soft as they slammed the table and went into a commotion.

Shi Dawei looked livid.

Moments later, he finally got a handle on things.

After class finally ended, the students from the other classes swarmed over to see Shi Jin face-off Shi Dawei.

Shi Dawei stormed into the principals office angrily.

There was no way on earth Shi Jin could remain in his class!

He was so angry that he barged right in without even knocking and saw Principal Lu and Shi Jin chatting inside.

“Principal Lu, Shi Jin cant stay in my class!”

“Oh Why so” asked Principal Lu.

Shi Dawei was furious.

“The school is a place for learning, but Shi Jin isnt here to study! People like her will just lead the other students astray.

We have to be fair to the other students!”

“Mr Shi, I told you.

Shi Jin is really serious about studying.

Also, her test results turned out well.” Principal Lu had communicated with Yao Jiahong and Shi Jin previously and felt very impressed when he found out how serious Shi Jin was about studying.

“Turned out well” Shi Dawei found this unbelievable.

She kept flunking her sophomore year.

How could she be capable of having good grades

He glanced at Principal Lu before looking at Shi Jin.

Some men got obsessed with beautiful women and even Principal Lu fell prey to her!

This was giving the school a bad reputation.

Principal Lu could tell what Shi Dawei was thinking, so he suppressed his anger as he said, “Dont worry.

Shi Jin has already requested to get promoted to third year.

I will arrange for her to take the test as soon as possible.”

Shi Dawei was stunned.

Did Shi Jin want to skip the second grade and move on to the third grade Did she know that the college entrance exams were due in two months She must be dreaming!

“That would be best! I dont care where she goes as long as she does not hang around and affect my students,” said Shi Dawei harshly.

Principal Lu secretly shook his head and said nothing.


Shi Jin was in the hospital feeding Old Master Shi porridge.

His eyes were much better, but he remained weak after all the operations and medication he had to take.

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin happened to walk right in.

Yu Xiuhua said, “Shi Jin, why dont you let us feed him Now that you are finally here, I dont want you getting exhausted from taking care of him.”

She was clearly implying Shi Jin never visited Old Master Shi.

Old Master Shi sneered, “This is nothing.

How could Shi Jin get tired from feeding me”

He knew best who cared about him and visited him the most.

Yu Xiuhua awkwardly took a step back after Old Master Shi saw right through her schemes.

She poured a glass of water and eventually said, “I heard Shi Jin has already gone back to school.

Since she was held up for such a long time, it is only natural that she is unable to keep up with the pace.

Why dont you let Xuexin help you with your studies Although she is a uni sophomore, I am sure she still remembers what she learned in high school, right”

“Uh huh.

I still remember my high school work.” Shi Xuexin nodded gently.

Although Old Master Shi did not like Yu Xiuhua much, he was impressed by Shi Xuexin.

He looked at Shi Jin and waited for her to answer, but noticed the mild expression on her face and quickly said, “I am sure the teachers are able to help Shi Jin just fine, so there is no need to trouble Xuexin.

Xuexin can focus on her school.”

“I heard Mr Shi threw a temper at Shi Jin today.

Shi Jin, even if Mr Shi did anything wrong, you should be more patient.

After all, he is your teacher,” said Yu Xiuhua enthusiastically to ensure Old Master Shi knew about Shi Jins situation at school.

Old Master Shi said protectively, “If the teacher has to scold Shi Jin, he must be in the wrong.

I am tired, so you two can leave.”

Yu Xiuhua had barely started the conversation when Old Master Shi pretended to be exhausted and told them to leave.

Even though she felt embarrassed, she said, “In that case, you should get some rest.

We will come back another time.”

After Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin walked out of the hospital ward, Yu Xiuhua felt annoyed.

Shi Xuexin said, “Mom, dont be mad.

Isnt it better if we leave Shi Jin to her own devices

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