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Chapter 175: Mimicking Her With a Ludicrous Effect

However, now, no matter what Shi Jin said, Yao Jiahong trusted her unquestioningly and did exactly as she asked.

Yao Jiahong might trust Shi Jin, but the same could not be said of Kang Cheng.

Kang Cheng smiled as he shook his head.

“Jiahong, I know none of the contestants really want to go to school.

After all, it is uncertain how much knowledge she can come back with after studying for a year, but we all know how much work she will stand to lose out on.

I get it if Shi Jin doesnt want to go, so you can talk to me about it.

However, if you insist that Shi Jin is acquainted with someone from the academy, I must stop you right there.

You shouldnt talk big.

If the reporters caught wind of what you just said, they are going to make a big deal of it.

Things could turn out really bad for Shi Jin.”

“Shi Jin said she did, so she did.” Yao Jiahong was instantly protective of her.

“We will also make an announcement regarding the matter.”


As you wish,” said Kang Cheng nonchalantly.

If Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong were feeling suicidal, he was not about to stop them.

Before long, Yao Jiahong posted an announcement: [Shi Jin will not be going to Hamilton Music Academy.

Instead, she will continue her studies locally and work will go on as per normal.]

A lot of anti-fans unexpectedly reacted after he posted the announcement.

The top three contestants had the opportunity to study at the prestigious Hamilton Music Academy, but everyone kept turning down the offer, so people kept talking about it.

To begin with, the public always had a lot to say about artists in the entertainment industry who were not educated enough.

Some artists were so uneducated that they were incapable of using idioms fluently and it was a widespread problem.

Now, Shi Jin had the opportunity to further her studies, but she decided to give up on it.

A lot of people felt she was giving up her placement at the academy so that she could make more money.

[I heard Wen Yongwei is a model student and is now a senior.

She is planning on taking the local exam before going abroad to study.

I think her choice completely makes sense.

As for Shi Jin, she came in at the bottom at school all the time.

How could she compare to Wen Yongwei I think she is simply giving up on Hamilton Music Academy and even her local studies altogether.]

[Thats right.

The academy sent a teacher to come over to tutor Wen Yongwei.

What about Shi Jin She probably posted this announcement so that she could get away from studying!]


How can you expect our local celebrities to care about studying All they want to do is make a quick buck.]

[Did Shi Jin really write those songs herself]

[I heard she was swapped at birth and isnt really from a rich family.

If even her identity is fake, what else can you expect from her]

Shi Jins fans quickly defended her online.

[Shi Jin was able to produce all the copyright certificates for her music.

Didnt you see the name appearing on the copyright certificates]

[Shi Jin might not be good at school, but that doesnt make her a bad songwriter.

Are you an all-rounder]

[Why do you cheer for Wen Yongwei when she made the choice, but say Shi Jin is wrong for doing the same How could you have such double standards]

Someone replied to Shi Jins fans immediately: [Wen Yongwei is an excellent student to begin with.

Didnt you hear about Hamilton Music Academy sending a teacher to tutor her I admit Shi Jin is pretty and has great vocals.

However, by saying she isnt going to the academy just like Wen Yongwei, Shi Jin is simply mimicking Wen Yongwei with a ludicrous effect.]

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