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Chapter 170: Such an Obedient Fu Xiuyuan

In the past, he would defend Shi Jin and say she was good to him even if Shi Jin was holding a knife to his throat.

Now that he had changed his words from “good” to “very good”, did it mean Shi Jin was holding an even bigger knife to his throat

Moreover, Shi Jin had been appearing on the entertainment program.

How could she have the time to be good to Fu Xiuyuan if she was busy rehearsing and writing music

Fu Heyan asked, “What about you and Dr Si Are you dating”

Fu Xiuyuan knew Dr Si was Shi Jin.

However, Shi Jin had kept the truth about Dr Sis true identity hidden so that Fu Heyan would not get upset during treatment.

He pursed his thin lips slightly.

Fu Heyan thought Fu Xiuyuan was in a dilemma about who to date and could not help feeling sorry for him.

She said profoundly, “If you really like Dr Si, then you should tell Shi Jin about it as soon as possible and make a clean break.

Dont end up breaking both their hearts.”

Fu Xiuyuan clenched his fists slightly as he cleared his throat softly.

“It was my fault for introducing Dr Si to you before you had broken up with Shi Jin.

I have done injustice to all three of you.” Fu Heyan did not expect Fu Xiuyuan to fall for Dr Si so quickly.

She was just as shocked herself.

“I should have given you some time to break up with Shi Jin properly before you started seeing someone else.

Otherwise, it is equally unfair for Dr Si and Shi Jin.”

“Are you defending Shi Jin”

Fu Heyan kept a straight face as she spoke, “Even if it werent Shi Jin, it is wrong for men to two-time women! If you like someone, you have to be absolutely loyal.”

“Okay.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded his head in agreement.

Fu Heyan felt happy.

It had been a long time since Fu Xiuyuan was so obedient.

The two of them always argued because of Shi Jin and it had really taken a toll on their relationship over time.


Shi Jin was waiting for Fu Xiuyuan outside.

He was clearly in a good mood when he came out.

She knew that Fu Xiuyuan and Fu Heyan were very close, so she felt equally happy to see them on good terms.

In her past life, Fu Heyan was unable to bounce back after hurting her hand.

She kept arguing with Fu Xiuyuan about Shi Jin.

Fu Heyan spent over ten years living in depression and eventually ruined her life and career.

Fu Xiuyuan suffered just as much.

Even after Shi Jin had left and Fu Xiuyuan spent years in agony, he continued to quietly protect her so that she could live in peace despite all her troubles.

Shi Jin pulled Fu Xiuyuans arm the moment she thought about this and said gently, “Honey, why dont we go on a date We havent been together for almost half a month because of the competition.”

“Okay.” Even though Fu Xiuyuan spoke softly, he was clearly happy.

The two of them went into the mall wearing masks after the little incident that transpired on their last date.

Even though they had nothing to buy, the two of them felt very happy just quietly walking around together.

A silhouette could be seen hiding in the corner.

Her hair was a mess, her face was haggard and all her radiance was long gone.

It was none other than Deng Yufei as she stood in the corner desperately.

News about Shi Jin demanding copyright fees had already spread like wildfire throughout the industry.

There was no saving her reputation now.

Everyone had come to know that all her other songs were stolen from Shi Jin, so people kept ridiculing her.

Naturally, she had to fork out the copyright fees.

Mr Wang had already compensated Xia Peifeng a sum of money owing to the previous plagiarism incident.

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