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Chapter 174: She Is Just Using Her Looks and Wont Go Far in Life

Shi Jin was completely oblivious to everything and was entirely focused on her personal matters.

Shi Jin had stolen Wen Yongweis limelight during the first performance together.

So since she was clearly not as popular, she was a little anxious.

Kang Cheng comforted her, “Dont worry.

Shi Jin is just using her looks and wont go far in life.

Women who use their good looks to win favor are destined to lose it in old age.”

Since Kang Cheng worked for Diamond Music and used to be key staff in the company, he was good at producing music and grooming new artists.

This time, he quickly replaced Wen Yongweis original talent agent and became Wen Yongweis full-time talent agent after the competition.

Wen Yongwei smiled.

“You definitely make sense.”

“I will quickly make an announcement about your enrollment in Hamilton Music Academy,” said Kang Cheng.

Before long, Kang Cheng posted Wen Yongweis future plans on social media.

[After coming in champion for “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter”, Wen Yongwei won a three year placement at Hamilton Music Academy.

Since she has yet to finish her college entrance exam and is only 18 years old, we have discussed it with the academy and they have agreed to send a teacher to Country S to tutor her!]

Wen Yongweis fans went into a commotion when they saw the post.

[I thought I wouldnt get to see her for three years.

Now I suddenly hear such good news!]

[Wen Yongwei is awesome.

I cant believe Hamilton Music Academy made an exception for her and sent a teacher over to tutor her personally! She is probably the only person in the entertainment industry to enjoy such honor!]

[Little Rose earned it!]

[I hope Little Rose studies hard and writes even better songs for us in the future.]

This was exactly the effect Kang Cheng was hoping for.

Sheng Shuangnan felt dejected about not signing Shi Jin after the competition, so he lost interest entirely and left the rest of the work for Kang Cheng to take care of.

Kang Cheng naturally did not want Wen Yongwei to be stuck in school for three years the moment she entered the entertainment industry.

Who would still remember her in three years

He wanted to use this opportunity to establish her reputation.

As for school, she could always find time to study for it.

Old Master Sheng was the one who first invested in the program.

However, Old Master Sheng took ill shortly after the program started airing.

Since he was stuck in the hospital recuperating, no one was around to stop Kang Cheng.

As Wen Yongwei basked in glory, Kang Cheng chased Shi Jin to make her way to Hamilton Music Academy as soon as possible.

Shi Jin came in second, so she got to attend the academy for a year.

However, she would only get to sit in and this could not compare to the three years worth of complete enrollment Wen Yongwei would get.

Yao Jiahong replied, “Shi Jin already has plans.

She wont be able to stay in France for so long, so we communicated with Hamilton Music Academy and agreed that she doesnt have to go personally.”

Kang Cheng was caught by surprise.

“Have you spoken to the Hamilton Music Academy representative Why didnt I know about this”

“Shi Jin knows someone from the academy, so she has already communicated with them.” Yao Jiahong only came to know this from Shi Jin after she had already taken care of it.

In the past, he would never have believed her.

Shi Jin had trouble even getting past her senior year.

How could she possibly convince the academy to make an exception

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