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Chapter 168: She Was Perfect, so They Were Not Fit to Judge Her

However, Shi Jin told him not to do anything, so he held back.

His woman was extraordinary and did not need any validation or judgment from anyone else.

She was perfect, so they were not fit to judge her.


Shi Jins life had gone back to normal the next day while Wen Yongwei was busy dealing with interviews

She wanted more time for herself today, so Yao Jiahong pushed away as many activities as possible and gave her as much time as she needed.

He was doing his best to make up for his past mistakes.

Yao Jiahong was one of the best talent agents out there, so he was capable of turning down work from the film crew, the Sheng family, and the media without offending anyone.

It was one of the reasons Shi Jin had insisted on keeping him around as her talent agent.

Shi Jin needed to follow up on Fu Heyan today, so she had to set aside some time for the task.

She disguised herself as Si Jin and entered the hospital without a hitch.

The nurse smiled as she said, “Hi, Dr Si.

Miss Fu is still asleep.”

“Is she unwell” asked Shi Jin.

Fu Heyan was usually already awake at this hour and would even do some exercise and had a lot of self-discipline.

“Well, she isnt unwell.

She simply stayed up too late watching TV last night.” The nurse laughed as she continued, “I dont know who she was voting for, but she asked me to borrow a lot of phones and was up watchingUltimate Singer-Songwriter.

She ended up so angry that she couldnt sleep last night.

She even woke up in the middle of the night to check social media and wanted to argue with the anti-fans.”

It did not cross Shi Jins mind who Fu Heyan was voting for.

She simply nodded.

“Then let me know when she wakes up.”

“Yes, Dr Si.”

Since she was Fu Heyans private nurse, she had a lot of time on her hands now that Fu Heyan was asleep, so she tapped on a video and started watching it engrossingly as she muttered, “Shi Jin is so cool! I wonder if she likes girls!”

Shi Jins lips twitched when she realized the nurse was watching a video of her from last night.

“Dont let Miss and Mr Fu hear that.”

The nurse asked quizzically, “Why not”

“Miss Fu doesnt like Shi Jin and Mr Fu doesnt like lesbians,” said Shi Jin with a straight face.

The first line was true.

As for the second line, she simply made it up.

If Fu Xiuyuan heard what the nurse said, he would get jealous.

The moment he got jealous, the hospital was dead meat.

“Oh, I see.” The nurse hurriedly covered her mouth.

She was simply too careless.

“Thanks for telling me, Dr Si.”

Fu Heyan did not sleep in for long since she knew that Shi Jin was coming today.

Shi Jin only sat for a short while before Fu Heyan came out after washing up.

She smiled at Shi Jin.

“Hi, Dr.


“Hi, Miss Fu.” Shi Jin walked over.

The moment Fu Heyan yawned, Shi Jin got annoyed.

“Miss Fu, if you want to recover, you cant stay up late.”

“I had to vote for Shi Jin and defend her against her anti-fans,” blurted Fu Heyan.

Shi Jin thought she had heard wrongly.

What did Fu Heyan just say

Since Fu Heyan was a grown-up, she instantly felt embarrassed for chasing celebrities, so she quickly said, “I wont do it next time.”

After all, the competition was over.

Shi Jin did not continue probing and started to examine her injury.

Fu Heyans wound was recovering well but staying up late to watch the program and fighting the anti-fans had taken its toll to a certain degree.

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