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Chapter 173: This Must Be Retribution

Deng Yufei suddenly laughed loudly.

“Shi Jin, Fu Xiuyuan already has a new girlfriend! I saw her with my own eyes! So what if you manage to get me I sabotaged your relationship with Fu Xiuyuan, but you walked right into my trap like an idiot and broke up with him anyway! Hahaha! No matter how good you are, your ending is equally bad!”

She recalled Fu Xiuyuan holding some other girls hand earlier and they seemed rather close, so there was no chance for Shi Jin! Never again!

Shi Jin was wearing a mask as she emotionlessly watched Mr Wangs subordinates drag Deng Yufei away.

Deng Yufei was in the dark about Shi Jins identity, but she could not be bothered to explain.

This woman did not deserve an explanation from Shi Jin and was unfit to know about her life.

She watched as they dragged Deng Yufei away like a dead dog until she disappeared into the distance before she veered her eyes.

She could sense a familiar gaze on her, so she glanced in his direction.

Fu Xiuyuan was coming towards her with two cups of milk tea.

In her past life, Deng Yufei came over to gloat when Shi Jin was stuck with Golden Domain Entertainment.

However, Fu Xiuyuan strode over to drive Deng Yufei away and gave the desperate Shi Jin some sense of warmth.

However, she was too stupid back then and continued pushing him away.

In hindsight, Shi Jin probably did not entirely hate Fu Xiuyuan by that time.

Instead, it was simply a matter of pride that made it impossible for her to accept Fu Xiuyuan since she had already rejected him countless times.

Fortunately, she would not pass on him in this life.

She smiled as she headed towards Fu Xiuyuan and reached her hand out to take a cup of milk tea looking gorgeous when she smiled.

They kept chatting as they walked into the distance.


After “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter was over, there were a few concerts to go.

The top 15 contestants were all invited to perform other than Deng Yufei.

Naturally, the top three contestants would get to perform the most.

Wen Yongwei and Shi Jin were the main events.

Even though Shi Jin was the second last performer, everyone treated her as though she was the finale.

Everyone cheered thunderously as they chanted her name and made the atmosphere absolutely climatic.

After she was done singing two songs, everyone kept shouting for her to come back.

“Encore! Encore!”

Wen Yongwei was the finale, but she was not as well-received as Shi Jin when she appeared on the stage.

All the other contestants were getting interviewed when Shi Jin went backstage.

Based on each contestants popularity, an interview would be conducted by a news media outlet of equal standing.

However, Shi Jin said she was busy and left.

Yao Jiahong did not even stop to ask where she was going and simply took care of the reporters the moment he heard this.

Xia Peifeng wanted to come in with the reporters to see Shi Jin, but she was gone, so he instantly looked annoyed.

Xia Peifeng had snatched up the tickets the moment they were available.

He had to suffer watching all the other contestants perform before he could hear Shi Jin sing.

The moment the concert ended, he learned that Shi Jin had bailed on the reporters.

He pulled down his cap and said nothing as he covered his face up.

Perhaps this was retribution for mocking Shi Jin in the past! He had already failed to see Shi Jin after several tries, but the more this happened, the more he wanted to see her.

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