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Chapter 166: Beauty Became Clearer With Comparison

Gu Qinghua hurriedly retrieved some tissue and wiped her mouth only to realize that Shi Jin was teasing her.

However, she did not get angry.

Instead, she was very happy.

If someone was pretty, people could not get enough of looking at them.

Moreover, it was Shi Jin in question!

She was delighted by Shi Jins good looks.

This would come as a major slap on the anti-fans faces.

Other than the anti-fans, it was a slap on Deng Yufeis face as well.

Deng Yufei had used Mr Wangs connections to reappear on the program.

For the sake of three minutes of airtime, she had put in a lot of effort to dress up to ensure she would make a stunning appearance.

However, before the show was even through, the news about Deng Yufeis good looks was overwhelmed by posts about Shi Jins face.

She was genuinely pretty, so she used to think highly of herself and always felt she was as good as Shi Jin.

Before Shi Jin had shown her face, Deng Yufei attracted quite a wave of attention and a lot of people were blown away by her beauty.

However, the good times lasted no more than 30 minutes.

The moment Shi Jin took off her mask, everyone stopped talking about Deng Yufei and turned their attention to Shi Jin.

Beauty became clearer with comparison.

Without Shi Jin around, everyone truly thought Deng Yufei was incredibly talented and pretty, but Deng Yufeis beauty couldnt compete with Shi Jin the moment she showed her face.

People kept talking about it online.

[I thought Deng Yufei was rather pretty earlier.

I dont know why I stopped feeling that way.]

Someone replied: [This is completely normal.

If Shi Jin is considered a delicacy, Deng Yufei is just an ordinary dish.

Would you still want to eat an ordinary dish after having a delicacy]

Everyone felt the same way.

Some people deeply regretted not voting for Shi Jin.

Some people regretted casting all their votes on some other contestant.

Everyone looked at Shi Jins picture as they started listening to all the songs she had performed on the program.

With a face like hers singing love songs to them, no one had the heart to do anything else but listen to her songs.

The online promotion Deng Yufei had prepared fizzled out completely before long.

Shi Jin proceeded to tag Deng Yufei on social media telling her to pay her copyright fees.

She listed all the songs Deng Yufei had plagiarized including the ten songs Deng Yufei had used on the program.

All of these songs were major hits when they were performed before they gradually went under the radar after Deng Yufei was eliminated.

Shi Jin was in the spotlight tonight with all attention turning to her.

However, the only thing she posted was a message to Deng Yufei leaving the public in a commotion.

Shi Jin did not say much, but simply posted the copyright information for all her songs.

After she was reborn, she registered all her work for copyright right after she married Fu Xiuyuan.

This meant she was able to produce copyright certificates for every single song Deng Yufei took from her.

The moment the news got out, everyone condemned Deng Yufei.

[Oh god.

Has Deng Yufei been using Shi Jin all this time]

[I was wondering why their styles were so similar.

Initially, I simply thought they had similar music tastes because they were good friends.

However, Deng Yufei turned out to be a thief!]

[First, she plagiarized Xia Peifengs work.

Now, she stole Shi Jins songs as well! She is clearly a repeat offender!]

[Shi Jin was so nice about it and didnt expose her till now.

She should have beaten up that woman ages ago!]

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