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Chapter 165: No One Can Tell Us What to Do

The host could not resist talking to Shi Jin, “Little Stone.

No, I should call you Shi Jin now.

Everyone used to think you have a scar on your face.

Why didnt you clarify when they misunderstood you”

Shi Jin smiled.

“I was simply abiding by the programs rules and didnt show my face.”

“Haha! That makes sense.” The host laughed.

The people who broke the programs rule and attempted to gain fans using their appearances felt slapped on the faces when Shi Jin said this.

Shi Jin held the microphone as she looked at the camera calmly.

“I hope my fans dont get held back because of their appearances.

I am living proof that working hard pays.

Everyone looks different and people have differences in opinions about looks.

No matter what people think of your looks, it is just a passing opinion.

You shouldnt let it control how far you go in life.

We have to rely on ourselves to succeed! If I can do it, so can you!”

The fans felt moved by what Shi Jin said.

Shi Jins life experience genuinely motivated them a lot.

[Thanks to Shi Jin, I have learned how important diligence and determination are.]

[Although there is a lot of injustice in the world, if I work hard, I will be rewarded!]

[Little Stone, we will work just as hard as you!]

[I am an ugly girl with low self-esteem.

After seeing Shi Jins determination on the show, I am starting to get over it.

I came in third in class in my last exam.

I believe that if I work hard like Shi Jin, my life will change one day!]

[Good looks dont guarantee success! Only diligence will give me what I want.

Little Stone, thanks for showing us the way.]


After the show ended, the contestants appearances continued being a hot topic online.

Posts about Shi Jin crushed all other topics and came in first.

Everyone kept checking out her face and her real pictures kept surfacing everywhere.

In the past, Shi Jin had worked on Chu Lings television dramas.

Since her parts were small and she only did it to be with Chu Ling, she did not act seriously.

Despite her stunning face, she did not succeed as an actress.

Otherwise, people would have already found out who she was.

People naturally kept talking about looks and life.

This society was all about looks, so it caused quite a commotion online.

Wen Yongwei looked a little upset when she got off the stage.

Kang Cheng asked worriedly.

“Are you okay”

“Im fine.” Wen Yongwei smiled immediately.

“Go get ready for the after-party.

There are a lot of things you need to finalize including your studies at Hamilton Music Academy.”

Wen Yongwei could not resist looking at Shi Jin one more time.

Shi Jins gorgeous profile came to sight and stole all her attention.

She had to admit that Shi Jin was very beautiful.

Even though people kept praising her for her good looks since young, she could not help feeling jealous.

How did Shi Jin make her scar disappear She had genuinely seen the scar with her own eyes!

Gu Qinghua kept looking at Shi Jins face after Shi Jin came off the stage.

She was starting to appear like an obsessed man.

“Watch your saliva.” Shi Jin pointed at Gu Qinghuas lips.

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