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Chapter 156: Thats Too Bad

Shi Jin only had a brief chat with Pence.

Since he had work to do, she did not linger and quickly bade farewell.

However, Pence wanted to talk more, so he said, “Lets have a little chat tomorrow.”

“Sure,” agreed Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, please be sure to make time for me!” said Pence earnestly.

After Shi Jin promised to see him tomorrow, he finally smiled before he reluctantly turned and walked over to Kang Cheng.

Kang Cheng smiled as he said, “Prof Pence, she is one of our contestants as well.

However, she is not under Diamond Music.

Also, she hasnt even graduated from high school, so…”

Pence replied, “Well, thats too bad!”

“Uh huh.

Its too bad,” Kang Cheng chimed in.

He thought Pence was talking about how Little Stone had yet to graduate from high school and would not be able to join the academy.


The next day, Pence and Shi Jin met up as promised.

Shi Jin thought all she needed was two to three hours.

However, they ended up chatting for six hours straight until late at night.

Shi Jin noticed how late it was, so she stood up and said goodbye.

After all, there was someone eagerly waiting for her to come home.

After she was reborn, Fu Xiuyuan was equally important as her career.


Wen Yongwei had already gotten signed to Diamond Music and met the esteemed Prof.

Pence before the finals.

It was an immense glory for her.

Meng Shaoheng also got a lot of hype from signing with Diamond Music.

Instead, people didnt really talk about Shi Jin.

On the night of the finals, the competition mechanics were officially announced.

The host announced, “Tonight, over 5000 people are here for the live performance, so this is equivalent to a medium-sized concert.

Each one of the audience present can cast ten votes.”

“The audience was selected randomly based on the pool of viewers who signed up for tickets, so it consists of fans belonging to every contestant.

Its just that I cant give you solid numbers about the ratio.”

“The viewers at home still have the chance to cast five votes.

The reason for the difference in votes is because watching the performance live is quite different from watching it from home.”

“Also, the four instructors on the program get 20 votes each.”

No one objected to the voting mechanics.

The host finally said with a resounding voice, “I am sure everyone is very excited about the last segment of the program tonight.

Please be sure to watch the entire program so as not to miss the juiciest part of the show! What segment am I talking about everyone”

The audience shouted excitedly, “Take off their masks! Take off their masks!”

The online viewers happily commented.

[I have been waiting forever for this day to come!]

[I am so afraid to get disappointed!]

[Dont worry.

Trust me.

The show is not a charity, so they wont pick ugly contestants to join the program.]

[What about Little Stone]

[Hahaha! I agree.

What about Little Stone]

[I think Little Stone is probably the ugliest contestant on the show, so the rest of the contestants must be good-looking!]

[I am sure Little Rose is the prettiest of the lot! Just look at how well Diamond Music treats her!]

[What are you talking about Little Rose clearly made it through the finals using talent!]

[Little Rose is talented and gorgeous!]

The host proceeded to smile and continued, “Tonight, the top three finalists will take off their masks for you.

Also, the other contestants who were eliminated will make a reappearance and show their faces.”

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