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Chapter 161: Curse Her Every Time

In front of the screen, some people clapped joyfully while others threw something at the television or computer.

Little Stones anti-fans started to talk.

“Isnt this expected Little Stone should consider it an honor to make it so far into the program.”

“If not for this program and wearing a mask, she would have gotten kicked out at the prelims.

It would be impossible for her to come in second.”

“People who are fans of Little Stone should really stop whining.

Just ask yourselves, shouldnt she be content that she could have made it so far”

“Uh huh.

If the entertainment industry was filled with ugly celebrities, would you bother watching”

“The entertainment industry is intended for gorgeous people.

Even singers have to be good-looking.

Just think about it.

Can you stand listening to a ballad looking at her face”

[It doesnt matter how the program wants to change the world.

Beauty is beauty.

We have no problem if Little Stone wants to work behind the scenes, but if you want to put someone like her on stage, dont blame me for cursing her every time I see her!]

Everyone held a different opinion.

Even though Little Stones fans try to defend her fiercely, it was futile.

Neither party was capable of convincing each other.

Meanwhile, the host announced the next highlight for tonight.

“Have you been waiting for this moment all night Now, you will get to see the contestants faces! Allow me to start with the contestants ranking 10th to 30th to join me on stage one by one!”

The audience stopped arguing and turned their attention to the stage.

This was the highlight of the program.

Everyone was absolutely curious about the contestants appearances.

Did they look as good as they sang

Everyone sat on the edge of their seats waiting.

All the contestants remove their masks to reveal their faces.

The host also introduced the contestants real names.

The audience exclaimed in shock, surprise, or joy.

However, these 20 contestants were all pretty good-looking.

In modern times, most people looked okay.

After getting their hair and makeup professionally done by the program, all the contestants looked radiant and above average in terms of appearance.

“Please continue supporting these contestants in the future! Now, allow me to invite the contestants ranking fourth to ninth to join me on stage!”

Among them included Gu Qinghua, Deng Yufei and Hua Xin.

Hence, the programs viewership hit yet another record high.

Everyone wanted to see how good-looking Hua Xin was.

Although Deng Yufei was involved in plagiarism, it didnt happen during the program, so the film crew also invited her to join this segment of the program.

Gu Qinghua had normal delicate features, but she gave off a literary air and everyone loved it.

People couldnt help inhaling in surprise when Deng Yufei took off her mask.

“Oh my god! Shes so pretty!”

“Uh huh.

She is really pretty.

Look at those features!”

“I am officially a fan of her good looks!”

“No matter how pretty she is, she plagiarized! Please show some restraint!”

“Since I never heard about the plagiarism, I am going to pretend I didnt hear you talking about it.

Nothing is going to stop me from being her fan!”

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