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Chapter 160: Ruined by People Who Only Cared About Looks

It was very hard for people to disregard appearance when it came to commercial value.

Zhang Jia didnt dare to say it out loud.

However, he knew he was one of those people who didnt give Shi Jin a chance because of her scar!

“Now, Little Rose is leading Little Stone by one vote! Just one vote! The third instructor is Yu Guannan.

Who will he vote for”

Yu Guannan gave all his votes to Shi Jin without hesitation!

“Now we are back to square one with Little Stone leading by 19 votes!” shouted the host tensely.

The more exciting the show got, the higher its viewership.

The audience went into a commotion.

The situation felt absolutely accelerating!

After the first three instructors gave their votes, Shi Jin ended up leading by 19 votes.

Only Kang Cheng had yet to vote.

Yu Guannans nose expanded slightly.

He didnt expect Kang Cheng to have the deciding vote!

Kang Chengs votes were everyones last hope.

Wen Yongwei finally smiled.

It was public knowledge of how much Kang Cheng adored her.

Moreover, Kang Cheng had taken over Chu Ling to be an instructor on the program.

Since they were on the same team, it made absolute sense for him to vote for Wen Yongwei.

Everyone knew who he would give his votes to.

Yao Jiahong clenched his fists tightly.

His throat felt dry, so he coughed gently.

Shi Jins fans seemed to catch on to this situation and everyone raised their banners and cheered for her, “Little Stone! Little Stone! Little Stone!”

Shi Jins clear bright eyes could be seen through the mask as she glanced at the audience calmly.

The audience watching online kept posting comments.

[Little Stone! He must give them to Little Stone! Little Stone was really good!]

Little Roses fans got pissed off.

[Why Little Rose was the best!]

[Little Stone is an all-rounded composer and has excellent vocals, so she deserves to be the champion!]

[Little Stone is hideous.

She will give her audience a heart attack when she goes on stage! I suggest she moves behind the scenes the moment this competition is over!]


Just work backstage from now on!]

[You stupid pigs only care about looks!]

[Little Stones fans are so blind that I cant even bear to look at them!]

The fans got embroiled in an argument.

Kang Cheng held the microphone and said, “Little Stone and Little Rose are both excellent singer-songwriters in their own right.

I feel that it is important to choose a contestant who is 100% focused on the job.

She shouldnt be easily distracted by the outside world.

Focus and passion for music will help the contestants go a long way! For that, I am giving my votes to Little Rose!”

The host shouted excitedly, “Kang Cheng has given his votes to Little Rose! This means Little Rose has a total of 47 659 171 votes and is in the lead by one vote! Little Rose has won by a single vote to come in champion onUltimate Singer-Songwriter! Congratulations!”

Wen Yongwei trembled in excitement as she took the microphone from the host and said a few words about winning.

Some people were disappointed and some people were exhilarated.

Yu Guannan frowned and looked annoyed.

Yao Jiahong opened his mouth slightly as he stared at Shi Jin in a daze.

Shi Jin seemed completely calm and didnt really care about the result.

First or second place didnt make a difference to her.

She had followed the rules of the program and did not show her face throughout the show, so she had a clear conscience.

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