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Chapter 171: You Are

Xia Peifeng was after Chu Ling and not her, so she did not have to take a financial hit.

However, there was no escape for her this time.

Deng Yufei had used far too many songs written by Shi Jin.

She had used them to rise through the ranks on the program and had gained a lot of commercial advantage.

Hence, she had to pay an astronomical sum of copyright fees.

It was many times more than she ever earned as an artist during this time.

Also, she would never be able to make this kind of money in her life.

Mr Wang was very angry and completely disappointed with Deng Yufei, so he signed her up for a lot of tasteless films and bad product ambassadorship deals so as to recoup his losses as soon as possible.

It was complete oppression and would eventually destroy her career as well.

Deng Yufei had escaped the filming location when she had the time.

She did not know who else to turn to.

Her last lifeline was Chu Ling, but Chu Ling had already severed ties with her.

Just as she was anxiously trying to evade capture by Mr Wangs subordinates, she suddenly saw Fu Xiuyuan.

Although he was wearing a mask, Deng Yufei recognized him instantly since his face was emblazoned on her heart after secretly having a crush on him for years.

She ran towards Fu Xiuyuan as though she had seen her savior and said imploringly, “Mr Fu!”

If Fu Xiuyuan was willing to help, her life would be completely different! She could not lose this golden opportunity!

“Mr Fu, you have to help me!” Deng Yufei cried as she implored Fu Xiuyuan to save her.

Fu Xiuyuan removed his mask and seemed aloof.

“You are” asked Fu Xiuyuan.

He genuinely did not recognize her.

He only had eyes for Shi Jin, so the rest of the women were simply categorized as Shi Jins friends or complete strangers.

Even though Deng Yufei kept coming to the villa, he was unable to remember her face.

Deng Yufei was startled when he could not remember her, so she said immediately, “I am Deng Yufei! I used to visit Repulse Bay Villa a lot.

Can you help me, please”

Fu Xiuyuan frowned slightly.

He remembered someone who kept stealing Shi Jins music and inflicted a lot of damage on Shi Jin and his relationship.

He asked, “Whats wrong”

Deng Yufei thought Fu Xiuyuan was showing concern and felt sorry for her.

She was instantly delighted and promptly said, “I am completely cornered.

Golden Domain Entertainment gave me so much work that even 24 hours a day isnt enough for me.

They kept giving me bad assignments with very little money.

My hair is falling off in clumps.

Also, my face is reacting to all the bad makeup they used on me so I have almost been disfigured.

After working in the day, I have to go for drinks with… Mr Fu, please help me!”

There were other things that she could not bring herself to say.

Mr Wang would sleep with her and make her drink and have sex with other people.

She kept sleeping with old men to help get resources for other artists in her company.

Her life was in complete chaos.

However, she did not dare to tell Fu Xiuyuan.

She was afraid he would dislike her because of it.

An eerie look of satisfaction seemed to appear on Fu Xiuyuans face after he heard Deng Yufei and there was even a smile on his face.

Just when Deng Yufei thought there was hope, Fu Xiuyuan finally said, “Thats good.”

Anyone who offended Shi Jin deserved this end.

The moment Fu Xiuyuan finished his sentence, he turned to leave without batting an eye at her.

Deng Yufei wanted to chase after Fu Xiuyuan, but his bodyguards had already stepped forward to stop her.

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