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Chapter 177: Only Followed Shi Jin

[Little Stone has been a diligent student all this time.

Now that Prof Pence has posted this.

Do you anti-fans like the taste of eating your own words]

[What were you anti-fans saying earlier I dare you to say it now! Lets have at it! Come on!]

The anti-fans were still in denial.

[How could Prof Pence register for a social media account for the sake of Shi Jin He must have done it for Wen Yongwei!]

A long while later, Prof Pence still did not follow anyone else other than Shi Jin.

After the night had passed, Shi Jin was still the only person he followed.

[Haha! Im dying here! Prof Pence still hasnt followed Wen Yongweis social media account!]

[Im really curious.

When is Prof Pence going to follow Wen Yongwei]

[This is killing me.

Wen Yongwei was the first to follow Prof Pences social media account, but he couldnt be bothered talking to her!]

The anti-fans were slapped on the face.

Kang Cheng could not believe his eyes either.

Had Shi Jin genuinely spoken to the school about taking online classes Then again, Yao Jiahong probably pulled this off using his connections.

However, there was still some difference between online classes and tutoring in person.

The effects of getting personally tutored were naturally better.

Kang Cheng was completely unflustered.

Wen Yongwei felt a little awkward, but she did not lose her cool either.

Now that the furor online was quelled, Yao Jiahong finally felt better.

Shi Jins classes were held at night owing to the time difference.

Yao Jiahong wanted to watch Shi Jin study and see if there was anything he could do to help, so he went to Lanting Residence.

“Do you want to join my class” Shi Jin sounded uncertain.

Did he have nothing to do recently Why did he seem so free of late

“May I” Yao Jiahong sounded serious and imploring as he asked in a polite tone.


Fortunately, Xiuyuan isnt around,” muttered Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong felt relieved when she agreed.

Shi Jin went upstairs first and told him to come up later.

Yao Jiahong calmly drank some tea before heading upstairs.

Shi Jin had used an empty room for class and it had minimalistic decoration.

Yao Jiahong went in with a cup of tea and stood by the side to watch.

Two minutes later, Yao Jiahongs teacup nearly fell onto the ground.

Even though the teacup did not fall onto the ground, some tea got spilled.

Shi Jin was not getting tutored online!

She was sitting in front of the computer screen teaching a group of blonde-haired Europeans with blue eyes, music in fluent French!

Was this Prof Pences idea of coming up with an amicable agreement about giving online classes

Yao Jiahong quickly cleaned up the mess on the ground before looking at Shi Jin with guilt and complicated emotions running through his heart.

The anti-fans were a bunch of pure idiots! No, correction.

Even he was a fool!


Old Master Shi looked radiant after Shi Jin won the competition.

He generously treated the medical staff at the hospital to lunch.

The moment he talked about Shi Jin, even his wrinkles diminished.

The doctors were examining him when he promoted Shi Jin once more.

“Shi Jin was always talented.

I single-handedly brought her up, so I know how gifted she is.”

The doctors and nurses were rather curious to hear more, so they listened excitedly to Old Master Shi.

“Grandpa,” greeted Shi Jin as she stood at the door.

The medical staff turned to see a young woman standing at the door.

She glowed so brightly that it felt as though she was the sun.

The room was already brightly lit, but she was equally dazzling as she stood in the room.

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