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Chapter 153: She Made It with Sheer Talent

In the past, Yao Jiahong paid very little attention to Shi Jin and did not know what she did.

During this time, it was the first time he saw Shi Jin trying out the lyrics and rhythm of her songs.

As he watched Shi Jin produce every note and word, he was so impressed that he felt speechless.

He also felt very happy about Shi Jins performance.

Shi Jin felt a little tired, so she reached her hand out to get a drink.

Yao Jiahong handed her a cup of water the moment she reached her hands out.

“Thanks,” said Shi Jin as she nodded.

Yao Jiahong felt a sense of contentment.

After she was done drinking the water, he immediately went to refill her cup.

In reality, he could have left the job to the assistants, but these tasks came completely naturally to him now.

When Yao Jiahong went over to get a drink, he heard someone saying, “Have you heard Mr Sheng is here.

I think he plans on signing a contestant.”

“Dont most of our contestants already have talent agencies”

“If Mr Sheng is keen on signing anyone, there are plenty of ways it can be done.

A lot of the other contestants already had talent agencies, but Mr Sheng convinced them to join Diamond Music.”

“Thats true.

If he can pay the price, I am sure the talent agencies are happy to release their artists from their contracts.”

“Uh huh.

Also, Little Rose doesnt have a talent agency yet.

I guess Mr Sheng is here to see Little Rose”

“There is always a chance for him to sign all three of them.”

Yao Jiahong saw Sheng Shuangnan at the filming location when he walked out with the cup.

During the last few rounds, Sheng Shuangnan kept showing up at the film location to watch the performance as though he was an idle man.

It seemed as though he was not the rising star of the IT industry with a tight schedule as mentioned in the business magazines he had read.

Yao Jiahong took a cup of coffee before he went over to smile and say, “Hello, Mr Sheng”

Sheng Shuangnan took the coffee and had a sip.

“Tastes good.


“Little Stone was able to join such a good show thanks to you and your grandfathers investment,” said Yao Jiahong with a smile.

“Little Stone will enter the entertainment industry soon.

Thank you for helping to promote her, Mr Sheng.”

“She made it onto the show through sheer talent.”

“Even though that is true, it will be a real boon for her career to have this opportunity to promote herself on the channel.

Supreme Entertainment doesnt specialize in music, but we have come up with a five year plan for Little Stones career.”

Sheng Shuangnan put down the coffee and looked at Yao Jiahong deeply.

“I am impressed by all the big plans you have for her.”

“That goes without saying.

The company has high hopes for Little Stone and she wants to stay with Supreme Entertainment.”

Sheng Shuangnan laughed out loud.

“You certainly live up to your name as an ace talent agent.”

After the perfunctory chat, it became abundantly clear what they wanted.

Sheng Shuangnan wanted to sign Shi Jin as a Diamond Music artist.

Everyone felt Wen Yongwei was the reason Sheng Shuangnan kept coming by the filming location.

Yao Jiahong was the only person who caught on that Sheng Shuangnan was here to see Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong had made it clear it was impossible for him to let Shi Jin leave the talent agency.

If the talent agency refused to let Shi Jin go, it did not matter how badly Sheng Shuangnan wanted to sign her.

It simply wasnt going to happen.

Yao Jiahong smiled and said, “Since I am a talent agent, I have to serve my artists well.”

“Tell Little Stone to work hard.

Even if she stays with Supreme Entertainment, it doesnt mean our collaboration will end, right” reminded Sheng Shuangnan.

Yao Jiahong felt the same way.

If Shi Jin continued staying with Supreme Entertainment, he would have nothing to worry about.

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