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Chapter 152: No One Wanted to Sign Him

Hua Xin and his talent agents plot had major repercussions on his career.

None of the brand representatives were interested in doing business with a scheming artist.

The finals were now the top priority for everyone.

It would begin soon and the contestants would finally fight to be champion.

Wen Yongwei was the one with the highest chances of coming in champion out of the three finalists.

She hailed from a family with a music background.

Also, she studied at professional musical academies and had strong fundamentals.

She had a positive image as a beautiful talented girl from a rich family.

She was completely out of Shi Jins league.

Even Meng Shaoheng had higher chances of outdoing Shi Jin.

All the brand representatives and the public preferred talented artists with clean images.

Yao Jiahong had to think ahead for Shi Jin, so he almost agreed without hesitation when he received an invitation from Xia Peifeng to collaborate with Shi Jin for a single.

However, he suppressed his urge and sought Shi Jins opinion first.

“I dont want to work with him,” rejected Shi Jin.

Xia Peifeng used to have absolute faith in Deng Yufei and deeply doubted Shi Jins songwriting skills.

Shi Jin did not want to bother entertaining him.

Yao Jiahong recalled the poor attitude he had for Shi Jin in the past and felt bad.

He said, “Not everyone gets to work with Xia Peifeng.”

“Then give the job to someone else.

Does he really want to work with me He simply wants to take the opportunity to confirm whether I can write songs.

Do I look that free to you”

Yao Jiahong felt even guiltier now.

He was relieved that Shi Jin did not terminate her contract with him when she had the opportunity to do it.

He personally turned down Xia Peifengs offer.

Xia Peifengs talent agent was shocked by the response!

How could anyone reject Xia Peifengs offer to collaborate without a thought This was simply incredible!

Xia Peifeng was stunned by their response and looked disappointed to hear it.

The last time anyone refused his offer was before he entered the entertainment industry.

He certainly did not anticipate having a taste of rejection considering his status.

“Is she dumb or what” Xia Peifengs talent agent was puzzled by her reaction.

Xia Peifeng wanted to work with her even more.

He said softly, “She knows I invited her to work so that I can find out where she is at with songwriting, but she cant be bothered to do it.

From the looks of it, I made a mistake.

Instead of trying to test her, I should have just sincerely invited her to collaborate with me.”

The talent agent was at a loss.

What were they playing at here

Xia Peifeng threw his pen down and felt disappointed.


As usual, all the contestants had to perform their original music in the finals.

The moment Shi Jin arrived at the filming location, she went to the studio to write music.

Since there were only three contestants left, the place felt more spacious and the contestants talent agents, assistants, and other staff could follow them with ease.

Wen Yongwei was the only one without a talent agency.

Even though Sheng Shuangnan was not in the trade, his grandfather owned a music label called Diamond Music.

He must be here to sign artists for Diamond Music.

The moment Wen Yongwei saw Sheng Shuangnan arrive, she stopped composing music and moved to the piano, and started to practice her singing.

Meng Shaoheng also stood up to greet Sheng Shuangnan.

Only Shi Jin continued revising her music with her head lowered.

Yao Jiahong lowered his head and glanced at her.

She swiftly wrote and only lowered her head to think every now and then.

He had groomed plenty of singers in his career, so he had a keen eye for music.

The moment he saw Shi Jins draft, he could not help taking a second look and felt stunned by her work.

This song genuinely sounded incredible.

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