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Chapter 178: Sit In the Last Row

Old Master Shi said happily, “Come on in! Come right in!”

The medical staff was blown away by Shi Jins beauty before they asked for leave.

Old Master Shi looked at her happily.

“You must be exhausted from all the work, right Why dont you spend a few days at home and have some rest Tell your talent agent to come over so that I can talk to him about it.”

Outsiders only cared about her level of success.

Only the people who truly cared were concerned about how much rest she got.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Its not too bad actually.

I dont have to work that much.”

“Is the talent agency holding you back” Old Master Shi instantly sounded furious.


My talent agent takes care of my assignments.

He doesnt give me as much work.” Shi Jin pressed her grandfather down and gestured for him not to get agitated.

“Okay then.

Thats good.” Old Master Shi looked at her sadly before he finally said, “Shi Jin, why dont you go back to school”

Old Master Shi cared a lot about her.

Since she was genuinely not the Shi familys progeny, the rest of the family did not have feelings for her.

The entertainment industry was a very competitive trade.

Old Master Shi was worried that life would be hard for Shi Jin without any proper education.

“Okay,” agreed Shi Jin right away.

After she was reborn, she decided never to make the elders who loved her worried.


“It is best if you go back to school.” Yu Xiuhua stood in front of Shi Jin and spoke calmly, “I will talk to this school and get them to make arrangements.”

Although Shi Jin had performed well on “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter”, Yu Xiuhua felt it was no big deal.

She was just an artist in the entertainment industry.

How could she compare to Shi Xuexins piano skills and art

“Its fine.

My talent agent will talk to the school about it,” said Shi Jin before turning to leave.

Yu Xiuhua watched from behind as she left.

She felt completely livid.

Shi Jin was such a rude child! She had raised Shi Jin for years.

How could Shi Jin give her such attitude

“Mom, since Shi Jin has a talent agent now, why dont you let her handle it on her own” said Shi Xuexin.

“Now that she is in the entertainment industry, how could she have the heart to study”

Yu Xiuhua looked at her sensible daughter and said, “Then again, she doesnt belong to the family, so there is no need to care about her.

I was simply saying it on account of your grandfather.

Also, now that she is returning to school, you have to keep an eye on Chu Ling.”

Shi Xuexin bit her lips slightly.

Even though Chu Ling did not completely collapse from the plagiarism scandal, he was clearly depressed.

Shi Xuexin kept checking on him recently, so it helped to make them closer.

She was certain that Chu Ling was in love with her, but she was afraid Shi Jin would put her efforts to waste after going back to school.

Yu Xiuhua laughed after finishing her sentence.


Look at how forgetful I am.

You are already a university sophomore, but Shi Jin is still doing her second year at high school.

How could she have the opportunity to fight with you over Chu Ling”

Shi Xuexin finally felt a little better.


“I have gotten you changed to another class.

You will get taken out of the tenth class and transferred to the fifth.

Your teacher said you can get promoted to the third year as long as you pass every subject during the finals.

No pressure,” said Yao Jiahong.

“Go on.

Its almost time for class.”

Although Kang Cheng was not happy about Shi Jin going back to school, he could not do anything about it.

Even though Shi Jin was not a Diamond Music artist, all the contestants had to work with Diamond Music and take part in all kinds of activities.

After all, the Sheng family was the biggest investor for the program and had groomed them into what they were now.

Since Wen Yongwei had to go back to school as well, Kang Cheng could not say anything about Shi Jins decision.

Shi Jin headed towards the fifth class with her backpack.

She was in Second High School and it was one of the best schools in town, so it placed great importance on the students grades.

The students were sorted into A, B, C, and D grade classes.

Shi Jin used to be in the tenth class and was a D level student.

The fifth class was considered B grade.

Yao Jiahong was behind this class transfer.

D grade students clearly lacked academic talent and were mostly lousy students.

Shi Jin clearly was not good enough to be a B grade student.

Considering her grades, she would get a lot of flack if she was transferred to the top classes.

Hence, he decided to get her placed in a mid-level class.

There were only three months to go before the final exam.

Yao Jiahong was planning on finding Shi Jin some tutors to help with her grades.

The moment Shi Jin entered the school, all the students turned to look at her.

They kept gossiping as they looked at her.

Most of the students were awestruck by her beauty.

They never realized there was such a beauty attending Second High School.

“She is gorgeous!”

“Oh my god.

After I went close to her, I realized she was not wearing makeup!”

“I must have been blind in the past.

Why didnt I ever notice such a beauty in the school”

Shi Jin was not wearing makeup.

She was dressed in the Second High School uniform carrying a backpack.

Even though students did not look good in the uniform and the cut was always slightly off, it was perfect on her.

It seemed as though the uniform was custom made for Shi Jin and the fit was so perfect that it felt as though she was on the runway.

“Do you think the uniform was custom made I am sure the talent agency must have altered it for her!”

Shi Jin pretended to hear nothing as she continued walking.

The school teacher had given her the uniform and it was completely unaltered.

It was normal that people did not realize she attended this high school.

In the past, she kept cutting class to follow Chu Ling while he was out at work.

Sometimes, she wheedled her way into his television dramas to work as an extra.

And whenever she was at school, she kept sleeping on the table.

Also, she was busy handling Fu Xiuyuan and trying to outwit him all the time.

It was only natural that people rarely saw her face.


Shi Jin quickly went into class.

The homeroom teacher was a man in his forties called Shi Dawei.

The moment he caught sight of Shi Jin, he looked annoyed.

He had painstakingly groomed the students and he stood a good chance of getting them promoted to A level students.

With Shi Jin around, she was bound to hold them back.

Despite his repeated protests, he had to take Shi Jin as a student.

He raised his head and said, “The students are seated according to their results, so you belong in the last row.”

Shi Jin walked over to the last row to find only one last seat right next to the trash can, brooms, and mops available and sat down.

Everyone kept following her every movement and turned their heads to follow her.

She was so radiant that the students could not help turning their heads.

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