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Chapter 158: Little Rose Is Bound to Come in Champion

Xia Peifeng didnt feel moved by Wen Yongweis performance and that was that.

Xia Peifeng didnt feel blown away or emotional when he heard this singing, so he quickly stopped composing.

Wen Yongweis fans kept flattering in the comments online.

[Little Rose, you are super!]

[Go for it! Do your best!]

[She is bound to come in champion!]

[I am sure Little Rose is the best-looking contestant as well.

Have you seen her chibi artwork I can tell they must have drawn it to her likeness.]

A lot of the fans adored Wen Yongwei as well.

However, Shi Jins fans were just as good.

After everything that transpired throughout the show, her fans had learned to calmly accept everything about her.

No one despised the hideous scar on her face.

Also, some of her fans voluntarily created chibi artwork for her.

Although her scar was obvious, her eyes were bright and dazzling.

Before long, all three contestants finished performing everything.

Their performances came off natural and their songwriting was solid.

The host went on the stage and said, “The count is almost ready!”

The audience waved their banners for Little Stone, Little Rose, and Little Dream.

Even the number of banners out there came in neck in neck.

It was clear that all the contestants were equally good.

Even though Kang Cheng thought highly of Wen Yongwei, he had to admit that she had met strong competition.

The host continued, “Other than the instructors, all the other votes have been confirmed and all voting channels have been closed!”

The vote count on the screen stopped spinning.

Again, all the contestants would go on stage to unveil each digit in their vote count starting from the last single digit, followed by the tenth, down to the first number.

This time around, there were a lot more votes since the other contestants were not around to split the votes with them.

Everyone had witnessed firsthand their incredible singing and songwriting skills.

Since it was the finals, there were far more viewers than in the previous episodes.

All of their votes went as high as tens of millions!

Meng Shaoheng was the first to unveil his vote count.

The host happily announced, “Little Dream has 26 964 150 votes! Congrats!”

The host got a shock when he saw Wen Yongweis votes.

The fans were overjoyed and kept cheering, “47 659 111! Wow! Little Rose! Little Rose!”

Even though they seemed equally popular, Wen Yongwei surpassed Meng Shaoheng overwhelmingly.

The instructors and talent agents sitting beneath the stage felt surprised by this result.

All of them were keenly aware that voting fraud was eradicated.

Some fans might have used someone elses phones or computers to vote, but as long as they were willing to try, they could help the contestants and it wouldnt be deemed voting fraud.

Hence, Wen Yongweis voting count was entirely legitimate!

Kang Cheng sat at Chu Lings old seat as he smiled and said to Yu Guannan, “Little Rose will definitely win now! From the looks of it, it wouldnt make a difference whether the instructors voted.”

Yu Guannan replied mildly, “Well, Little Stones results arent out yet!


Little Rose has already defeated Little Dream overwhelmingly.

What makes you think Little Stone has any chance of winning”

Yu Guannan ignored Kang Cheng.

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