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Chapter 148: Defeat Him Fair and Square

The same applied to live singing.

If the better singer of the group wanted to show off, she could have utter control of the singing style and steal the limelight entirely.

Shi Jin was doing just that.

Her voice had a lot of potential.

She was capable of performing both gentle and powerful songs, high and low notes, so she had a lot of room for performance.

Now that she was giving off such a powerful aura on stage, even if she was singing together with Hua Xin, his stage presence would get swallowed entirely,

Shi Jin had never done this before in the program.

Kang Cheng also noticed this change in Shi Jin and could not help frowning.

Then again, this was a competition and not a collaboration, so it made entire sense for Shi Jin to do this.

The audience and viewers at home were initially attracted to Hua Xins good looks.

However, they were now completely immersed in Shi Jins voice.

It felt as though her voice was taking them through time and space as they experienced all the emotions of love within the song.

Some of the viewers simply liked good music, so they felt a singer like Shi Jin was a rare treasure and wanted to hear more.

Even some of Hua Xins fans had to admit that Shi Jins performance was brilliant.

Other than the scar on her lip, they had no complaints about her.

Some of the fans spoke excitedly.

“People say she throws herself at Chu Ling, but she also severed ties with Chu Ling quickly!”

“She single-handedly took on five to six challengers previously!”

“She was cautious about the Allure products and told us to choose skincare products carefully, so we managed to avoid getting skin allergies.”

“She is a good songwriter and never causes trouble.

She is worthy of our love.”

As Shi Jin performed, some people finally cut through hordes of Hua Xins fans and defended her.

After Shi Jin was done singing this part, it was Hua Xins turn to sing.

He had to admit that he was shocked by her performance.

He had studied Shi Jins singing previously.

He also purposely changed his singing style to match hers.

However, Shi Jins singing tonight was so creative and different that it was far better than all her previous performances.

She had undoubtedly surpassed his singing.

For a moment, he almost wanted to sing in unison with Shi Jin and do backup singing for her.

Her voice was so magnetic that she stole all the attention the moment she opened her mouth.

He automatically wanted to sing back up for her.

Hua Xin held his microphone as he contemplated.

Thankfully, he was wearing a mask.

Otherwise, everyone would realize how unconfident he was now.

I have already made plans to spend the rest of my life with her…

Hua Xin acted composed when it was his turn to sing.

His youth-like voice sounded good, but any professional could see how afraid he was.

Shi Jin had surpassed him overwhelmingly!

Now that they had performed side by side, only Hua Xins diehard fans were able to brainwash themselves that Hua Xin was the best.

As for the rest of the viewers, they were already so mesmerized by Shi Jins singing that they could not wait for her to start and were already trying to vote for her.

Shi Jin used this performance to show the world what she was made of! She used her skills and defeated Hua Xin on the same stage using honest methods.

She did not need any marketing or gimmicks.

The cold aura around Fu Xiuyuan dissipated as a look of joy spread across his face.

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