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Chapter 163: Are You Ready to See Her Hideous Face

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No one had control over their appearance, so no one should be judged by their looks, but everyone had an opinion of their own.

However, what had to come, had to come.

The program was not about to make any exceptions.

After the host had a brief chat with Wen Yongwei, he had to turn his attention to Shi Jin.

“Little Stone, it is your turn to remove your mask.”

“Uh huh.” Shi Jin nodded.

“Everyone looks different, but our looks should not hold us back! The only thing that will help you succeed in life is diligence.” The host really liked Shi Jin for her talent, so he tried to manage the publics expectations before Shi Jin removed her mask.

He was warning the audience not to pick on Shi Jin because of her appearance.

Shi Jin acknowledged softly, “You are right.


The host asked softly, “In that case… are you ready”

“Yes, I am,” replied Shi Jin calmly.

The anti-fans promptly commented online.

[Are you ready to see her hideous face]

[Hahaha! I want to see exactly how ugly Shi Jin is!]

[Me too!]

[Me too!]

[I plan on writing a story about an ugly woman, so I was hoping to get some inspiration from Little Stone.]

[Im not watching this.

I dont want to get nightmares and lose sleep from seeing her!]

Little Stones fans kept cheering her on.

[No matter how you look, we will always be here for you!]

[You can use your talent to carve a career in the entertainment industry! You rock!]

Shi Jins fans clenched their fists tightly and got ready to fight the anti-fans.

They could not allow people to hurt such a talented young woman.

Despite all the naysayers out there, they wanted to protect her.

Shi Jin swiftly took off her mask as the world waited in anticipation.

The audience went silent for three seconds.

The cameramen were so startled that their hands trembled.

Fortunately, the camera equipment was reinforced for stability.

Otherwise, the audience would end up seeing shaky images.

The viewers watching the show online suddenly went quiet and stopped.

A lot of the viewers even stood up automatically.

A fan was eating instant noodles when Shi Jin took off her mask and he failed to notice noodles slipping from his mouth.

Someone was drinking milk and sprayed milk all over the screen when Shi Jin removed her mask.

The host opened his mouth in surprise.

A few seconds later, he managed to snap out of his shock thanks to his professionalism.

“Meet Shi Jin aka Little Stone!”

A girl dressed in a simple white shirt and jeans with a beautiful face appeared in front of everyone.

Her face was so clear that it was flawless even when the cameras gave her a close-up.

She looked absolutely radiant and enchanting.

Her eyes were clear and bright and the corners of her eyes were long.

Her curly eyelashes and misty eyes made them look even more expressive despite her cool quiet aura.

She looked cool and sexy.

With a face like hers, she seemed capable of saying a thousand words with a single glance.

She had the potential to look gentle, charming, mesmerizing and was at the same time completely calm and unaffected by the things around her.

She had an exquisite face and her skin was so fair that even the fine hair on her face was visible.

There was no scar on her red lips..

Her lips were slightly parted as though she was ready to sing.

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