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Chapter 159: An Unexpected Turn of Events for the Underdog

There was a commotion in the air when Little Stones votes got announced.

Yu Guannan looked straight ahead as everyone shouted excitedly when the host announced Shi Jins voting results.

“47 659 149! She has received 39 votes more than Little Rose!”

He looked sideways at Kang Cheng.

Kang Cheng looked a little upset.

Shi Jin was at a disadvantage in terms of appearance throughout the show.

Before the finals, she was also the most poorly marketed contestant.

However, she ended up having so many votes!

The host spoke excitedly, “For now, Little Stone has the lead.

The instructors have yet to vote, so lets go for a short break…”

An advertisement was cued at the most crucial part of the show, so the audience got so infuriated that they cursed.

It successfully held the audience in suspense.

“I am sure Little Stone will win this time! Wanna bet”

“Didnt you hear The instructors havent voted yet!”

“I thought the instructors votes didnt matter, but they ended up vital!”

“This is just a gimmick.

A pure gimmick!”

“No matter what, Little Stone rocks!”

“Excuse me.

You should get Little Stone to get some cosmetic surgery done!”

“Uh huh.

The Sheng family provided a lot of ambassadorship deals for the champion.

The advertisements cant be filmed with a mask on this time.

Does Little Stone intend on causing the businesses to fold or something”


Backstage, everyone got to rest for three minutes now that the advertisement was airing.

For most people, barely anything could be done within three minutes, but it was enough for Kang Cheng to handle some matters.

Not that Kang Cheng had to do much to help Wen Yongwei.

After all, the two other instructors loved her.

They felt she was professionally trained and had an excellent image.

In comparison to Shi Jin, she was more well suited to become a spokesperson for the show.

Only artists without any scandals have the right to work their way up the industry using pure talent.

After the advertisement ended, the show commenced.

The host spoke with his voice trembling, “Welcome back! Now, it is time for the instructors to cast their votes.

Each instructor can give 20 votes to any contestant.

Let us invite Lu Yao to get the ball rolling!”

The first instructor to vote was Lu Yao.

“I will give all my votes to Little Rose.”

She always liked Wen Yongwei, so her choice was unsurprising.

Wen Yongwei bowed and thanked Lu Yao.

She was so anxious that she held her hands together exceptionally tightly.

It never crossed her mind that the difference in the number of votes between her and Shi Jin would end up so small.

Also, Shi Jin was in the lead.

“Now that the first instructor has voted, the difference between Little Rose and Little Stones votes has reduced to 19 votes with Little Stone in the lead! The next instructor is Zhang Jia.

Who will his votes go to”

“Little Stone is an excellent singer-songwriter.

Although she is still new to the industry, she possesses the qualities of a first-class artist.

However, Im going to give Little Rose my votes!”

Zhang Jia genuinely admired Shi Jins songwriting skills.

However, he had his own concerns.

The champion would represent Country S and study at Hamilton Music Academy for three years.

Also, she would receive a lot of ambassadorship deals.

He worked for the Sheng family, so he had to decide with the Sheng familys interests in mind and choose the most commercially viable contestant.

He did it even though Sheng Shuangnan kept reiterating that he should ignore the contestants commercial value and focus on their talent.

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