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Chapter 15: If He Ever Helped Her Again, He Was a Dog

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No matter how untalented an artist was, he was confident of making them a second-tier celebrity as long as they were human! However, Shi Jin was just a dog.

Shi Jin was an unreasonable dog that kept barking all the time.

She refused to take his orders and followed Chu Ling everywhere he went and badly hurt Yao Jiahongs feelings.

If Yao Jiahong ever helped her again, he was a dog!

See She made trouble by giving out a love letter last night.

Yao Jiahong was relieved that the participants could only sign up anonymously and their faces were concealed, and even their talent agents had to go in through special entrances.

All the parties involved were made to sign non-disclosure agreements to never talk about the contestants names or looks.

Hence, his ruin was put on indefinite hold.

“Jiahong” Shi Jin slightly nodded before she opened the door and got in.

A look of shock flashed across Yao Jiahongs eyes from behind his shades.

Jiahong She sure sounded affectionate.

Did she want him to help clean up the mess she made with the love letter

Yao Jiahong glanced at her and snorted.

The ugly woman sure liked to fantasize!

She entered the shooting location through a specific entrance.

The instructors and the other contestants had already arrived.

However, no one was surprised to see Shi Jin walk in late.

Chu Ling was late today, and since Shi Jin walked in right behind Chu Ling, it was evident why she was late.

None of them wore masks when they were not filming.

Even though the main gimmick about the show was that the contestants identities were anonymous and even the instructors did not know who they were, it was hard to ensure this in reality, so the film crew gave up when they were not filming.

However, Shi Jin still wore a mask, and only her eyes could be seen.

She found a seat and sat down.

Her eyes were absolutely stunning, and it was all that could be seen since she wore a mask the entire time.

Everyone knew about her beauty from the terrible roles she acted in, but no one knew about the scar on her face.

Even if people called her names, no one could doubt her beauty.

Some of them lowered their heads and felt glad that no ones face could be seen on the show.

Otherwise it would be a great injustice for untalented people like Shi Jin to get a head start using her looks.

They were about to film the show after the final team selection.

Shi Jin had submitted a song but had yet to write the lyrics, so that was what she had to do now before she familiarized herself with the final product.

She had to perform the song on the next episode.

It was the same for everyone else, so they merely glanced at Shi Jin before they buried their heads and worked.

They asked their instructor for help when they encountered problems.

Yu Guannan came over to Shi Jin, “Little Stone, have you decided on the lyrics”

“I have come up with a concept.” Shi Jin had smiley eyes when she was relaxed.

“But there is a twist that Id like to talk to you about.”

Yu Guannan was very intrigued by her work.

If this was her usual songwriting standard, she could easily become a second-tier celebrity after the show was through.

He seemed concerned, “Really Where”

Unlike other programs, the instructors pointers were critical.

Now that Shi Jin was added to Yu Guannans team, everyones time with him was watered down.

Since Yu Guannan even specially went over to help her, everyone cast them sidelong glances.

However, they merely pursed their lips slightly without saying a word.

If a top student received advice, she might improve from 95 marks to 96 or 97 marks.

Since she was a slacker, no matter how much tuition she received, she would only manage a borderline pass.

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