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Chapter 17: Negative Scores

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This time, their order of appearance was determined by drawing lots.

Deng Yufei and Shi Jin were in luck and were scheduled to be the 11th and 12th performers.

They put on their masks and went backstage to wait for their turn.

The other contestants went on stage one after another.

The agent smiled and said to Chu Ling as the stylist did his hair and makeup, “You look so handsome.

Someone is going to drool the moment they see you.”

Chu Ling smiled calmly.

“She will control herself since we are in public.”

Even if Shi Jin dared to disregard her agreement with the program and did something to Chu Ling, his company and agent were around to help, so he was unafraid that she might cause trouble.

He and Shi Jin were over, and it was impossible to go back.

Moreover, the marriage was decided between the Chu and Shi families on a whim.

In reality, the woman that was promised to him was Shi Xuexin, the Shi familys biological daughter.

The fake daughter of the Shi family

Chu Lings lips curved into a deprecating smile.

If Shi Jin were less disappointing, he would not have lost interest in her so quickly, but there were no buts in the world.

At Repulse Bay Villa, inside Fu Xiuyuans room.

The “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” was already selected on the high-resolution television screen.

The “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” was already selected on the high-resolution television screen.

Fu Xiuyuan was buried in work, dealing with a mountain of documents on the table.

Song Fan stood by the side without daring to make a peep.

He quietly stood as he glanced at the screen from the corner of his eye.

Butler Chen did not even dare to make a sound when he sent tea in.

He caught two maids secretly watching the program, so he glared at them and sent them running in shock.

Song Fan glanced at the screen every now and then.

Shi Jin had yet to perform.

However, her name could be seen everywhere.

The viewers kept typing in comments about their doubts towards her and scolded her.

“Little Stone, who do you think you are How dare you touch, Chu Ling”

“Uh huh! you certainly are a stubborn stone from the latrine!”

“Sadly, we can only vote for them and cant reduce their scores.

Otherwise, I would make sure Little Stone ends up coming in with a negative score!”

“Little Raindrop is going on stage! Cast all your votes on her!”

Little Raindrops was Deng Yufei.

Her votes shot right to the top by stepping on Shi Jin and using Chu Lings popularity.

Finally it was Shi Jins turn to perform.

Song Fan really wished that he did not have eyes or ears, but there was nothing he could do about that.

Fu Xiuyuan raised his head to glance at Song Fan, and Song Fan increased the volume with the remote control trembling in his hand.

Deng Yufei gestured okay to Shi Jin when she went on stage and encouraged her not to be nervous.

Shi Jin was certainly not nervous.

She picked up the microphone and walked up the stage.

The audience could not help purse their lips in disdain.

Yu Guannan looked at the stage with great interest.

And the other two instructors shrugged and seemed certain that Shi Jin would make use of the opportunity to confess her love for Chu Ling with the lyrics of her song.

Chu Ling smiled nonchalantly.

Despite Shi Jins actions, no one in the company or the program made any objection.

They were clearly happy to use this as marketing for the show and help increase Chu Lings popularity.

Little Stone was now genuinely everyones stepping stone.

The music started, and a light lit Shi Jin up as she stood center stage.

She was dressed in a demure long skirt and seemed as though she was about to sing a ballad.

The next second however, the music started, and a strong beat pulsated in the air.

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