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Chapter 164: Suffered the Most Injustice

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Shi Jin had no scar.

She was not hideous or offensive-looking.

Shi Jins past performance was being aired on the large screen on stage.

Every contestants past performance would get played.

As the audience looked at Shi Jins previous performances, they found her surprisingly cool when she was singing upbeat tunes.

They found her cool and gorgeous and at the same time gentle and moving when she sang ballads.

Now that they had a face to her name, they found her previous performance absolutely incredible.

Even without using her good looks, she managed to come in second.

Would she have suffered all this humiliation if she was allowed to show her face at the get go Would her path to success be as bumpy

Everyone finally realized that she was the contestant who suffered the most injustice!

Everyone thought Deng Yufei was setting the bar in terms of appearance after seeing her again.

People thought Wen Yongwei was the best contestant.

The public was bowled over by Hua Xins good looks when his photos were leaked.

The moment they saw Shi Jin, they finally realized there was someone better out there.

Shi Jins good looks had gone beyond the defines of gender and could not be called beauty alone.




The people watching online and sending comments did not know how to express their astonishment.

They could only express what they felt with sounds.

[Can I recast my votes I was wrong.

I was genuinely mistaken!]

[She looks like a fairy! She suffered so much while she was in the mortal realm!]

[I cant believe my eyes! Is it really Little Stone]

[Her name is Shi Jin! Shi means jade, jewelry, elegance and priceless.

It was so unfair for her to be called Little Stone!]

[How could the film crew come up with such an awful name She is as pretty as a goddess!]

[Now I finally believe looks have nothing to do with the competition and only talent matters.

If Shi Jin got to use her face, she would definitely be number one!]

[Nonsense! Even if Little Stone only used her talent, she would have come in champion as well!]

Her anti fans were dumbfounded.

Every single one of them were shocked by her appearance.

They did not expect Shi Jin to look like this.


They used to say bad things about Shi Jins appearance after they saw her scar.

Now that Shi Jin had shown her face, the anti-fans finally realized the error of their ways.

Her face was completely flawless!

Could they cast their votes again It was an honest question!

Yu Guannan and Yao Jiahong were slightly astounded as well.

Since they were working on set, they knew of Shi Jins appearance and had seen her picture.

However, the scar genuinely used to exist.

Shortly after filming commenced, someone had secretly seen her scar.

Yet, the skin on her face looked as tender as baby skin now and was even more beautiful than before.

When did this happen Was Shi Jin capable of magic or something


The instructor, Zhang Jia, who did not pick Shi Jin owing to her appearance and low commercial value now looked at Shi Jin in awe.

In terms of commercial value, Shi Jin was undoubtedly the best among all the contestants.

Zhang Jia pulled his hair hard and was clearly annoyed.

Sadly, it was too late to regret now that the voting was over no matter how much he wanted to vote for Shi Jin.

Only Kang Cheng remained resolute of his choice..

Although he was surprised by Shi Jins face, she had a sexy vibe and could not compare to Wen Yongweis classiness, so he would not have picked her.

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