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Chapter 157: Xia Peifeng Did Not Feel Moved

“The show will continue to adhere to its rules.

Regardless of a contestants appearance, it doesnt matter.

Only talent can help them win! We hope to help cultivate a new way of doing things in the local entertainment industry using the show! Also, we hope all of us can have a long and bright future using talent no matter the trade!”

The audience cheered wildly.

It certainly struck a chord with the audience.

They also hoped to rise professionally using talent and hard work.

Looks and status should have no part in their level of success.

However, a lot of the audience continued to be all about good looks.

It was one thing to appreciate the importance of this, but an entirely different matter when it came to execution.

It was human nature to have double standards.

The competition started officially after the host announced the highlights.

In the finals, each contestant had to perform their own songs along with songs created by the other two contestants.

They had to prove their songwriting abilities as well as their vocals.

Meng Shaoheng started first.

Shi Jin came next.

The moment Shi Jin got onto the stage, she picked up the microphone as a spotlight trained itself on her.

This time, her creation sounded warm and easy.

She stood on this stage and calmly performed using her bright, unsullied vocals.

Even though it didnt sound showy, it sounded as though she was talking to its listeners and people couldnt help feeling immersed in it, be it the audience here or those watching it from a computer.

Other than those diehard fans of some other contestants, the rest of the audience was quickly moved by her singing.

Shi Jin was absolutely magnetic and her voice sounded magical.

The moment she opened her mouth, everyone got sucked in by her singing.

It seemed as though she was a phoenix and the rest of them were common birds.

All the other birds turned to pay respects to their queen the moment she opened her mouth to sing.

Xia Peifeng sat in front of the computer leaning his chin against his hand when he suddenly slammed the table and said, “Ive got it!”

He buried his head and wrote a string of notes on the manuscript.

“Bring me my guitar!” said Xia Peifeng

The talent agent happily went over to get his guitar for him.

Ever since Deng Yufeis plagiarism scandal broke out, Xia Peifeng had no inspiration to write any music.

It was not the same as being tired of writing.

The more he was unable to write, the more he yearned to do it.

He got increasingly worried that he might lose his ability to write music altogether.

For the past few days, he had locked himself up in the studio trying to write day and night, but he was not happy with a single note he wrote.

However, Xia Peifeng felt inspired the moment he heard Shi Jins singing.

This familiar sensation he had from listening to her songs made Xia Peifeng more certain that Deng Yufeis songs came from Shi Jin.

Only Shi Jins music was able to make him feel like this! It had never happened to him before!

After Shi Jin was done singing, Wen Yongwei went on the stage.

Shi Jin was able to perform in countless singing styles and had a lot of potential.

She often tried new singing styles and the same held true for her songs.

Wen Yongwei was a consistent performer in comparison.

She was always flawless and sounded professional.

Xia Peifeng raised his head from his song manuscript.

He had to admit Wen Yongwei was an excellent singer for pulling off her performance with such consistency.

For most other people, it was pure fantasy to achieve this.

It was very impressive that Wen Yongwei was able to pull this off every round.

Her song was good, it was perfect for singing and he could tell she was an excellent songwriter.

However, Xia Peifeng did not feel moved.

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