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Chapter 151: The Least Number of Brand Ambassador Deals

[Even if he wanted to smear Little Stone, he shouldnt have done this.

Everyone saw how well she performed!]

[Appearance is important, but talent and integrity matter more.]


Little Gold Bars fans kept saying Little Stone needed a new face.

The person who needs to do something about himself is Little Gold Bar.]


I already felt that the picture did not look like it was taken by accident.

It looked like it was taken deliberately! Even though they claim it was done by paparazzi, who knows]


We all know whats going on here.

Isnt it clear why his photo got leaked right before the finals]

[Little Stone has a scar on her face, so Little Gold Bar marketed his good looks.]

Hua Xin and his talent agents ploy got discussed online openly.

In an instant, the handsome young man whom everyone adored became an unethical and scheming contestant.

Only fans of his good looks continued defending him online.

He was still new to the industry, so he was destined to suffer exponentially from the effects of the failed marketing.

After Shi Jin came off the stage, Gu Qinghua pounced on her teary-eyed.

“Shi Jin!”

“Its okay.

Its all over.”

“Uh huh.

I am just happy for you.” Gu Qinghua smiled as she cried tears of joy.

Shi Jin rubbed her head.

Gu Qinghua shrank her neck and seemed flattered by Shi Jins gesture as she blushed promptly.

Even though she was at a loss, she wanted to be closer to Shi Jin.

Yu Guannan sent word to Shi Jin.

“Go back and get some rest.

The program has some interviewing lined up for you.

I will help you take care of it.”

Shi Jin thanked Yu Guannan before she got in the huge van.

She reached her hand out to take a bottle of Coca-Cola to drink, but Yao Jiahong took it from her and gave her a thermos cup.

“Drink this instead.”

“I always drink Coca-Cola,” said Shi Jin.

“Or juice.”

Yao Jiahong looked at her disappointedly.

“Try not to drink cold drinks.

They are bad for your throat.”

He forced the cup into Shi Jins hand.

“I am your talent agent, so you have to do as I say.”

Yao Jiahong regretted not paying attention to Shi Jin sooner.

Otherwise, he would have nipped her bad habits in the bud sooner.

No matter how good her vocals were, they would not last long with such abuse!


At the end of the competition, Shi Jin, Meng Shaoheng, and Wen Yongwei came in top three.

Gu Qinghua, Hua Xin, and Situ Hao were eliminated.

Gu Qinghua and Situ Hao did not do much marketing and simply focused on their performance until it was time for them to leave, so they were well received.

Now it was time for the main event in the finals as they competed to be champion.

The program had already announced what the top three contestants would stand to win in the finals.

“The champion would receive a cash prize of $15 million, a five album deal, and get to study at Hamilton Music Academy for three years.”

“The first runner up would receive a cash prize of $8 million, a three album deal, and get to study at Hamilton Music Academy for a year.”

“The second runner up would receive a cash prize of $5 million, a solo album deal, and get to sit in for classes at Hamilton Music Academy.”

Also, they would get to receive some ambassadorship deals and do performances.

The cash prize would get transferred to the contestants bank account directly.

It was an unusually huge budget for a talent program.

Gu Qinghua, Situ Hao, and Hua Xin had come in fourth, fifth, and sixth, they also received a cash prize and ambassadorship deals.

However, Hua Xin ended up receiving the least amount of ambassadorship deals owing to the scandal.

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