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Chapter 149: Ten Million

Fu Heyan could not resist secretly voting for Shi Jin.


Everything about Shi Jin was brilliant.

Other than her disloyalty towards Fu Xiuyuan, she was almost perfect.

If Fu Xiuyuan was less scary, Fu Heyan really wanted to convince him to let go of Shi Jin so that she could seek out her interests! A woman like her belonged in the vast ocean!


After Shi Jin and Hua Xin were done singing, the voting results continued changing on the screen behind them.

The votes kept changing and increasing.

Hua Xins talent agent initially looked confident that Hua Xin would outdo Shi Jin.

However, halfway through the performance, he started to feel uncertain and was overwhelmed with anxiety now.

Shi Jins performance was far better than he expected!

Since Sheng Shuangnan had given her 500 000 votes, she might just beat Hua Xin this time!

Hua Xins talent agent kept staring at the voting results in the hosts hand after the voting came to an end.

“It is impossible for Shi Jin to have more votes than Hua Xin.” The talent agent kept consoling himself inside.

“Thats right.

She cant possibly have more votes than Hua Xin.”

The talent agent looked at his phone anxiously before looking at the stage.

He hurriedly contacted marketing to inform them to spread the word: [The competition was unfair.

Sheng Shuangnan wants to groom Little Stone, so he gave her 500 000 extra votes.]

After he was done sending the message, he put his phone away.

If Hua Xin ended up winning, Shi Jins extra votes did not matter and her overwhelming defeat would only serve to make her a laughingstock.

If Hua Xin lost to Shi Jin, he was not going to take it lying down.

Regardless of the outcome, he could already anticipate Shi Jin getting cursed to no end by the public.

The host was ready to announce the voting results.

He started with the last single digit, followed by the tenth, and worked his way up all the way to the ten-thousandth digit.

Both Shi Jin and Hua Xins voting results differed.

However, the last few digits of their voting results were not the most important part of the number.

“And now for the hundred-thousandth number.

Hua Xin came in with…”

The host paused as he unveiled Hua Xins hundred-thousandth digit.

“Nine! This means Little Gold Bar has over 980 000 votes! He is the contestant with the greatest number of votes to date!” said the host in shock.

These votes were far better than expected.

The last contestant with the greatest number of votes was Wen Yongwei aka Little Rose.

Even with just over 800 000 votes, it was a record.

Hua Xin had unexpectedly broken the record so quickly.

Hua Xin did not expect himself to get so many votes either.

In that case, he was bound to win tonight!

He was particularly excited.

He was shockingly able to survive and win after Shi Jins outstanding performance!

From the looks of it, it was a good idea to post his picture online! The talent agent was right about it!

“Now lets invite Little Stone to unveil the hundred-thousandth number for her voting results!” said the host.

Shi Jin reached her hand out and revealed the hundred-thousandth number casually.

“Seven!” said the host sadly.

People watching the show looked sad when they saw the results on the screen.

Her voting results were over 200 000 votes lower than Hua Xin.

It was impossible for her to win.

Hua Xin clenched his fists.

It was a genuinely tough fight this time.

It was awesome that he had around 200 000 more votes than Shi Jin!

His talent agent released his tightly clenched fists and his face went back to looking smug! He even glanced at Yao Jiahong proudly as though to say that regardless of all the superstars Yao Jiahong had groomed, Yao Jiahong could not compare to him.

An online viewer commented: [It appears it is hard to get ahead with just talent alone.]

Just as the host was about to announce the results, he heard the directors voice from over his earpiece.

A look of shock emerged on his face before he said, “Little Stone, there is one more card for you to unveil.

Your votes come up to tens of millions!”

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