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Chapter 162: Wasnt Even Fit to Remove Her Mask

Deng Yufei wanted to steal the show tonight so that she could save her career in the entertainment industry.

Hence, she went all out with her hair and makeup and even wore an evening gown.

The moment she heard the cheering and whistling, she knew she had succeeded! The prettier she was, the greater the contrast when Shi Jin showed her real face.

This rare chance was going to help save her career in the entertainment industry, so Mr Wang had to pull a lot of connections in order to get her here.

She had to succeed!

Hua Xin was up next.

When the high-quality photos got leaked online previously, he managed to steal the publics attention for some time.

Now that he was back on the program, a lot of people fell for his gorgeous face again.

The moment he removed his mask, the screaming became even louder.

“Little Gold Bar is absolutely hot! Omigod!”

“I like how he looks!”

“I thought the pictures only looked good because he posed for them.

From the looks of it, he is genuinely good-looking in person!”

“Im so jealous!”

“Sadly, he didnt make it into the finals.

I couldve voted for you!”

“Even the likes of Little Stone made it into the finals, it is so unfair that he didnt make it.”

The cameraman also generously gave him a lot of shots.

Meng Shaoheng was next to remove his mask.

However, since Hua Xin got to remove his mask first, no one cared about Meng Shaohengs pretty decent looks.

The host finally got to the main event.

“Next up is Little Rose!”

In reality, Shi Jin ought to have removed her mask next.

The host and the film crew thought about Shi Jins face and decided to let her appear last so as not to draw too much attention to her hideous scar.

Before it was Wen Yongweis turn to show her face, Kang Cheng made arrangements for her makeup to get touched up.

The audience had waited for a long time and were on the edge of their seats when she came out.

“Little Rose, say hi to everyone.” The host waited for her to take off her mask.

Wen Yongwei took off her mask in front of the camera.

The camera took a 360 degrees shot of her in slow motion.

“Wow! She is gorgeous!”

“Initially, I thought Deng Yufei was already the prettiest of the lot, but Wen Yongwei was unexpectedly good-looking.”

“She has the poise and elegance of a beautiful talented girl from a rich family.”

“I love her!”

“Weiwei, I used all the phones and computers in my family to vote for you earlier! It was really worth it!”

Wen Yongwei looked just like the image she had projected on the program.

She looked very upright, poised and elegant.

This was the reason a lot of the instructors and film crew adored her.

She looked easy to get along with and uncompetitive, so this meant she had high commercial value and would be well-liked by the mainstream.

Shi Jins eyes looked seductive in comparison.

Also, she had a scar on her face.

The audience couldnt imagine what she would look like.

Everyone adored Wen Yongwei.

The moment she removed her mask, she received praise from the audience and the host even gave her some time to talk about how she felt.

The audience was very happy with the outcome.

However, the anti-fans felt Shi Jin wasnt even fit to remove her mask.

Her fans felt it didnt matter if she removed her mask.

They just wanted Shi Jin to be happy and didnt want people to judge her for her appearance.

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