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Chapter 169: No Way on Earth She Would Believe Him

Shi Jin looked at Fu Heyan coldly as she reiterated the things Fu Heyan had to watch out for if she wanted to recover completely.

“Jin, Im so sorry.

It wont happen again,” promised Fu Heyan weakly.

Fu Heyan was older to begin with and not the apologetic sort, so Shi Jin could not bring herself to get angry the moment she apologized.

Shi Jin simply said, “Well, this is your body, so you have to be careful.”

“Uh huh.

You are right.

I will watch out from now on.”

Fu Heyan was so attracted by Shi Jins stage performance that she stayed up all night.

First, she borrowed phones to vote for Shi Jin, then she stomped in anger when Kang Cheng was unfair to Shi Jin.

She could not resist mocking Deng Yufei when Shi Jin eventually surpassed her in terms of looks.

She had unknowingly taken Shi Jin so seriously and kept following her.

However, she refused to admit how much she liked Shi Jin and did not even let the nurse know who she was voting for.

She was unable to accept Shi Jin in reality, so she had segregated Shi Jins identity as a singer from Shi Jin in reality.

“Then get some rest.

You are lucky everythings okay.

Im off.” Shi Jin got up and said goodbye.

She walked out and saw Fu Xiuyuan walking over.

She automatically smiled and strode over towards him.

“Why did you come over by yourself today”

“Your assistant said you had an early meeting, so I didnt want to get in your way.”

Fu Xiuyuan held her hand as he whispered to her.

Fu Heyan recalled the gift she had bought for Si Jin, so she came chasing after her.

The moment she came out, she caught sight of Fu Xiuyuan talking to Si Jin.

Although the two of them did not appear close, she could detect an amicable atmosphere between them.

It was clear that Fu Xiuyuan liked her.

Fu Heyan opened her mouth wide and was incapable of closing it as she took in everything in shock.

It was probably normal for Si Jin to be friendly, but the same could not be said of Fu Xiuyuan.

She recalled Fu Xiuyuan being aloof and disinterested in girls ever since they were children.

He could forcibly be slightly more polite towards a small number of daughters of family friends.

However, it was barely considered friendly terms.

Also, he looked happy and there was a light in his eyes and he clearly liked Si Jin.

In the past, she had only caught him looking at Shi Jin this way.

Judging from the way he looked at Si Jin now, he looked a lot more affectionate than he did when he looked at Shi Jin.

After all, he had lost his temper and hope more often with Shi Jin than he spent time looking at her affectionately.

“Erm…” Although Fu Heyan liked Si Jin a lot, she felt puzzled when she witnessed their interaction.

She reflected on herself and wondered if she made a mistake about matchmaking them.

Was she wrong about them

Moments later, she finally went back to her room.

Despite the high chance that Fu Xiuyuan would blow up for interrupting him, she called him and said, “Xiuyuan, can you come over to my room By yourself, please.”

After Fu Heyan hung up, she composed herself as she waited for Fu Xiuyuan to come over.

Fu Xiuyuan walked over a few minutes later.

There was something amiss with the atmosphere in the hospital ward.

Fu Heyan had a solemn expression on her face as complicated emotions ran through her heart.

She seemed to be wrapped in deep thought.

“Big Sis.” Fu Xiuyuan walked up beside her.

“Xiuyuan, how is Shi Jin treating you these days”

“Shes very good to me.”

Very good to him There was no way on earth Fu Heyan would believe that!

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