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Chapter 176: Are You Anti-Fans Living in the Stone Age

People were simply judgemental about Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was swapped at birth and didnt belong to a rich family.

Also, she was academically unaccomplished.

From the anti-fans perspective, Shi Jin could not compare to Wen Yongwei.

Wen Yongwei was a beautiful, talented girl from a rich family, so people liked her a lot.

Kang Cheng shook his head when he saw this farce going on online.

“I dont know what Yao Jiahong is thinking.

How did he become a top talent agent Doesnt he know what kind of effects this post will have on Shi Jin How could he fall for Shi Jins lies How could she be acquainted with someone from Hamilton Music Academy”

Just as the public was in a furor about this, Prof Pence from Hamilton Music Academy unexpectedly created a local social media account!

Prof Pence always kept a low profile and rarely even showed up in public considering his status, let alone creating a social media account on a foreign social media platform.

On any other occasion, he would not have attracted so much attention by creating a new social media account, but now that Hamilton Music Academy was the talk of the town, his actions instantly made him a hot topic online and people kept talking about it.

Most of the people who left comments were fans of Wen Yongwei.

[Glad you signed up for a Weibo account, Prof Pence! ]

[Welcome to Weibo! You must have set up an account for Wen Yongwei, right]

[Little Rose, check out your professors account!]

[Wow! I am witnessing history in the making here.

Little Rose has just followed Prof Pences social media account!]

[I am super happy! Does this mean we will get to see Prof Pence teaching Little Rose from now on]

[Prof Pence, you have yet to follow Little Roses social media account.

Maybe you are still unfamiliar with social media functions.

Here are some screenshots if you need help.

Just follow the instructions to follow her account!]

Shi Jins fans genuinely felt a little demoralized.

Since Shi Jin was still in the news for not attending the academy in France, they did not bother to make any comments for now.

The anti-fans naturally pounced on the opportunity to diss Shi Jin.

Just as Wen Yongwei and Shi Jins fans were arguing online, everyone noticed Prof Pence following Shi Jins social media account!

Everyone saw Little Stones name showing up on the list of followed accounts on Prof Pences social media homepage.

[Is the professor mistaken]

[It is normal for foreigners to have face blindness towards Asians!]

[Prof Pence, Wen Yongweis social media account is here!]

Moments later, Prof Pence made a post on social media with the academy and Shi Jin tagged to it: [Hamilton Music Academy has already come to an amicable agreement with Shi Jin for her to take online classes.

Thank you for your concern.]

Hamilton Music Academys official social media account reposted it with Shi Jin tagged to it.


It was a real slap on the anti-fans faces.

Wen Yongweis fans were equally speechless.

Everyone rubbed their eyes speechlessly.

Online classes were common these days, so it was nothing new.

Prof Pence had confirmed that Shi Jin and the academy had come to an amicable agreement about studying online.

What else could the naysayers say now

Shi Jins fans finally caught on to the dramatic turn of events! Shi Jin was eager to study and was not a disappointment.

She simply chose to study online.

[Hahahaha! Are you anti-fans living in the stone age Do you need a lesson about online classes]

[Shi Jin has already made an arrangement with the academy, so mind your business you nosey parkers.]

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