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Chapter 150: The Underdog Wins

[You people will live to regret your choice to eliminate a true singer.

One day when you cant hear good music, you are simply getting your just deserts!]

[Creativity is dead.

This show is completely pointless.]

[You are making it sound as though Little Stone is the only singer around.

Little Gold Bar is also an excellent singer, okay]

[Thats right.

It is not as though only disfigured people are fit to sing.]

[Little Stones fans are so stupid!]

The online comments exploded as Shi Jin and Hua Xins fans kept arguing with each other.

Neither party would give up.

Just as the host was about to announce the results, he heard the directors voice from over his earpiece.

A look of shock emerged on his face before he said, “Little Stone, there is one more card for you to unveil.

Your votes come up to tens of millions!”

Viewers started to doubt themselves.

[Ten-millionth Were my ears playing tricks on me]

[What Did she get over 10 million votes]


This is such an incredible number of votes.

I cant believe she has over 10 million votes.]

[What about Little Gold Bars ten-millionth number]

The host placed the card containing the ten-millionth vote in front of Shi Jin.

This time, she unveiled it nonchalantly as well.

“One!” Little Stones ten-millionth number is one!” The host got excited.

“She is the first person to have over ten million votes on the show!”

Since Shi Jin had brought up fraudulent voting previously, the program cleaned up the voting system to eradicate the problem.

All the other contestants and talent agents knew about what Deng Yufei and Shen Qi had done and would never commit voting fraud, so the votes were legitimate.

This meant every single vote Shi Jin received was authorized and genuinely came from the audience.

“Little Stone has 17 983 460!” announced the host excitedly.

Hua Xin and his talent agent were stupefied by the results.

If not for the mask on Hua Xins face, everyone could see the look of shock on his face.

The online comments exploded with the announcement.

[Haha! I didnt realize she had over ten million votes.

Little Stone rocks!]

[I am honestly impressed by her singing!]

[What about Little Gold Bars ten-millionth number Please announce Little Gold Bars ten-millionth number!]

[If he doesnt have it, he doesnt have it.

Begging isnt going to help.]

[Sob sob sob.

This is impossible.

I gave all my votes to Little Gold Bar!]

However, the facts were the facts.

Shi Jin had received overwhelmingly more votes and had defeated Hua Xin! She had crushed him! The underdog had won!

Hua Xin was sadly eliminated and did not come in top three!

His talent agent wanted to immediately stop the marketing department, but they had already posted it online.

[Sheng Shuangnan gave Little Stone 500 000 more votes.

The show was fixed!]

The moment the post with a sensational headline was sent out, he expected the public to ridicule Shi Jin for it.

However, it had the opposite effect intended of Hua Xins talent agent.

[Omigod! 500 000 votes Was he trying to mock Little Stone or Little Gold Bar]

[Little Stone had over 800 000 more votes than Little Gold Bar.

The investor has to give more votes than that to make any difference.

After all, Little Stones votes are twice that of Little Gold Bars.]

It was human nature to worship good looks, but Hua Xins leaked photo caused such a commotion that some non-fans of the program found him annoying.

If Hua Xin had won, it would have shut the publics mouths for good, but he ended up suffering defeat and it was overwhelming no less.

Hua Xin already lost to Shi Jin, but he paid for a smear campaign against her and made himself the biggest joke of the year.

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