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Chapter 172: You Did This to Me Deliberately!

It was impossible for the bodyguards to let Deng Yufei even come close to Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan asked Shi Jin softly, “What flavor do you want”

“Same as you,” said Shi Jin.

“Why dont you queue first I need to use the bathroom.”

She went into the bathroom to remove her wig and makeup before she finally walked towards Deng Yufei.

Deng Yufei lost all hope.

Now that Fu Xiuyuan had refused to help, she had no one else to turn to.

Mr Wangs subordinates would find her before long and drag her back.

She had signed the contract with her own hands and bound her career and future with Golden Domain Entertainment and Mr Wang.

Shi Jin was here to witness Deng Yufei as she lost all hope.

In her past life, Deng Yufei had stood towering over her when she lost all hope and kept ridiculing her

Shi Jin had signed a contract with Mr Wang in her past life.

Thanks to Shi Jins scar, she was able to escape the fate of drinking and sleeping with Mr Wang.

However, Mr Wang oppressed her by squeezing her for music and making her take on brand ambassador deals with her mask on.

Just when Shi Jin needed a friend, Deng Yufei hit her when she was down.

The moment Shi Jin appeared, Deng Yufei wept as she said, “Shi Jin! Help me! Mr Wang is killing me! Can you please help me since we used to be best friends”

“Best friends” Shi Jin smiled.

“Does a best friend sabotage you for hype Would she steal your songs Would they try to steal your thunder Would they try to introduce you to the likes of Golden Domain Entertainment”

Deng Yufei recalled how Mr Wang planned on signing Shi Jin.

However, she was tempted by what Mr Wang could offer her and ended up signing with him.

From then on, everything changed.

Nothing went as planned and things even went in the opposite direction.

“It was you! You deliberately made me sign the contract with Mr Wang.

You purposely showed him your ugly face so that he would pick me!” Deng Yufei finally caught on to Shi Jins true intentions and realized that she had already fallen into Shi Jins trap.

Shi Jin smiled calmly.

“Yes, it was me.

I was the one who encouraged you to sign with Mr Wang.

Didnt you say we were best friends Since you were so nice to introduce Mr Wang to me, I naturally had to return the favor, right”

Deng Yufei trembled as she looked at Shi Jin murderously.

“Shi Jin, you sabotaged me! You did it on purpose! You were out to get me! You knew what Mr Wang was like, but you pushed me into hell!”

“In that case, why dont you tell everyone what happened You are free to tell them what I did… While you are at it, perhaps you can tell them what you did as well.” Shi Jin looked at Deng Yufei coldly.

Deng Yufei sat squarely on the ground.

How could she tell people about it She was the one who contacted Mr Wang first.

Also, she kept going in and out of Golden Domain Entertainment!

Deng Yufei had wanted to make Shi Jin sign with Mr Wang and helped to make it happen! Shi Jin merely failed to fall for Deng Yufeis ruse!

She was too shortsighted and fell for it the moment she stood to gain something.

Deng Yufei got up from the ground and charged towards Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, you did this to me! Im going to kill you! I am going to finish you off!”

Shi Jin stood without moving a muscle as she looked at Deng Yufei calmly.

Mr Wangs subordinates had found them.

The moment they caught sight of Deng Yufei, they ran over, grabbed her, and pinned her onto the ground firmly.

They dragged her off as they said, “We found her.

We are taking her back now!”

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