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Chapter 155: When Is She Going to Stop Using Hype

The principal chatted with Shi Jin for hours over the phone when he realized the suggestion was given by the same person who wrote the song.

He wished they could go on chatting forever.

Initially, the principal invited her to join the academy.

However, he changed his mind after chatting with her.

Since Prof Pence was invited to go over to the film location, the principal made Shi Jin promise to see Prof Pence.

Since she knew Kang Cheng and Deng Yongjian did not like her, why would Shi Jin wait at the door

Deng Yongjian brought the coffee in for Pence first.

He came out to invite Wen Yongwei into the office about 30 minutes later, and saw Shi Jin standing where she was.

“Little Stone, why are you still here”

“Working on my music.” Shi Jin waved the music manuscript in her hands.

“I know what you are trying to do, but Prof Pence doesnt entertain any Tom, Dick, or Harry,” said Deng Yongjian.

After all, the entire film crew thought highly of Wen Yongwei, including Kang Cheng, so Wen Yongwei was the only person who would get to see Pence today.

He glanced at Shi Jin pitifully.

“If you want to work, then go to the studio.

This is not the right place to do it.

Also, you have already come in top three.

After you have graduated from high school, the show will make a recommendation for you to enter a local music academy.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he went to call Wen Yongwei over.

Wen Yongwei followed behind Deng Yongjian.

She was beside herself with joy when she heard about seeing Prof Pence.

Although she pretended to be composed, she was holding her hands tightly intertwined as she fidgeted.

She was clearly reveling in joy and was also dreadfully nervous.

She glanced at Shi Jin deeply when she saw Shi Jin.

She also felt puzzled about Shi Jin standing here.

She furtively asked, “Is Prof Pence going to see Little Stone too”

“We didnt make any arrangements for that,” replied Deng Yongjian.

“I see.” Wen Yongwei beamed even more brightly.

Shi Jin lowered her eyes and did not look at her.

After the meeting was over, Kang Cheng walked out with Pence.

“Prof Pence, thank you for helping Little Rose,” said Kang Cheng with a smile.

The moment he finished his sentence, he saw Shi Jin standing nearby and frowned automatically.

Deng Yongjian hurriedly said, “She is writing music and isnt here to see Prof Pence.”

“I sure hope so.” Kang Cheng did not want anything to go wrong.

Also, he did not want Pence to get used for hype and end up getting in the news.

“Prof Pence, this way, please.

Tonight, allow Little Rose and I to play host and show you around…” Kang Cheng turned and led the way for Prof Pence.

Pence was about to leave with them when he caught sight of Shi Jin standing nearby from the corner of his eye.

His eyes instantly lit up and the wrinkles on the corners of his eyes disappeared before he said to Kang Cheng, “Please give me a moment.”

Shi Jin happened to be walking towards him.

Kang Cheng instantly felt a headache coming on.

Was Shi Jin going to use Prof Pence for hype She used to do it to Chu Ling.

Did she have her eyes on Prof Pence this time

Just as Kang Cheng was about to go over with Pence, Pence waved his hand to stop him.

Kang Cheng could not afford to offend Pence, so he halted in his steps.

He watched as Pence walked up to Shi Jin and started to chat.

“What the…” Deng Yongjian was particularly shocked.

“Does Little Stone speak French”

Wen Yongwei reminded him softly, “Have you forgotten Prof Pence is quite fluent in our language.”

Deng Yongjian finally realized Pence was fluent in their language.

Since Pence was a man of high status, it made sense for him to have a warm outspoken personality.

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