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Chapter 154: Will Only See the Champion

Yao Jiahong stood up and said goodbye to Sheng Shuangnan before he went back and placed the glass of warm water beside Shi Jin.

Sheng Shuangnan rubbed his forehead and glanced at Shi Jin before veering his eyes.

He made an appointment with Wen Yongwei and Meng Shaoheng to see them.

Since they had invested in a major talent program, he had to ensure the talent got signed to Diamond Music.


Before the show was even over, Diamond Music had successfully signed Wen Yongwei to the label and also poached Meng Shaoheng at a high price.

It was undoubtedly big news.

It was a clear sign that he thought highly of them.

Diamond Music also gave them two of their best talent agents.

The next part of the program was about guessing their appearances.

The film crew produced a series of chibi artwork to satisfy the fans curiosity.

Among the three of them, Wen Yongwei and Meng Shaoheng had more chibi artwork.

Also, theirs were more exquisitely done and came in a huge variety, ranging from adorable, cool, and gorgeous artwork.

The fans couldnt get enough of them.

Shi Jin had the least amount of chibi artwork.

The film crew did not know what to do about her chibi artwork considering the ghastly scar on her face.

They felt it would be disrespectful if they placed too much emphasis on the scar.

However, they were also worried they would have trouble answering to the fans if they didnt.

Hence, the effects of Shi Jins promotion were much poorer than Wen Yongwei and Meng Shaohengs.

The film crew was also busy taking care of their admission into Hamilton Music Academy.

A senior professor from Hamilton Music Academy by the name of Pence was invited to the film location.

Kang Cheng and Deng Yongjian gave him a warm welcome before inviting him into the office.

All the employees turned to look in the direction of Kang Chengs office.

Hamilton Music Academy was a world-class music academy and Pence was a highly revered professor in the industry.

Even the employees who were not musically trained had heard about his reputation.

Both the academy and this professor were top-notch.

Shortly after Kang Cheng and Pence entered the office, Shi Jin came over.

She headed straight to the office.

Deng Yongjian was about to send someone to prepare Pences coffee.

Since he was picky about his coffee, they had to prepare his favorite in advance.

The moment he saw Shi Jin coming over, he frowned and said, “What are you doing here”

“Im here to see Prof Pence,” said Shi Jin.

“Humph,” sneered Deng Yongjian annoyingly.

“Why are you here to see Prof Pence”

The film crew was able to get in touch with Hamilton Music Academy only because they had an honorary director from the Sheng family sitting on its board.

They had won the title owing to the vast amount of resources they supplied the school.

Only the champion would have the honor of studying at the academy for three years.

To put it bluntly, the first and second runner-ups would probably only have the chance to sit in for classes.

He was confident that Prof Pence would only personally see the champion and not Shi Jin.

Shi Jin raised her head and glanced at Deng Yongjian.

He was somewhat startled by the way she looked at him, but he said nothing and turned to send someone to prepare coffee.

Shi Jin stood by the side and waited patiently.

After she joined the program, she received a call from the principal of Hamilton Music Academy.

Firstly, the principal had inadvertently heard her songs and was blown away by her talent.

Secondly, she had pointed out some errors and provided some suggestions after watching some Hamilton Music Academy free online courses.

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